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  1. Just when I was getting happy that my school was finally streamlining their uniform look, you go and make me jealous of what UMass could've had. These are great! I'm loving the simplified logo, and especially seeing it on the chest of the hockey jerseys.
  2. Whoa, this Cardinals set is great! I know that flag pattern has been done a million times but it looks great here (especially on the color rush, I think it adds just enough red along with the numbers). I'm also really digging the helmet design, it's just subtle enough to not be too distracting or in-your-face. I also think that shade of copper is a bit too orange-y, I'd suggest darkening it a bit.
  3. Big fan of this design too! I love that you ditched the silver lids too, there was just so much going on in their current set.
  4. It's a pretty straightforward design, but a really good one. A definite upgrade over the set they wear now! It's a shame that LA's logo and uniforms lend almost no symbolism to, y'know, a wildcat.
  5. I love the color scheme, but I think brown should be the main color (and maybe that lighter brown could be the base color of the alternate jersey). The helmet is also a bit hokey but hey, I love the idea of it!
  6. The roundel looks really good! I think I'm leaning towards Gold Circle, Maroon and White Outline, Maroon W and Stars
  7. Really great stuff so far! I'm loving the recolored logos especially, and the Titans set is certainly an upgrade.
  8. I think so, yeah. Maybe even just the W and the three stars, without the other elements of the logo. That way you can keep that DC flag symbolism in it
  9. Oh wow, that looks great! Yeah I'd imagine this logo on a dark background, like on the helmet, But I love this version!
  10. Thanks a ton, you're the best! Appreciate these comments! I was initially planning on that G being a roundel, but I think this fit much better and made the logo generally more imposing.
  11. Link has been posted — I am bad at the internet.
  12. Ok clearly I'm struggling this picture won't upload!
  13. Just a quick idea I had for a New York Giants primary logo (or even as an alternate). The design incorporates the Giants' color scheme into the Freedom Tower, and using the building's angular design and original base to spell NY within it. Additionally, the four notches on the radio tower symbolize the team's four championships. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks! https://imgur.com/gcIoYuc
  14. That update is really great! I would also suggest throwing in some pink (and even some green) in the logo, but it looks amazing as is
  15. Asymmetric helmet stripes are something I can never get around to liking, for whatever reason. The rest of the set, though, looks great — I'm also not huge on the logo, I think that works better as a secondary mark.
  16. Yeah... I don't know. A lot of the Celtics' heritage comes from those uniforms. The main issue is that orange dominates, especially in the home set, more than it is an accent. I'd be interested to see a similar design with orange used more sparingly. I wouldn't mind seeing something similar being used as a City Edition jersey design
  17. Images are good now. I'm not too huge on Seattle's current set either, but this feels like an oversimplification; it just needs a little something more.
  18. Might just be me then, sorry about that
  19. Looks good... I think. The pics are very fuzzy.
  20. I love the design, it's a clear upgrade over the crayon-drawn flag we have now. Would it make sense to maybe invert the colors, or add another outline, on a white background? That way, the crossing stripes wouldn't fade into nothingness.
  21. I can actually see this too — white numbers on the red and black (alternate, I like the red numbers on the color rush) would look sharp. I do like the red numbers on the away, though, but black numbers could potentially balance out the colors on that set. That also has potential to further differentiate the CR and alternate jerseys, which are pretty similar as is.
  22. 1 > 3 > 2, in my opinion. I've always wanted to make pewter work for the Bucs, and I think you accomplished that! I'd love to see a creamsicle jersey with pewter, or even a pewter jersey.
  23. I love the Packers (except for your opinion on the blue and gold throwbacks, those are sweet) and the Bears as is, my main gripe with those uniforms were the striping inconsistencies — with those fixed in your designs, they look perfect!
  24. These are all really pretty designs! I'm right with you on RD - I can't tell which home design is better...
  25. Solid start for a team with a solid identity. I'd just suggest continuing that sock-stripe pattern on the clash kit as well
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