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  1. Canada has more MLB teams than Mississippi, TYVM. I can't get behind Montreal as a viable MLB market. It's a mid-sized metropolitan area composed primarily of Francophones, with a severely shrunken business community relative to when the original Expos were created in 1969. I'd contend that Bill C-101 had as much to do with killing the Expos as the strike did. It's already miserably failed as an MLB market once. Would rather see a growing city like Portland, Vancouver, or Charlotte get a chance.
  2. France in B/W/R against England in W/B/W would be an absolutely perfect looking final. Two historic teams in their correct looks, and they contrast with each other perfectly. I'm sure FIFA will find a way to screw that up.
  3. These guys were half the reason I despised the Angels for years. I grew up watching a style of playing based entirely around power - homer-happy, strikeout-heavy Yankee teams. (As you can guess, I love these 2018 Yankees.) Seeing all these "gritty" guys on the Angels who weren't any good become massively overrated irked me so much. David Eckstein (who was a solid but completely overrated player) has to be one of my least favorite players of all time - he just epitomized that 'gritty' white guy brand of small-ball that I couldn't stand. Always seemed like an annoying gnat that I just wanted to swat away. ? That, and the fact that the Angels were the one team to have the Yankees' number in the late 90's/early 2000's. Ugh, did I ever hate those teams.
  4. The incredible Trent Daniel concept was significantly better than this. I'm not a fan of the collar at all, and the dropshadow should move to the right (not be straight down). And honestly, I prefer the Lakers with white numbers - I think they provide a greater contrast and color balance to the gold and purple backgrounds, respectively. Overall, meh. They didn't screw anything up massively, they stayed within their history, but they also botched a few details. Now, if they make the white their primary home jersey? That will be a screw-up of epic proportions.
  5. #UnpopularOpinion, but that's an upgrade. Ditching the serifs is a positive, and I like the all caps. But yeah, you won't see this logo often, just as you rarely ever saw the old Time Warner logo.
  6. I'm fully expecting a Revolutionary War-inspired kit, myself: That could turn out to either be the greatest thing ever, or worst thing ever, with zero in-between.
  7. FWIW, the World Cup will be held concurrent with celebrations of the nation's 250th anniversary, and I expect those celebrations will be centered around Philadelphia. Likely why they only wanted to commit 35%. There's going to be a sharp increase in tourism to Philly in all of 2026, but particularly in the summer.
  8. ....that's supposed to be a "B"? (Unfortunately, that "B" is the least of this thing's many, many problems.)
  9. My alma mater, Fordham University, desperately needs a rebrand. They rolled out this logo back when I was there, in 2008 or so, and we all lampooned it as the "fat ram" at the time. Way, way too many outlines on that wordmark and on the "F." What a mess. I hated it at the time, and it hasn't aged any better.
  10. Just had audio randomly start playing on my computer while on a phone conference across a few different countries, so yeah... not good. (Obviously it was completely boring and I was killing time on here, but regardless.)
  11. Have to go with Germany. I think they're top-to-bottom the best team - even better than Brazil or France. Wasn't really excited about the World Cup until now, since the USMNT is not in it, but definitely getting excited now that it is here.
  12. The AHL is nothing without depressed mill towns. Long live the Utica Comets. Signed, A Guy Born in an AHL-Hosting Depressed Mill Town in Connecticut (Though said depressed mill town has stereotypical rich suburbs thanks to being in commuting distance of Stamford and NYC, but ignore that. ?)
  13. This is like naming a team after "I Can Has Cheezburger" in the year 2018. Sorry, you were way too late on this, SI Yanks. Also, as @Waffles mentioned, the pizza rat was on a stairwell to a subway. There are no subways in Staten Island. This is like renaming the Brooklyn Cyclones after a Broadway reference.
  14. My wife is a huge baseball fan - it's actually how we first bonded, during a brief time where we were just friends, and not yet a couple. She's a Yankees fan, much like myself. She couldn't care about any other sports, though, Finds football about as interesting as watching paint dry, can't really get into soccer despite trying, and hates watching hockey on TV (but enjoys it in-person). So it's baseball and nothing else for her.
  15. I don't think anyone has a right to lay on these benches or monopolize their use. Benches are not meant as beds or as homes; they're meant as a place for people to temporarily sit and rest while going about their day. Designing benches that discourage people from laying on them is actually a way to design them for their intended use - sitting temporarily.
  16. Because it's one of the most impressive uses of minimalism in a sports identity ever. The starkness of the black and white juxtaposed allows both colors to be used to their full potential. (The exact opposite of pairing, say, black with blue.) The entire identity embodies Brooklyn (especially modern-day Brooklyn - and not just the hip parts) so well.
  17. Exactly. You get a few top-tier clubs that can contend for a title, a revolving door of yo-yo teams, and then a solid chunk of 10-12 teams or so that are permanently stuck in the middle of the table, never winning titles but also never getting relegated. There's very little intrigue in most European leagues at this point (England is the main exception, and even they only have 4-5 teams that have a prayer of winning a title, outside of some bizarre Leicester City circumstances). Germany is completely dominated by Bayern, Italy by Juventus, France by PSG, and at least Spain gives us a 2 1/2 team competition between Real, Barca, and Atletico in a really good year. Promotion and relegation makes the current Cavs/Warriors domination of the NBA look like child's play.
  18. I am not a fan of promotion and relegation at all, largely for the reasons that others have mentioned - it creates extraordinarily top-heavy leagues, and doesn't guarantee that the biggest citites/markets will be well-served by the sport. Also leads to subpar stadium infrastructure, since you don't have a closed group of x number of teams that can build major league-level stadiums.
  19. Why are Knights fans booing Bettman? They wouldn't even have a team if not for that guy's hard-on for Sun Belt markets.
  20. I'm a Rangers fan, but between knocking off the Penguins and putting an end to this Golden Knights expansion year madness, the Capitals are doing god's work.
  21. Yes! People still think of Pepsi as being the newer/younger sibling of Coke, even though Pepsi has been around for over a century. This might help dispel that illusion. (Might lead to accusations that they're copying Coca-Cola with having a classic wordmark, but I think its historical relevance is enough to ward that off. Would recommend recoloring that wordmark to blue though.)
  22. I fully support that, personally. The "Like" option is a good; anything else just leads to users sniping at one another via reactions, rather than engaging in an actual discussion. (As you can probably guess, I was one of those minority of Facebook users who didn't want a "dislike" button at all.)
  23. Makes sense. It does seem like the interface is wanting me to choose a "reaction" option after I click the first time, but not giving me anything to choose from. (So the board software is now a vague metaphor for life. Great.)
  24. Is anyone else having issues with liking posts? If I just click once, the like doesn't go through - I'm having to double click (and keep a brief pause in between the two clicks) in order for a like to go through. It's very strange. Has been happening the past few days.
  25. If I were the Ravens, I'd get rid of both the black and the gold, and go with a purple/silver scheme. It'd be a bit of a radical departure from what they have today, but it's a great (and underutilized) color scheme, and wouldn't trip up on the Vikings as much as a purple/gold color scheme would.