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  1. I always hated that kachina since it debuted. Bad logo, bad colors, bad striping on the jersey. There's nothing good about it.
  2. The bolts on the jerseys look off to me and maybe because most of what we have seen is a photoshop and not an actual jersey. They remind me of a super cheap replica you could buy at Walmart that used the standalone logo bolt rather than the correct jersey bolt. It's really my only gripe with the set, I don't love the italics but they are harmless. They are mostly a nice modernization of the San Diego AFL uniforms which is disappointing as a former season ticket holder. This is pretty close to what I wanted for over 20 years but we couldn't have them and now LA gets them and won't appreciate it as much. The navy one is nice because the helmet is a nod to the original LA helmet making it the only thing that doesn't scream San Diego to me.
  3. I doubt they will be AFL throwbacks, but they may be a modernized version of them after seeing that wordmark. As a San Diegan and former season ticket holder I am afraid they will look good and give me another reason to be angry at them. For years fans didn't want the navy and they finally eliminate it after moving. I don't know if it was an attempt to lure us back, but it honestly has done the opposite for me.
  4. Supporting Spanos is worse. No contest.
  5. A huge part of the problem with their original proposal was that it was less than 10 years after the stadium expansion was completed, which the city was still paying for, and the PR nightmare that was the ticket guarantee with the city. People were incredibly mad at ownership and the price of tickets skyrocketed. A lot of people that sat near me did not renew their season tickets. Neither the city or the team had the vision to think of replacing an old stadium, instead the expanded it and made it worse.
  6. These were Reebok and were stitched tackle twill bolts. During this era, the offensive line had a different bolt pattern on the shoulders for some reason. They aren't backwards.
  7. San Diego Fleet Phoenix Firebirds
  8. Can everyone just stop telling us San Diego people how we should feel?
  9. Correct, they are not covered for the Chargers. They were discounted for a long time until the early 2000s if I remember correctly. We have season tix in field level around the 5 yard line. In the corners is OK for that half of the field, but anything on the other end is extremely obstructed. Dean likes to rip us off...
  10. Those seats are extremely obstructed view because of how low they are. The first row is only about 1 foot off the grass. All you can see from those seats is the bench. You really can't see over anything until you get to rows 6-8. It's the product of an old, multipurpose stadium.
  11. why does color rush have to be monochrome? For example why can't the Chargers wear the royal blue jersey and pair it with yellow pants?
  12. This makes sense as well. However, it's just different for that city. I heard the Rams honored Orlando Pace and the crowd was indifferent because he never played in LA. That history of the franchise would be there but it just doesn't mean as much in another city. I just prefer a scenario like the Browns even if we aren't getting another team.
  13. Sure if that's your only criteria, but they played only the inaugural season there in a brand new "renegade" league. From the outside looking it it makes sense because they did exist. But those of us that grew up in Jack Murphy/Qualcomm think differently, the whole "they started in LA" argument makes no sense to us, it's just a footnote in our history. They came to San Diego for a reason. My dad has been going to games since Balboa Stadium in 1961. I don't want our memories and history going to LA. It's going to kill me to see them on TV as the LA Chargers. I can't imagine LT being enshrined in Canton during the summer and then being honored by the team in a city he never played in or for. I'd rather they just start fresh with something new. I told directv yesterday to not auto-renew my Sunday Ticket package for 2017 for this reason. And my dad won't be renewing our season tickets to go to LA.
  14. Your last 2 sentences here are infuriating. And no, I can't just imagine that they stayed in LA in 1961. Your arguments are ridiculous. While still SoCal, San Diego and LA are 2 completely different things. As a SD native, I don't and never will associate myself with LA because it's close and regional.