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  1. Only way I could see the Texans going with white helmets would be exactly the helmet that was made with the pant stripe down the middle and switching to red as primary. Would be cool to finally rock the oilers colors in super bowl as the Texans just to shove it in the Adams family face
  2. Still hate that white around the bolt on the shoulder just looks little league
  3. I’m fine with red or blue socks both look great and the whole uniform compared to the crap Nike has come up with looks great. id say just leave the Texans alone. Even the color rush is nice and now I’d say just use the different components to change it up game by game. Maybe even a color rush red jersey with blue numbers and red pants with both sets of stripes. Don’t change the helmet and only use a white one with an Oiler faux back if the nfl ever allows a second helmet. If they don’t then don’t worry with Oiler look just switch up the combos.
  4. https://usatftw.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/usp_nfl__denver_broncos_at_san_diego_chargers_85960822-copy.jpg?w=640&h=384&crop=1
  5. Chargers and jets color rush are not shades used by the team at the time they were used
  6. The Pitt logo looks great compared to what they had the years after yellow that logo was garbage
  7. Florida could actually pull off the prank next year if they don’t get the IT guy to model it
  8. These uniforms are not anything new except for the black unis. All the elements are either from the old logos or the 80-90s ones so this moving forward junk is just junk. The triangle is just the top of the oldish wordmark. So many things they could have done to actually make a decent splash. Not that I hate this because I love the color and helmet but for anyone to think this is something completely different from the past is lying to themselves
  9. In all honesty I think every aaf uniform is better than this. They were creative but not outlandish and if you remove the helmet numbers they are all better and seem more though out than any of Nike’s ideas for nfl uniforms
  10. WIth bell not in it does raise some questions but I think we’ve seen enough of the point thing and the new logo to conclude that the new uni will look like this if this isn’t it
  11. I don’t have a preference just would like consistency. Either way this is better than other teams Nike has done and better than the worn out throwback look they’ve had
  12. The fact that the limelight Oregon’s crap isn’t there is great. The college looking New York on the front is a little much as well as the first football on the helmet. The problem I have with Jersey shoulder stripes like this and the Chargers is that it usually doesn’t look like it should on everyone like the dude all the way to the left. Now hopefully everyone gets their jersey custom fitted to make this go away but the Chargers jerseys still look like trash because of the stripe placement. Not all in for the black jersey but the color of green and the green helmet is nice.
  13. https://ktrh.iheart.com/content/2019-03-28-poll-should-houston-texans-sport-oilers-uniform/ just some uni nerds that got the attention of the owner huh People outside houston just don’t understand. Jj watt watson and Hopkins didn’t say anything about making money. And they aren’t asking to be the oilers just wanting to celebrate the franchise that once called Houston home but now has no connection to the city from where it came. You see any titans sporting Houston Oiler stuff I haven’t do any oilers even associate themselves with the city or the team
  14. Ok the give a little to the titans would be all the money made off of Oiler merchandise goes to the titans. I think that might spark a compromise