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  1. I really like this year's field, it's not perfect but it's definitely one of the best in a long time. My positives are the 49ers throwback look and the Chiefs going with yellow. My negatives are no conference logos and I'm afraid the 49ers red looks a little dark, at least compared to the latest design by @pitt6pack. I may be in the minority but I actually like that both end zones don't match. A little less formulaic can be a good thing. Just my two cents of course...Go Niners!!!
  2. @pitt6pack Thank you for all your great designs! I have a request, if you could take your last design but make the Chiefs end zone and team box yellow, that would be awesome! I feel in my gut of guts and hope with everything in me that the Chiefs are yellow and the 49ers are red with their saloon font...Go Niners!!!
  3. The 49ers are going with their throwback saloon font and old school helmet design with red colored end zones against the Vikings and hopefully at least two more games after that I would love to see them bring back the saloon font permanently...Go Niners!!!
  4. With both the Patriots and Rams advancing to Super Bowl LIII, it means that we're most likely getting double faded blotchy purple end zones! Yay!!! Given that the Rams are wearing their throwback uniforms, I hope with everything in me that they get a yellow end zone. Patriots end zone from Super Bowl LII: