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  1. On to Chicago, I wanted to give them a look that could introduce a few things missing from their current set like (A) White socks and (B) ‘White Sox’ across the chest. I used the style of 1982-86 set in order to force management’s hand and have them scrap that terrible throwback (seriously, that look must be adored by someone within the organization with high rank...and poor taste) The Chicago White Sox Statement Uniform: Note: I wanted to give them an AFL-Raiders kinda look. Why? Just cause. Also, shoutout to the entire crew ( @MJD7 , @Carolingian Steamroller ), it was definitely a team effort and especially @coco1997 and @Victormrey for the metallic finish. C&C appreciated.
  2. As a Yankee fan, I would never want Arizona to commemorate that championship. Creating a 5-championship minimum (with the exception of the reigning champion) best mimics the World Cup’s exclusivity. Teams can only win a WC every four years and so even the most dominate nation, Brazil, only has 5 how the most dominant team, the Yankees, would also have 5 stars*. And with 8 countries wearing stars for WC, the MLB list with 7 would be even more exclusive. *at least until Cole Train takes us to 3-peat station, amirite?
  3. @WSU151 @Survival79 @Gothamite How about a star (in team color) for every 5 championships? The Yanks could do a 5-star general star above their logo or simply have 5 stars. Cardinals: 2 stars. Red Sox, A’s, Giants, Dodgers, Pirates, Reds: 1 star... (That’s a pretty elite group) Current champion: 1 golden star the year after championship.
  4. Great series, thank you for not turning my Yanks into the Jets.
  5. Looks like it’s black armbands again for the Yanks in 2020. Rest In Peace, Don Larsen.
  6. Thank you so much. it started off as an accident, I originally intended to have a single green outline representing a leaf, but @coco1997 accidentally colored it green and after a few tweaks, we had it down. I’m very proud of this one. “Ask, and it shall be given you”(Mat 7:7)
  7. Another team changing up their color scheme in the NL East is the Atlanta Braves. Inspired by Atlanta United FC’s “King Peach” kit,in a look sure to satisfy any fan of the local R&B quartet 112,it’s the Atlanta Braves making a Statment with their Signature look.Presenting the “Peaches & Cream” Statement uniform: C&C appreciated. Disclaimer: While similar to @HuntTheJones’ fantastic Atlanta Peaches concept posted a couple of months ago, this design was actually conceived a few months prior (i.e. any similarities are purely coincidental, but also cool).
  8. Moving up 5,280 feet up to Denver, it’s the Rockies sporting a look embraces their (A) unique color as the only purple MLB team [though I wish the D-Bags would switch to the new Hornets colors plus copper or something] (B) love of sleeveless alts (C) state flag logo cap (D) nod to a look that the Nuggets are still trying to get right. It’s the Colorado Rockies: C&C appreciated, thank you.
  9. I’ll be okay with any color as long as they bring back the gradient!
  10. Great job!!! Not sure why they have different piping on every uniform, though. The piping on the road is perfect, really wish they went with powder blue (or a bluish gray), but that’s what our concepts are for, lol. Alright, Nike, all you need is Tampa.
  11. It’s got access to the river, the Metro North, I-87, and you could easily run shuttle buses from 207. It’s not centrally located, but it could work. And being able (barely) to say you play in Manhattan is pretty cool, only Knicks and Rangers can say that.
  12. Baker Field is on the complex with Robert K. Kraft field, maybe selling/renting to a rival has something to do with it. I really do wish they could work it out...that would be a great spot for them.
  13. It is. On their own, I think they look terrible...with this uniform, I mean They go through all this trouble to create this wordmark, come up with an exciting color scheme, all to just slap on the numbers that would never make sense except they had them lying around? Did the lights go out? Were they about to miss the deadline and couldn’t create a matching or similar (or something resembling a bit of thought into it) number font. Given the end product, I’m surprised they were troubled enough to change the color.
  14. Heading to “The North,” it’s the Blue Jays paying homage to the 1952 Toronto Maple Leafs (road) And the amazing Toronto Flag concept by Trevor Davson Toronto’s New Flag - By Filament - Medium Voilà, the Blue Jays and their ‘Statement’ jersey: C&C always appreciated. (as I did last time, a big ‘thank you’ goes to @Discrimihater for being so gracious in letting me use his awesome ‘Toronto’ script wordmark. I find any excuse to use it, thanks!)
  15. A, but I second the outline shrinking. Nice work.
  16. I hope this post comes the day before they lose Game 1 and the rest of the Series. #YesImBitter#BSstrikeoutCalls Thank you so much. That was definitely the goal in mind. I’m really happy with how it turned out, @coco1997 and I bounced a lot of ideas off of each other. Yeah, that might be my favorite part. It brings it all together. Thank you, bro. ***************************************************** Continuing our tour of the NL Central, it’s the Pittsburgh Pirates. For all their iconic looks (pretty much anything Clemente wore), no uniform made quite the ‘Statement’ that the “We Are Family” unis did (1977-1984) Still not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, lol. Can we modernize this look 35 years later? You be the judge: The ‘Stargell Stars’ make their long-awaited return along with the Pittsburgh script worn by Barry Bonds in a uniform design sure to please even the most selective Bumblebee/Wiz Khalifa fan. The sleeves feature the silhouette of the Roberto Clemente Bridge (tying in their most iconic player and the backdrop of their gorgeous ballpark) in an attempt to combine as much of their history into one cohesive...I hope...look. C&C appreciated.