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  1. its whatever, kind of a lateral move. still think they should have never changed from this
  2. ok so right now i have 3 teams that i did, the seahawks, the vikings and the broncos its sick seahawks: vikings: broncos: the seahawks sleeve stripes were hard to do but overall these are all pretty basic. what yall think?
  3. i think the reason that it has no soul is really more because these logos have no history like the other ones do
  4. well then lets stop calling them throwbacks start calling them da new dolfins jerseys for ever
  5. yeah like, you cant have one without the other, theyre both iconic parts of one of the NFL's most iconic uniforms of the last decade
  6. the chiefs have the tomahawk chop aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh oooo aiooooooooooooooo aiooooooooooo ohhhhhhhh ohohohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh oooo aiooooooooooooooo aiooooooooooo ohhhhhhhh ohohohhhhhhhhhhhh
  7. it looks like its the current helmet shell, with the wordmark on the back etc. sounds like a fat :censored:ing dub if u ask me
  8. honestly the pats could have switched over to pat patriot and it would have been an improvement. i think that the biggest thing that ties the flying elvis with the rest of the uniforms is the unique number font that the old unis had. now that they've changed it, it kinda just feels like its there by itself. if they moved back to pat patriot, it would have been a better logo, and in general more beloved by fans and would have been a further return to tradition as the uniform itself was already going back to the past patriot uniforms a bit, borrowing things like the shoulder striping and number font
  9. every time i watch old football games when reebok did the uniforms, i always thought that it looked nicer. probably a mixture of the material the jerseys were made out of among other things, but I was comparing the two and I realized that uniforms with TV numbers on the outside of the shoulder are thinner on the nike jerseys. (probably to match the chest/back numbers) vs i honestly think that the way reebok did it is a lot nicer the chiefs did it too, honestly wish they kept it that way what yall think?
  10. seeing that they changed the number font makes me wish that they went back to pat patriot
  11. i am aware it was a throwback i was just saying that i hope the browns change up their facemasks
  12. i still have plenty of hope that they will experiment with different facemask colors, like how the chiefs did last year white facemask power
  13. i think that the browns could totally rock brown pants as long as their striped and not like what they wore before
  14. honestly the redskins have the capacity to just be the chiefs but with different colors and i'd be totally OK with it
  15. i was happy that brady went to the bux but once i heard tompa bay i wanted to neck myself
  16. it needs the color scheme and the number outlines of the modern jerseys.
  17. i would disagree, i love brownie the elf a lot but those designs are hard to embroider