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  1. In fairness the fact that they set up this workout for him when they haven’t ever done something like that for anyone before shows how much of an exception they were already making for him. For him to then hijack it and turn it into a PR stunt did nothing to give him a job. Also everyone knew he had a great arm, that wasn’t the issue it was his ability to read defenses and no workout would show that but also the attention a backup an getting isn’t ideal for any team. It didn’t hurt the league, listening to the media today all are disappointed with how he handled it and only a small number are concerned with how his workout looked.
  2. It looks bad. Like their jerseys are coming untucked. Also since it’s on every player makes it look worse. Atleast with the separate hand warmers only a few skill players wear them. Also I feel it would be easier to grab so I don’t see the benefit of it.
  3. But that word mark is in a font similar to the fresh prince of bel-air no?
  4. That was pre deal with the devil
  5. I think it’s the new iPhone update. Mine started doing that ever since I updated my phone. You now got to press things harder for them to work on here to make them work. Otherwise they just highlight as you show on there. I don’t have the problem with other websites though.
  6. No they aren’t the deep Ellum mavericks
  7. My favorite part “we are ready, we are here” yep 60 miles away from where you were suppose to be. Good job showing that you are just trying to create your own narrative.
  8. So you think they’d want more? Spread throughout the city rather than centralized to one district.
  9. I’m sure the city of Dallas loves that the team is encouraging people to perform graffiti around their city...
  10. Penalties aren’t passive. Penalties aren’t only meant to punish the offender but to deter others. By all accounts this is going to be the worst punishment the MLB will give to a club in a long time. You don’t think a penalty where there are multi-million dollar fines and then say the manager gets suspended for half a year will deter another team from trying this?
  11. Glad someone said it. But at the same time there has to be no bigger waste of talent than the angels never having a team to get mike trout out of the basement int their division.
  12. Yea there is no way to rehab tissue and potentially intestines back through abdominal muscle. Hernias require surgery.
  13. So Colin Kaepernick has his work out, the thing is he had his own 60 miles away from the NFL and notified them a half hour before the NFL’s work out was suppose to be. I guess Kaep didn’t like the NFL’s standard liability waiver for workouts and submitted his own Version. Of course the NFL denied that one because no organization would do that. He then shows up to the practice in a “kunta kinte” shirt to compare himself to a slave. Colin had a good workout but he made a spectacle out of it which is the exact reason why he’s out of the league. He then goes on a tirade after the workout calling out the league and roger goodell saying it’s their fault he hasn’t been signed. As a whole it was an awful look for Kaep and because he just couldn’t comply and show up and work and not make it about him he will never get another job in the NFL again.
  14. “H-Town, we have a problem”
  15. Yep dudes career is over before it began. I will be a miracle for him make anything more than a “prove it” contract and most likely fail
  16. I did not like the piling on by you and others, it offended me and I wish you used another analogy. If you don’t see how it was in poor taste that’s on you. Anyway I looked up what classified a deadly weapon and god damnit Florida man “A man from Florida was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after throwing a live alligator through the open drive-through window of a fast food restaurant.” Also using a helmet like Myles Garrett did would have been considered a deadly weapon.
  17. His career is probably close to over now. Unless it was a dislocation which still could be career ending but still have an opportunity to come back from. If it’s a break his bones will never heal in a way that it won’t break again
  18. I wasn’t saying the punch was a freak accident but the result was since 99% of the time the worst that happens from a punch is a broken nose and black eye. Meanwhile a hit to the head with a helmet 9/10 it’s going to cause sever injury. I’m sorry you think assault is worse than assault with a deadly weapon and we can’t agree on that and you won’t let me have a differing opinion but that’s on you. Also I thought a mod would be better than to create stories about other members to try to make a point. I never attacked you that way and expect the same respect back.
  19. I’d say they are a red and blue team, and neither color is dominant for them.
  20. Especially to honor a Navy school in California, when you are in a land locked state. It’s so stupid.
  21. Which was the more egregious act a punch or tomahawking a helmet into another players unprotected head? Well just have to agree to disagree because I don’t believe a freak accident is worse and you aren’t gonna change my mind and I guess I won’t change yours.
  22. How are we not talking about the act? You can’t talk about the result without talking about the act. I’d also say the punch is most similar to involuntary manslaughter since he didn’t mean to injure him yet almost ended his career vs what garret did which was literally assault with a deadly weapon.