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  1. It hurts. Oh, god, it hurts. But it's still an upgrade, I guess, so hey I'll take it.
  2. Regarding the comment about the shiny pewter: "The team explored going back to the original pewter pants but the fabrics used by Nike today are completely different than in the 1990s and therefore it was impossible to re-create the historic pewter color in today's textiles."
  3. Love all three. Not sure why this caught my eye right away, but I'm a fan of that thin collar stripe, what do y'all think about it?
  4. That change is huge! Really liking this fix
  5. He always signs with the Broncos in Madden career mode
  6. Is it bad I kinda really like that red helmet? It's probably bad. But I kinda really like it.
  7. True, I understand the rationale there. My thought process was more so that unveiling today could add to, rather than draw attention away from, whatever festivities the day entails, I guess
  8. Why would they not use today to unveil the new uniforms? "Today is about ALL of Atlanta, not the Falcons" might be the stupidest thing I've read today. The Falcons are a part of ALL of Atlanta, no?
  9. I'd rather see the Ram's head at midfield, or at least opposite of where the LA logos are. Seeing the same mark 3 times on the field kinda makes it redundant.
  10. Wow. I love this concept!!! Wouldn't be the least bit upset if my Pats ever went with something like this. I don't mind the asymmetric stripe either, but I think the only place it doesn't work too well is the helmet (which is weird, because I don't think it's a vertical stripe thing - I like it a whole lot on the pants).
  11. Second row, second to last one is my favorite — switch the eye from white to gold and it's a winner.
  12. Josh Gordon, Julian Edelman, Tom Brady, Philip Dorsett... 10, 11, 12, 13
  13. In a vacuum, I really like this look. It's clean, it's consistent, it's unique. I just don't know how well it would sell with fans, especially with the redone logo.
  14. We'll have to wait and see, but (hopefully) all the changes are just housekeeping things that make the uniform more consistent
  15. I disagree. Blending different eras within the uniform can be great if done well.
  16. Funny enough, I've never seen the blue version of these jerseys. I like these, but I feel like the horn on the sleeves is the best way to go. Oh god I know I'm gonna regret saying that once they come out with gradient sleeve horns.
  17. Yeah, I'm not huge on the Ravens logo. I feel like that team, from the name to the colors, should be authoritative, if that makes sense. The logo is too cartoony to carry that authority. (Their alternate logo with the front-facing bird actually gives me that vibe, though, so I dunno how they go about fixing it)
  18. As far as I know, Patriots fans love it here. I guess that's my local bias talking
  19. It's very widely admired, though, no? I guess I'd amend to as loved* as the Pat Patriot logo is...
  20. It has nothing to do with the logo itself, but what happened during its use. The Patriots didn't win 6 trophies because of the Flying Elvis logo, but that's how it'll be remembered. Likewise, for as good as the Pat Patriot logo is, it'll always be associated with the Patsies who avoided winning like the plague.
  21. I think that's best, if anything, though I'm still not 100% sold on the wavy pattern
  22. I think this is a great idea but needs to be translated to the other elements of the uniform as well, especially the helmet.
  23. And a red alternate please But honestly that's a-okay with me. Simple, classy, a good compromise between past (style) and present (colors/logo)!
  24. Did someone say we'd be hearing an official announcement about new uniforms today? Or am I completely making that up?
  25. Brown pants would be fine with a stripe though. I also see no problem with orange pants here and there, but the mono-orange look never did it for me.
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