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  1. this makes me realize, most divisions have 1 set of actual rivals with an actual rivalry and then another set which have a really weak rivalry but are rivals by default of being the only other 2 teams in the division
  2. as someone from WA, i think that number 4 is the best one. number 3 is lame. what bridge even is that rofl?
  3. brother how long has that been chilling in your freezer
  4. the beehive logo looks like a turd, i think you should try shaping it differently haha. the honeycomb design is really creative tho i like it
  5. Change the thick outline to black and the outline on the KC to black and I think this would be a pretty good redesign.
  6. if the browns these next seasons are something to remember then im sure that baker & obj would probably fit this once the browns change their uniforms.
  7. as a seattle native i gotta say i like 5 the best
  8. the fact that 4 is in the lead for votes is giving me a tumor
  9. ive always wondered what those were called. i always just called them overlays for lack of a better word. i think that they look good, but they seem a little dated, probably since they are based off of the old versions of those networks scorebugs.
  10. very glad that they didnt do the cliche thing of "hurr do minamilst wordmark lol"
  11. that 100 year logo in the midfield is grody i hope that isnt a common theme this year
  12. in the ncaa players should be paid the same as professional players and that money should come straight from robbing people and/or forging peoples wills to whatever draft bust walks into the ncaa next
  13. i feel very lucky to know that teams were never this ugly in the 90s
  14. houston smart to change their uniforms to being ugly so they can reflect the ugly basketball they're gonna be playing for the next several seasons rofl
  15. mexico better get ready to carry the continent lol
  16. improvement imo. the old one looks straight out of the 90s
  17. sears canada sounds like a bigger war crime than hiroshima
  18. i would make the C orange but change the outline of the c to a different color, like brown or white
  19. i think that i'm of the opinion that the best looking ones are the ones that share the same color palletes as the teams do currently, except for the packers. the colors are the most defining part of a team's uniform, and I think it just doesn't make sense to see the lions in purple, etc
  20. the set by itself is godlike, but i don't know how it'd fit with the rest of the MLB tho lol. good work, this looks great
  21. when i saw the showboats one my immediate thought was "those look like what ohio state would wear" obviously I don't watch enough college football, because I looked them up to compare and that's not what they look like lol. I still think you should try and change something about it, maybe the number font??? i dont know