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  1. If they had a squad it would be easier to jump ship and spend a fortune to watch them every season
  2. No issue with the titans fans at all just bud adams and any of the family that holds his same thought process of greed over fans. I’ve seen titan players wanting the throwback look as well as Houston players. It’s a great look that should be used at least once a year by any team! Titans could still use the navy helmet as a fauxback of sorts just to mix things up. Just miss the oilers uniforms and color combo.
  3. https://www.houstonpress.com/news/it-was-bud-adams-not-the-fans-who-caused-the-oilers-move-to-nashville-9175804
  4. BULL____! He wanted to add seats and boxes to the dome so the county approved and paid for that and still is If I remember correctly...then a couple years later he wants a new stadium?! If he really cared about being here he would have paid for one by himself or paid off the county for adding all those seats and taking away the great dome scoreboard! He was greedy period! Astros and rockets didn’t cry and make someone else pay for a stupid renovation made to an aging dome! Adams is fully to blame for them leaving that’s why I say screw him and his whole family! He visited cities, one was Jacksonville, to pressure Harris county into renovating the dome just a handful of years before leaving town! He was a POS period. Screwed a whole city for greed and a Half ass stadium with no asses in the seats!
  5. I’m sorry guys for bringing this up again I’m just excited about the extra helmet(s) and sitting around waiting day after day for all these changes to leak from all the teams that are changing is making me crazy!!!
  6. I’d be cool with that but just allowing that color scheme to die is shameful!
  7. just slap a Texans decal on the lid or the HT secondary logo against the titans and BAM! Screw the titans and the whole Adams family!
  8. So then they need to make the Nike swoosh luv ya blue or a secondary logo with a small luv ya blue deal like the bucs and the creamsicle football?
  9. I love the Texans simple uniform selection especially their color rush unis but might as well give us fans the color we want! You go to a game and you see Oiler gear still just like the Astros retro gear! Plus your big time players sport the poker jerseys all the time. If the titans don’t want anything to do with the Houston history we might as well pay homage to the history as much as they can without the Adams family getting all bent outta shape.
  10. Did the chargers have that color rush color anywhere in Any of their logos?
  11. Sooooo can something like this happen in 2021?
  12. BAM! Forward motion old logo! Take that A off and let’s roll!
  13. I’ve hated the falcon logo since they came out with the modern version! It looks ridiculous! I would hope they either go to the original one or step back from the 90’s 00’s overly cartoonishly ugly logo!
  14. I think the added dark yellow, darker shade of blue and grey is opening up Nike to do some dumb outlandish ish once the nfl approves more helmets. Hopefully I’m wrong but if the rules are you can only use official colors on uniforms then this opens up a can of BS!
  15. Those ravens logos are horrible! The fauxback is amazing and should be used first game of 2021 season! Cards need to change to something...those uniforms have never gone with the grey face mask. A grey face mask gives a throwback old school feel...no reason to keep it with these ridiculously striped POSs! Grey mask= tradition