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  1. I’m a Texans fan but I’ve always thought that the titans should troll the Texans every game against them and wear their equivalent to oileresqe uniforms when they play the Texans...must be the little kid oilers fan in me. That being said I’m hoping for Columbia blue (or whatever crazy title they give it) pants.
  2. The saints would look great in all black socks none of the nfl half white crap
  3. The Dallas Cowboys still rock these numbers on the navy jerseys. Also I didn’t mind the Aggies helmets with the huge state of Texas logo. Those were actually awesome mainly because it was an oversized logo without numbers on one side....the black and all white alt uniforms were not good
  4. what I think of when I see Houston...they look like Nike came in and made a horrible update of these unis
  5. The turf is great especially the huge logo At midfield! Kinda disappointed that the ravens shield isn’t as big on the grass as it was on the turf. Either way best complete throwback look this season
  6. SMU has three different stripe patterns...3!
  7. Looks like the denim Kentucky basketball wore back in the day
  8. Sooooo since there’s only one helmet teams are starting to go a little weird on ways to change the uniform up under the same helmet?
  9. Why did uniform creating companies go away from making shiny pants?!
  10. Any reason why Arizona was wearing that regular A on the helmet?
  11. More yellow on the socks might help. Just flip the blue and yellow and it should balance out the look
  12. Dolphins word mark has to be the weakest! Then their logo is baby sized
  13. I noticed the stripes on the pants and jerseys. Both black stripes are thin and then the lack of a logo as well as some of them not ending is just horrible. The helmets have always irritated me with the lack of matching space between them but now all the other stripes are screwed as well. Chargers masks are nice!
  14. When I see the Texans bull :censored: extra logo on the back of the jersey I think of pee wee football teams. Unnecessary. If anything put the McNair tribute patch back there. Jets looked blah and the packers jerseys stay beautiful. The bigger the tv numbers the better! Another note. The Texans look like the same old pansy ass team they’ve looked like since dom capers left! Don’t finish runs with power and don’t bring the pain to the tackle. I’m almost to the point where I need to change teams but the ticket is too expensive!
  15. Any word on rockets new court?! They have to change it right?! Also maybe a throwback court to go with the mustard and ketchup
  16. Never liked the eagles change. Sucks so bad no matter the stripes or shadows. That color scheme is just too dark and depressing
  17. If the head needs to be acclimated to the helmet and not the other way around then why can’t their be more than one helmet especially for those teams that need a different shell to throwback
  18. Third would only be for this year because of the anniversary teams could throw way back to any and all teams that were a part of the nfl or pro football at anytime. The second helmet would be only for teams like the titans or bucs that would require a different color shell for throwbacks. I don’t want Oregon type of crap either but giving the team the ability to play a couple throwback games would be sweet. Nike is doing a good enough job screwing up every team they change that a couple weeks of good uniforms would be nice.
  19. Instead of alternates they’ve just completely destroyed teams looks with complete redos. Wouldn’t an alt here and there in preseason better suit a try out of some of these stupid Nike crap they’ve come up with
  20. In a beautiful world the nfl would allow at least three helmets since there’s more than enough time to break in three. Especially this year everyone could do a fauxback for preseason weeks one and two of defunct franchises from the early nfl or those lost in the mergers and then one for the teams that have different colored helmets than their actual throwbacks. Have required hours worn for all the helmets before the year hit the field or something. We are loosing too many great uniform combos with this stupid rule and it’s not stopping Nike from doing stupid things with the uniforms.
  21. Why not a Utah stallions color scheme