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  1. I love the Packers (except for your opinion on the blue and gold throwbacks, those are sweet) and the Bears as is, my main gripe with those uniforms were the striping inconsistencies — with those fixed in your designs, they look perfect!
  2. These are all really pretty designs! I'm right with you on RD - I can't tell which home design is better...
  3. Solid start for a team with a solid identity. I'd just suggest continuing that sock-stripe pattern on the clash kit as well
  4. That's exactly how I customized the Giants in Madden, funnily enough, but I love it
  5. Huuuuge improvement. I'd love to see that color scheme implemented more in real life.
  6. That second update is better, but I liked the idea of the first one. I think a white outline around the red hawk would go a long way, visually
  7. Bucs look fantastic. I usually would want to prefer including pewter, but eliminating it completely is a great look here.
  8. Get it? Stellar? Because the sun..? (Sorry I'll leave) This set is gorgeous though. I think the pattern you went with fits them better than Utah, no question
  9. Well I'm ready to run through a brick wall now. Go Pats
  10. It definitely looks better than the highlighter-orange set from a few years ago. I'd love to see that become an alternate with white pants
  11. Love the pattern. On the all-red, though, you sorta lose the "Blue" part of Blue Jays completely. If you can fit blue into that set, it's a winner (and some red on the all-blue, as well)
  12. Love Washington. That helmet stripe is amazing
  13. I'm with @DaBestoftheWest. Weird at first glance, but I dig it a lot