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  1. If the XFL is gone this league is right behind them IMO
  2. So they did what Houston should do with Columbia blue...add it as a swoosh...black out is coming colts fans! Everything is a great upgrade besides the secondary logo...that is ridiculous
  3. I’ll take red face mask, huge shoulder logo jersey and logo striped pants
  4. All this sucks bad and might just be the beginning of some of the top teams/leagues going a similar route.
  5. If they keep the stripes then adidas needs to make different pants that work with every combo.
  6. With everyone at home and even more people off with the holiday weekend all the remaining teams should reveal their unis this weekend. Browns tonight or tomorrow then chargers patriots rams on Monday and colts Monday night. I think that takes care of all of them and gives a blast of football to digest before the draft!
  7. The more I look at them the more I like them. I’ve never liked their new logo, I think it’s way too busy and has too many outlines IMO. If the nfl is moving away from the sock rule that would be great and the Texans should wear all deep steel blue or liberty white socks all the time! The gradient is where it should be if it’s anywhere because the jags helmets were a total fail! The main problems I had with the old set were the clown/jester shoulder caps and the pant stripes so this isn’t a horrible set just kinda a shocker to the traditionalists.
  8. So there’s no half white sock rule anymore? I don’t hate these they are just sorta meh...could have done waayyy better. Guess Nike found a new place for super large decal, but it actually works better here. Then the chrome mask also. All the leftovers from Tampa took a trip to the ATL
  9. This right here has to be the reason Brady went to Tampa. He was never going to play as a digital clock...he must have known they were bringing back these beauties!
  10. Beautiful...best of both worlds...just went straight back to SB days but kept a bigger logo on the helmet...doesn’t look as big as the most recent set but bigger than the SB years! Those are gorgeous!
  11. The last set were awesome because the orange popped around all the dark colors and balanced out the look very well. The only thing I would have done is enlarge the logo a little. Maybe between the old and the new sizes. Other than that they were perfect. Maybe make an orange alternate for that set but other than that and the helmet logo they didn’t need to change much
  12. I agree...just bored and was trying to see how or if it could work...but fitting old new ATL and F in there just makes it a bit crazy
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