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  1. My guess is how it darkened the team colors as a whole which was big in the late 90s early 2000s but then that would mean so is red, and black
  2. I’ve worn that uniform in the show that I own. I haven’t noticed that and will need to look. Might just be a deal with file size with it not being on a disk had to cut a corner.
  3. Well that’s because they are orange, so if you are seeing creamsicle you need to get your eyes checked
  4. Yep. The entire organization is going to be investigated top to bottom. But at the same time just hearing how he’d crush the pills and something else (probably cocaine) and snort lines of it just tells me this was an addiction he had before going pro. And the fact fentanyl was in his system tells me he got heroin from a local dealer and it was laced with that. Fentanyl is bad stuff that just from skin contact to kill you bc the chemical is small enough to work it’s way through your skin.
  5. So the cardinals are blaming the baseballs for why they are down 0-2 saying they aren’t traveling as far so it’s the balls fault and not the cardinals. They are claiming the balls have more air resistance than regular season balls despite all being made the same from the same factory. I guess a stamp for the post season logo adds enough resistance just to mess with the cardinals.
  6. They just extended him last offseason. They don’t want to eat that cash this early into a contract.
  7. He’s also still saying it, and coaches around all forms of football are saying it. He just isn’t paying them to do it which was the big no no in the leagues eyes.
  8. 1. You don’t change a teams color scheme they have had for over 100 years just because. 2. Same thing but it’s been 60 years, and the wild have only been around less than 20 and haven’t been able to nail down a timeless look. 3. Forest green looks better 4. haven’t seen it 5. royals uniforms are perfect as is, and adding more gold just will clutter it. 6. As long as it means no black on black
  9. Only Non-athlete students, so does that mean student athletes could, and then just throw games all the time.
  10. I think they just go to Nike and go “we don’t want a new city jersey and liked the last one and want to keep it” and that’s it.
  11. Personal fouls really should be challengeable, much more than pass interferences plays. Atleast things like face masks, defenseless receiver, helmet to helmet, roughing the passer (sometimes) have clear criteria that determine if a foul was committed or not.
  12. You can get an exception to wear city jerseys for 2 years like Utah did.
  13. You mean like the face mask on Sony Michel that almost took his helmet off that was missed as well.
  14. The first challenge last night definitely should have stood as called I really don’t know why Schurmer threw a flag there. Second one was boarder line, the thing is refs aren’t going to change a call for borderline because the standard to overturn is set at such a high standard of being clear on obvious, and in this play it’s hand fighting to prevent a pass like every other play. A play needs to basically be what happened in the NFC Championship game to overturn a call. Anything less isn’t going to be changed.
  15. Would Seattle, giants and possible A’s be happy about Portland?
  16. Um because they are purple and silver? Really nothing else is the same
  17. It’s been known that they are going to have a black uniform this year for awhile.
  18. So Eli is still wearing the captains “C”. Are the giants really that sentimental that they can’t strip the Captain off of him while he’s on the bench. Or is Eli that egotistical that he needs to keep the captain “C” to stroke his ego.
  19. Carolina game looks like a inter squad scrimmage, jags should be in black pants and teal socks to change it up.
  20. This isn’t the popular opinions thread lol
  21. Exactly it’s a cartoon gator, so a non-realistic green gator makes sense. And most People associate gators with green than they do any other color, and making it blue and orange isn’t the way to go either. The way they do it now with incorporating the blue and orange in the current logo is perfect.