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  1. That's exactly how I customized the Giants in Madden, funnily enough, but I love it
  2. Huuuuge improvement. I'd love to see that color scheme implemented more in real life.
  3. That second update is better, but I liked the idea of the first one. I think a white outline around the red hawk would go a long way, visually
  4. Bucs look fantastic. I usually would want to prefer including pewter, but eliminating it completely is a great look here.
  5. Get it? Stellar? Because the sun..? (Sorry I'll leave) This set is gorgeous though. I think the pattern you went with fits them better than Utah, no question
  6. Well I'm ready to run through a brick wall now. Go Pats
  7. It definitely looks better than the highlighter-orange set from a few years ago. I'd love to see that become an alternate with white pants
  8. Love the pattern. On the all-red, though, you sorta lose the "Blue" part of Blue Jays completely. If you can fit blue into that set, it's a winner (and some red on the all-blue, as well)
  9. Love Washington. That helmet stripe is amazing
  10. I'm with @DaBestoftheWest. Weird at first glance, but I dig it a lot
  11. I like the idea of the charging buffalo but it still feels that the logo's just a bit too much. Uniforms are great though, red helmet forever
  12. Browns are solid (but what else can you want for them, really). Loving Arizona too; the gradient numbers work really well on the away.
  13. The Dolphins are one of those teams that I'd want to keep as simple as possible (which makes their all-white set gorgeous). That being said, I really like what you did by keeping it simple yet unique. And the South Beach alt is fantastic
  14. Chiefs are great, and I'm actually digging the Seahawks in blue-and-teal more than the blue-and-green combo. Glad you kept it as an alt.
  15. This series has been great, especially the Bears and Chiefs. And as a Pats fan as well, I'd buy that jersey in a heartbeat.
  16. Wow, logos so far have been amazing. Both uniforms are great too
  17. Love it. Not much more I can say but that
  18. I'm a little late to this thread but it's been great so far. The silver and white jerseys for Seattle feel a little too similar for me. Maybe navy numbers on the silver jersey?
  19. That Golden Knight is in pain. This series has been great so far
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