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  1. Actually no, WR Trinity Benson has the number currently. But he also had no stats last year so if someone happened to get traded to the Broncos and I was say before training camp I could see it being very easy to get 12 if he wanted to.
  2. Until you get the Uber religious crowd going “why aren’t they playing Tebow, it must be the league repressing Christian values” that has happened at every team he’s played for until he’s cut. The only positive is it will take pressure off of Lawrence, but even that will only last until he struggles and the same crowd plus gators fans clamoring for Tebow to replace him at QB
  3. It’s about par for the course here, especially when you have people on here wishing for worse because they choose to have “III” on the NOB’s
  4. Because at that point it’s just following the curve of the circle
  5. I see someone like Boston, or Yankees being a better option. They have better minor league systems to draw from and more likely to go after that piece.
  6. The Red Sox currently have the best record in baseball and I just don’t understand how their doing it. I don’t believe Alex Cora is cheating again so he must be that much of a genius that he can get a team of scrubs to perform at a playoff level at a minimum.
  7. His reaction was about as good as it could get, he held his own out of the blocks, then about 40-50 meters in his weight and conditioning was clearly not as good as the rest of the field and that’s when they gapped him.
  8. Agreed, amazing stats and will probably be a leader or close in multiple categories by the time his career is over. But his career has been wasted on an angels team that never performs. In 20 years he’ll be forgotten as another guy in the HOF, mean while Mookie Betts will be remembered as one of the greatest players in the game, while possible having worse stats than Trout.
  9. No, they don’t even allow first initial anymore
  10. If they United all of their previous elements it would look like a unicorn vomited and made a uniform out of it.
  11. And those who haven’t will go “why the :censored: is a QB playing LB”
  12. There is no reason for a linebackers number to be that low period. You couldn’t possibly tell me that all the numbers 40-59 and 90’s numbers could possibly be taken. The NFL screwed to pooch on this stupid rule and should have made it to where only exceptions could be made if all other numbers were taken/retired from the approved numbers.
  13. Players were wearing sliders way before pants got thinner. It’s necessary or you get so much bunching and chaffing that it would be uncomfortable.
  14. This is awful, there is no need for a linebacker to wear a low number. I associate 11 with cole Beazley a scrawny slot reciever before I ever would a linebacker.
  15. He’s said he isn’t sure if he wants to play beyond this season, so I doubt that’s what they did
  16. Agree on him being a crybaby :censored: teammate but you’re a fool if you think a team will trade for Rodgers and then not give him everything he ever wanted on a silver platter
  17. Tom Brady is playing into 45 with a new team. Rodgers is 37 and would get an extension to any team that’s willing to trade for him. Cap space isn’t an issue because we’ve seen GM’s play around with contracts so much that everyone still gets paid and still get under the cap in some type of alternate universe math that only makes sense in sports.
  18. That’s a bad take, the top pick would only take 1 of the spots on the team. Also if you lead your team to the top pick why would the team get rid of you, rather than try and build off of you. If you’re Zion Williamson you are going to try to play for that top pick to get more help around you.
  19. So the Marlins are having a city uniform for a team from a different country? Smart move Nike (sarcasm)
  20. Just because it is what was worn doesn’t mean it doesn’t look bad that none of them match
  21. You don’t think they would immediately try to sign him to a long term deal? Or you think they would allow him to walk. Literally any team that’s trying to trade for him it is with the intent of having an extension signed with him too.
  22. The league deemed it was “common place” and why there was only a fine. Maybe it’s common place for wilson to try and end guys careers but to the rest of the hockey world that was completely uncalled for.