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  1. A black helmet on the alternate would definitely balance the colors way more. No complaints otherwise!
  2. With pretty much everything getting cancelled nowadays, I finally have some time on my hands. For this project I drew inspiration for both Carolina and Tampa Bay from football uniforms from nearby colleges. The logos themselves are also letter-based, as is the case with most college teams.
  3. 2025 WINTER CLASSIC New Jersey is based on the Jersey Devils from the EHL, Columbus is based on the former NHL Cleveland Barons.
  4. 2025 STADIUM SERIES (THE OTHER ONE) From now on I'll be done taking requests, I really liked this suggestion but have the rest of my project laid out. Good to be back after my first semester of college!
  5. WASHINGTON CAPITALS 50TH ANNIVERSARY Washington is the only team during the 2024-25 season to celebrate their anniversary. The half-century mark doesn't need much explanation, but the jersey is inspired by seperate elements from each uniform era. Original Throwbacks: Pants. 1990's: Angled waist striping. Ovechkin Era: Colors, Weagle. 2015 Winter Classic Jerseys: Striping on sleeves. New Uniforms: Number font.
  6. Actually Minnesota is based off of a Bloomington Jefferson uniform, Dallas is based off of a Bloomington Kennedy jersey. Thanks for the feedback and for catching that spelling error, I went ahead and updated that.
  7. 2024 KRAFT HOCKEYVILLE Uniforms are based off of uniforms from local hockey teams teams that play in the arena.
  8. I usually don't take requests but this sounds really fun, I might make it a second Stadium Series game later on.
  10. Probably not, at least not yet. I'll definitely keep it in mind for a future project though.
  11. SEATTLE STEELHEADS And that's all 32 teams!. But the project's not done yet, stay tuned!
  12. That's the plan. Canadiens, Flyers, Islanders, Blues, then Seattle.
  13. I double checked and they are, it just looks off because the point in the logo itself isn't centered. If I ever do an update I might fix the logo.
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