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  1. Don't know if mentioned, but AAA EP Chihuahuas will be having Diablos days this upcoming season. http://www.milb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20170227&content_id=217332674&fext=.jsp&vkey=pr_t4904&sid=t4904
  2. New uniform to go along with helmet. Nothing extraordinary but not too bad. (Maybe orange outline on the numbers wouldn't of hurt )
  3. EP Chihuahuas unveiled their uniforms last night. Not bad, pretty safe choices I thought.
  4. Well, I voted for the stadium. While I see the logic, I still strongly feel there were better names. As far as it being a bilingual name, that is true. However, the chihuahua dog, for whatever reason, is not something Hispanics like being associated with. (See Taco Bell Chihuahua). Hearing my mostly hispanic co-workers reaction has been fairly eye opening.
  5. The owners of the team are not all non-Hispanic. Alejandra De La Vega Foster is one of the team owners and is integrally involved in MountainStar Sports, the club's ownership group. She was born in El Paso, lived most of her childhood in Juarez, was the former owner and manager of the Cobras de Ciudad Juarez professional soccer team and is president of the company that operates close to 200 Del Rio convenience stores in Juarez and northern Chihuahua. Sure, she is married to billionaire Paul Foster, also one of the team's owners, but if you do an Internet search on her you will see that she is far from being "just" the wife of a billionaire. She is a highly-regarded, successful, intelligent Hispanic woman who understands the unique dynamic of El Paso and the surrounding region. I'm fully aware of Ms. De La Vega. However, it doesn't change my opinion. Actually it makes me even more confused. Whatever really, best of luck to them. I'll spend my disposable income elsewhere.
  6. Native & current El Pasoan here. On one hand, I totally understand the naming conventions of minor league baseball. Theyre supposed to be fun, tongue-in-cheek names. EP Chihuahuas fits. I hate to be THAT guy....but on the other hand I find myself being puzzled by this name. Currently, there is an active push to change the perception of El Paso. One of the most commonly negative perceptions of EP is that it is too "mexican", not "american" enough. The owners of the team, while non-hispanic, have been leading the charge for change. They have donated a tremendous amount of time and money to improving the city (donating $$$ to medical school, UTEP, charities, etc.) So with that in mind, I am confused as to why they would go with this particular name. If they're actively trying to change the negative perceptions of the city, did they not stop to think that their choice reinforces one of the key ones? I'm all for paying tribute to our roots and heritage, but I strongly feel there are better ways to do this. Am I looking at this the wrong way? Am I taking it too serious? Are they trying to encourage people to "own" one of the most negative perceptions of the city? Thought?
  7. Since La Tech was wearing all white it was a bit distracting. They should have worn navy pants with the jersey and ask La Tech to wear red jerseys.I agree about the blue pants (utep) but LA Tech wore blue pants with white jerseys (red helmet)
  8. UTEP broke out with alternate gray uniforms. Nike template. Didn't look as bad as I initially thought.
  9. Desert Gators is a bit of a historical reference to the alligators that used to live in nearby San Jacinto Plaza (which will be a couple blocks away from the stadium) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Jacinto_Plaza Why did they rip them out of Portland again?? I believe it was due to their stadium being rebuilt into soccer specific dimensions for the Portland Timbers.
  10. Bought it at a store called "Fallas Paredes". Part of a company called National Stores, Inc, so if you are in California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico & Nevada, make a visit. UPDATE: I checked all stores within 50 mile radius of where I am at, no luck on additional Sioux jerseys. I'll keep an eye out for 'em. Cheers.
  11. Went to a local discount retailer that usually has deep discounted stuff, but usually nothing but junk. That is until today. $8 each, with tags. Despite neither being any of my teams, purchased them anyways and posted on ebay. To be honest, I dont really know much about hockey jerseys. How rare is the ND jersey? What is retail on those usually?
  12. Hello everyone. Recently won a raffle here at my local church. Prize ended up being a Cowboys Ware jersey. Guy insist it is real, I have my doubts. Didn't fit so I figure I post it on ebay and donate back whatever I get for it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Dallas-Cowboys-Demarcus-Ware-Jersey-44-LG-NWT-/150979412082?pt=US_Football_Fan_Shop&hash=item2327130072 It's my auction, so please let me know. If its determine not real, i'll take auction down. Thanks in advance.
  13. My alma mater introducing an orange third (UTEP, Conference USA) http://instagram.com/p/N4oJRfnHsH/