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  1. Blue pants for the Lions is a must. I think in their current set they look a little too much like the Cowboys.
  2. I think the majority of these are really good. Bills is a little busy and I'm not a fan of two different helmets (though I think the red looks a little better). Also, the Saints need to change to that number font. Awesome update.
  3. Something about the ship on the pants is really cool. Awesome set here. I don't get what they were thinking with the alarm clock numbers or the giant helmet logo.
  4. Bad. Looks like a Division I-AA knockoff of Iowa. The gold collar is repulsive, the nike logo below the collar is just tacky and reeks of collegiate-style uniform (the swoosh should be on the sleeves). Striped socks to match the striped sleeves? Awful. The only change I sort of like is the change to a black nameplate on the road jersey. They did that in '97 for the uni-update from the 70's-early 90's style and it doesn't look too bad. Gold nameplate for home, no question. White, again, looks tacky and collegiate-grade. Numbers are pretty big. You said you can't throwback to the 70's dynasty team (also calling them boring) because it's what they would be wearing now, but that is so far from the truth it makes me cringe. 1997 they moved from block numbering to an italicized futura font (the same as the number decal on their helmets). Also they added a patch to the right (would be their left if wearing the jersey) part of the upper chest. It's almost completely different save for the color scheme. What baffles me is that you kept the Packers literally the same with just a shade of lighter green on the throwback. Blows my mind why you would think the Steelers would be so liberal to completely overhaul their uniform. The faux-back isn't bad, especially the home rendition. However, the gold outline on the numbers for the road jersey looks silly. The black helmet would probably mesh better with the road jersey as well. Overall I'd rather see the team in the alternate set they wore from 2007-11 that utilized the gold helmet. Now bear in mind, though I'm being critical here, I really loved all the other teams updates and faux-backs. I have yet to see a good Steelers concept so I may just be salty. You made the Vikings, Browns, Lions, Jets, Bengals, and Eagles look so much cooler than what they already have it makes me a little jealous! Throwing back to the Patriots helmet from their inaugural season was an awesome touch considering how well-known their 70's/80's throwback is. Other than the Steelers I think your concepts are pretty awesome and prophetic to how teams are going to look come 2020. The Ravens concept was a little wacky, but so was the Seahawks current set when it first came out.