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  1. Regarding the Fitzy tweet... Is he just referring to mono blue and mono white? I don't want those exact uniforms (CR/current away) because HOLY inconsistency... I don't mind the mono looks, though
  2. Each stripe represents a stupid design choice on the uniforms! Part of me hopes the changes are huge. One, the current uniform is a mess. Two, the start of my life coincides with the start of the Brady era, so I'm pining to finally see something new for my Patriots now that the Brady era is done. My wish list, so far, looks something like this: -Side panels, piping go away (should go without saying) -Consistent striping pattern, lose the shoulder hoops (they look terrible in the new Nike template) -New number font (hopefully one that actually ties into their branding) and no more double outline -A red alternate/throwback staying in the rotation full-time -(If silver stays:) 90's throwback (I can't help it I love how stupidly fun they are)
  3. Plus, that's Cam Newton. But yeah, I really do like that look, I wouldn't mind seeing them modernize that set
  4. I don't mind how orange and pewter look together here, so I think the orange jersey needs a pewter shoulder yoke like the home and away, (1) for consistency and (2) because the red "collarbone(?)" stripes look awkward floating by themselves. Otherwise, I'm a fan of this!
  5. "Won't be dramatic" makes me upset
  6. Why isn't the Rams head the primary? Love the royal but the gradient is terrible.
  7. Throws off the TB12 diet! This is a great concept! Still gonna be strange for me seeing Brady not playing for my team but I think you nailed it! (Just as long as he doesn't grow that mustache IRL.)
  8. Another option for the wordmark would just be "New England" - not necessarily shared by both teams, but the Celtics do represent all of New England! Otherwise, I really like these concepts. The only thing that's a tad off-putting about the white set is that it doesn't quite resemble the Pats' uniforms, since they wear dark pants on the road. Not that I think this would look better with shorts of a different color but the monochrome look fits better on the blue set. Again, these look great!
  9. I'd amend this to "most disappointingly boring NFL uniforms." SO much potential, and yet they still miss the mark (see: Bucs "update" with no orange whatsoever, Jags refusing to use gold at all/making teal their primary color, Miami inexplicably not going to their throwbacks full time...)
  10. @FormerLurker I can't tell if I really love that or really hate that... but it is intriguing all the same!
  11. Yeah, I think just horizontal would be the way to go
  12. That's uh... I don't know. I like the idea, I just think the wavy stripes look wonky and unprofessional. I think it works more on the sleeves than anything else, but overall I'm not a huge fan. I think if you straighten the stripes out, though, you've got a really strong set
  13. Right, I just meant that if they were to have that 90's throwback, the helmet would have to stay silver once the uniforms are redesigned.
  14. Words cannot express how excited I would be for this. That would require a silver helmet, though... makes me wonder how long before the "current" home comes back as a throwback.
  15. Y'know... I could live with this! Too bad they're probably going with something more outrageous.
  16. That too. Shame there's no orange to be seen.
  17. My first reaction to the Bucs new uniform renders: meh. I'm so so glad they're simplifying, but this is Jags-level boring. It's okay to let the uniform have some personality! I also might be in the minority on this, but I'm excited to see pewter stay, and especially that it'll be an alternate (supposedly).
  18. I couldn't be more excited to see what the Patriots do. I'd be more than happy with either a throwback/fauxback revert or something completely new. I think the most logical step, though, would be to base the new set off the Color Rush. The colors and logo are iconic, while the uniform's overall design would be a sufficient nod to the team's history. (Plus, if @canzman liked it after having seen it...)
  19. Save for the collar, I really like that design! Just anything sans unnecessary piping, please
  20. That has the absolute feel of a secondary mark at best. If that's their new primary, I'll be heavily disappointed. That being said, it is a neat idea as a secondary logo! It just isn't strong enough to represent the brand on its own.
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