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  1. Hmm... possibly on the number outlines like you have on the alternates? Though I suppose green+red right on top of each other could get messy.
  2. I'm suddenly obsessed with the Red Sox. And hey, it makes sense!! I think the only things that would need to change are just the inclusion of a liiiittle more red on the road set, but otherwise I'd take this in a heartbeat!
  3. Agreed, white outlines on the Sox numbers would go a long way.
  4. That teal-red matchup makes me wonder if that was a game that was dreary to watch for the color blind. Hopefully it was more discernible than the Jets-Bills Christmas pajama matchup from a few years ago. (That being said, yes, it was a very pretty matchup)
  5. Wow, wow, that looks weird. In the abstract I really like it, but... wow it's weird to see haha
  6. Love yellow for the Rams. Love anything different from their actual set for the Rams. Looking forward to the rest of this series! I take it you're a Boston fan as well so I'm excited for what you whip up for the Patriots!
  7. I really wish they didn't wear aqua pants or socks at all on the road. The Dolphins' all-white sets are one of the best looks in football imo. (though they pale in comparison to the throwbacks)
  8. These are amazing, it's hard to pick a favorite but "Memorial" and "Birdland" are both exceptional! Really exciting to see what you come up with going forward (and I definitely can relate to that understanding of hometown history, I've already got ideas rattling around for what could be done with the Red Sox)!
  9. Blue is a nice touch. I agree with @WSU151, keeping the hat black & white across the board seems like the better move, but overall this looks great!
  10. I remember that in one Madden game, for a hot minute they had Bengals uniforms without the side panels for whatever reason. They looked really really nice. Congratulations on graduating! The Browns look great.
  11. ...Really? I'm thanking my lucky stars the Patriots didn't do something like this.
  12. The shiny stuff is hokey. The gradient is hokey (although it's less prominent than I had expected). The wordmark patch thing is hokey. The weird stitch mark above it is hokey. And the away uniforms are just plain garbage.
  13. I would. Given the identity they've already rolled out, I guess these uniforms would be the best thing available? But still not great.
  14. Hmm yeah that's kinda what I anticipated, the borders look good along the side but not where they cut off. Maybe have the stripes wrap all the way down, so it's more of a shoulder loop? I also like the black background route, though I could see it being a bit tire-tready.