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  1. Because they listened to their players...
  2. Sorry but we don’t deal with generalities here. Saying “everyone” wants something then saying half the posts on social media say one thing completely destroys your argument. Even if it was half on a social media platform that is leaving a large portion of fans who haven’t expressed their opinion and could be only a silent minority expressing their opinion on a topic. The fact is Nashville Superspeedway is a ready made track in need of no renovations to host a cup race in its current state versus the Nashville fairgrounds that haven’t hosted a cup race in 45 years, and hasn’t hosted a NASCAR race in nearly 2 decades and is in no shape to run a race for any NASCAR race without serious renovations. It’s the same reason north Wilkesboro and rocking ham will never get a cup race again. They are money pits. As others have said the Superspeedway is concrete and not a “cookie cutter” and will be a change of pace like it was for the lower series when they raced at the track.
  3. Where did you get this info that “everyone wants to see renovated and added to the Cup Series.” for Nashville fairgrounds. I’m going to assume it’s not in most fans consciousness especially since they already race at Nashville super speedway in the truck and xfinity series and doesn’t require a renovation as you stated.
  4. That’s just from when the tape is pulled it got messed up on that crease, you can also see on the first stripe a little bit of the orange paint came with the stripe when it was pulled So you see the little bit of a touch line towards the point.
  5. Gen 4 sucked to the ground too, it’s just how they worked the shocks when it was stopped it would not have air pushing down on them so they would be high, but the second they get any air pushing on the nose it would instantly suck to the ground with no gap between the valence and the asphalt.
  6. Nope, she’ll is painted black, then the stripes are taped on then the paint the rest of the helmet orange, they remove the tape and the black is exposed to show the stripes.
  7. That won’t work since they race their back up car for the 500 for it, they need time to repair it if something happens to both cars
  8. There was the dolphins removal of navy, but even that was after 2-3 seasons so doubt there is anything they can do for the next couple seasons.
  9. The short ones are funny, almost look like they are sponsoring his crotch. Would be a good opportunity for trojan
  10. Why do they need a black uniform. It’s never been in their color scheme, this is probably one of the worst cases of BFBS I’ve seen. Just copying the Lakers “Hollywood nights” uniform at this point.
  11. The steelers are duller than others because they don’t paint their shells like others, they also do not polish their helmets like other teams unless there is sever damage over the course of the season so you will see smudges and scrapes over the course of the year.
  12. It’s going to happen anytime teams share colors. But at the end of the day they won’t be playing each other wearing the same colors. Same “issue” has been brought up with Nebraska and Wisconsin, lightning and leafs and probably more. But every time there has been no issue of confusion.
  13. From his history that’s not the case.
  14. You mean how the hawks had very similar templates to that one but with navy blue?
  15. Still after the first title they should have known to not change, and I doubt anything was made a year plus out.
  16. There is no way you can control that, and it isn’t like any other caution where it bunches up the field.
  17. Also have to think that a lot of players and fans today grew up with those uniforms and connect better with them than a uniform decades before they were even born, and probably don’t even know existed.
  18. I’d rather have the flag further up with no obstructions rather than being covered up by face mask hardware and chinstraps.
  19. Disagree completely, those are the worst uniforms the jazz have ever worn.
  20. It’s more on UA not being able to support the deal than the other way around. It’s public knowledge that UA expanded too fast and now is running on ultra-thin margins now.
  21. But why couldn’t they do the same with the old horn, in fact they did, the old horn was in the helmet, shoulders, wordmark, and logo of the last set.