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  1. The NFL sent out tweets showing the NFL logo at midfield, which isn’t a surprise.
  2. I really hate to ask, but could we see how a Bucco Bruce creamsicle endzone would’ve looked??? Thanks so much. Always love this board.
  3. They aren’t trying to hide anything. The point of the post was we could be seeing the layout of the field as soon as Tuesday.
  4. FYI.....media availability at the stadium for the annual “field/stadium preview” is on Tuesday, Jan. 21st, so we could be getting a look at the field 48 hours after the conference title games are played.
  5. I started thinking more and more about what the league will do with the field in Super Bowl LIV, because I think they have to use the 100 Anniversary logo, the Super Bowl logo, AND the actual NFL logo. If the NFL logo stays at the 50, and the Super Bowl logo at the 25, it seems like the 100th Anniversary logo is destined for the endzones. The Seahawks have put the 100th anniversary logo in their endzone and as we found out, the league is leaning on what team's do on their home field. I'm wondering if the 100th anniversary logo gets put into the endzone for SBLIV. Spacing would need to be fixed, but I don't know if they care. Just something to chew for the regular season.
  6. Looks a lot better in the Lo-Fi filter here. The Rams endzone needs something else in the worst way. https://www.instagram.com/p/BtbvObAnRBT/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=2p8jevjmd40a
  7. The funny thing was when I brought up to Ed about the two helmet endzone design, he seemed to remember it like yesterday. He then said, the Rams endzone has a helmet, which I countered with, that’s because they don’t have a logo. He understood. We talked about the quick turnaround years in Miami and Arizona, along with Minnesota as I mentioned earlier. He was a really good guy, and my guess....I just think he and his crew do what the NFL asks them to do.
  8. Exactly. It was the same design in Seattle. That, and also with XLIX, including the Patriots logo on top of the wordmark, which is what they had in Foxboro.
  9. One other thing on the endzone design. Ed did say the designs by NFL creative are close to what the team uses during the season. That actually would explain a theory that I thought was the case in Super Bowl XLVIII (48) and XLIX (49.)
  10. Well, I got some answers today and unfortunately our hopes of spiced up endzones are all in the hands of the NFL. Asked Ed Mangan a bunch of questions, some on mic and some off mic. Honestly, the interview isnt worth posting because all of the design factors are in the hands of the NFL. He told me that the NFL creative department develops the look of the endzones and runs it by the teams for their approval. The teams may make minor adjustments, but they basically are all on the same page. As for the helmets and conference logos, again, an NFL creative decision. He gave me insight on how this field was developed and compared it to last year. This year, he said they scrubbed the entire field after the Peach Bowl and started new. This makes sense from last year, where they really couldn’t scrub the field considering the Vikings were still playing in mid-January. So, that’s why the Vikings yard-line numbers stayed on the field for Super Bowl LIII. As for a special field next year, he said it’s in the hands of the NFL. Which would also give us the answer on a potential throwback field. I will add more when i get a chance. Feel free to ask any questions that I may have forgotten to address.
  11. Posting some vids and pics on Twitter and IG right now from the field. Twitter: @danbeyeronfox IG: beyerthings
  12. Great questions. I’m really going to focus on the endzones and the colors/designs and get as much as I can from that. The absence of the helmets and conference logos are on the forefront. I like the question of the throwback field, and I will ask if there is anything special in the works since next year is the NFL’s 100th Anniversary. I will try to get some pics on here and if our network posts the interview, I will provide the link. Otherwise, I will just come back with some (hopefully good) answers to questions we’ve all wondered about.
  13. This thread is one of my all-time favorites and I love all of the responses. I’m a member of the media covering the Super Bowl and will get a chance tomorrow to check out the field and interview those in charge of setting up the field and stadium for the game. I’m hoping to do an interview with those in charge and would be willing to ask some questions that you may have. I have my own but could have some room if there is anything anyone wanted to know. I’m for surely asking about the endzone design and colors, and will also ask about filed/turf prep, etc. Pass along any you think could be interesting. It’s such a cool topic that I think we can find out some interesting information from those in the know. Thanks!!
  14. I get that the Rams don’t really have a logo other than their helmet to put in that spot. However, they should’ve used a Patriots helmet instead of just their logo. The endzones, with one a logo and the other a helmet, end up looking like two unmatched socks. And I’m with all of those who said Yellow or Red could’ve been used as alternate colors for the endzones.
  15. I think your prediction is dead on. I agree with the addition of the NFC logo, as well. If nothing else, it would be great just to see the AFC/NFC logos back on the field.
  16. It was mentioned earlier that the NFL may go with how the team's have their endzones in their home stadiums, which actually has been a trend the last few Super Bowls. Super Bowl XLVIII: The Seahawks logo was at the end of their wordmark, not at the front like Denver's logo was. In Seattle, that's exactly how the Seahawks endz one is designed. Super Bowl XLIX: Seahawks have same endzone as previous year, which again, is the same as their home end zone. The Patriots was the same, too, except for the addition of the AFC logo following the word mark. Super Bowl 50: The Broncos endzone was exactly the same as it is in Denver (without the Navy colored in, of course). I'm assuming the Panthers was then modified to resemble what Denver had. My guess, based on their trend, is the full "Atlanta Falcons" will be in the endzone, just like the Georgia Dome. And the Patriots will be exact to Super Bowl XLIX.
  17. It really seems like they are just using the home field endzones, and that is such a letdown. This is what the Broncos have, except for the navy. The Seahawks have been that way for the previous 2, and the Patriots was the same last year, except for the conference logo and navy. I am really curious to see if they make Carolina's similar to the Denver pattern, or just paint the black endzone with "Panthers" in it, like they have in Charlotte. I HIGHLY doubt they change anything, but it wouldn't be unheard of. I was at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, and on the Media Day that week at the Superdome, the Ravens endzone was in black. However, on gameday, it was purple. Don't know the reasoning, but I do have pictures as proof that it changed. BTW, I have loved this thread and just signed up, and appreciate everyone's input. Really interesting stuff.
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