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  1. But I would love to see an early 2000s 3D version of the Wolves logo.
  2. Hoping that Danson doesn't rebrand the Wolves. Would like for at least one team (Wolves, obviously) to keep their look until 1998.
  3. Name: George Brown Age (Must be 18 or older): 40 Favorite NDA or CDA team (optional): NDA: New York Heroes In three sentences or more, state a case for or against the above proposals. I feel like the current rules are fine, as is. I am in favor to see Driveball in the UK and Ireland. As my fellow committee members have said, the success of the Flamingos helps. I am also in favor of the introduction of a Driveball farm system, it would help introduce Driveball into new markets, and could possibly lead to new and weird team designs in the future.
  4. That Reds logo will probably last 31 years like another certain redbird team's logo.
  5. Glad to see that the Gaels are building up a good reputation. Can I have a updated Gaels sig?
  6. Wow, Milwaukee must have had a big uniform change that I never knew about.
  7. Please let this be the year the Imperials break their 40 year drought.
  8. Looks like Edmonton's hoping Nazarenko's the next Holly or Appleby.
  9. Embarrassing. Losing to a CDA team at the Orange Bowl. Well, sign me up for the idea of a NDA draft
  10. Man, we were so close to getting another West title. Here's to next year, Gaels.
  11. Name: George Brown Age (18 or older): 33 Occupation: Owner of a small liquor store in the borough of Richmond. Hometown: Richmond, New York City, New York Case for Mickey O'Hare and a team in Boston: Boston has the perfect sports setup for a team to be there. Fenway could also be converted into a great driveball field. It would also create rivalries with the Titans, Brawlers, and Heroes.