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  1. More like the wizards are just trash. They’ve won less than 1/3 of their games so far.
  2. Well that was a carry over from Nike, Reebok gave us the weird piping jerseys that was different on every player.
  3. Browns actually is a custom number font, it might as well be block for how little different it is, it’s mainly weights being different, and then you got the reverse up shadow.
  4. I’d say so, especially in a sport like baseball where everyone has extremely long memories and holds grudges/keeps people accountable for way longer than other sports. Greg Williams is back coaching after bounty gate, bill belichick was allowed to become the greatest coach ever, steroids and other performance enhancers are just suspensions for less than a 1/4 of the season in their respective sports and then forgotten while in baseball you get a minimum of half the season and then labeled for life as a roof user and barred from any career achievement. Micheal Jordan possibly had a gambling problem and retired for a year (rumor but still shows the forgiveness other sports have for players and personnel)
  5. Everyone saw it coming. He was totally belligerent and just wanted to argue and belittle others who had a different opinion.
  6. Both are right for him. He wore that for almost as long as the super bowl set, and what he debuted in.
  7. This isn’t a lion eating a gazelle right in front of it. It’s more the lions at a zoo and Jumped out of the pen and killed a kid. They didn’t use the regular tv camera, they installed a separate camera to watch the signs and the dude in the tape room that was installed directly next to the dugout for this reason would either bang on a trash can to indicate certain pitches, or players had buzzers on them that they would use. It completely goes outside of the rules. And did give them an advantage.
  8. If those are the future, I’ll stay in the present.
  9. Also the description sounds exactly like a concept I’ve seen before to the T, I need to find it first though.
  10. Ok that explains why he was referred to as a police officer in the article I read, and yes he had a big one up there.
  11. This is probably the worst version of the ones where gold is added. @madsquish concept looks way better.
  12. A whole 2 years, out of 20+ of awfulness
  13. He actually was a NOPD officer. You can tell he was a tight wad telling the players he’d arrest players if the smoked cigars in the locker room only to then be overruled by another LEO. Who knows maybe OBJ was just trying to help him get the stick out of his ass.
  14. Oh, didn’t know that, I was just stating what espn said. Regardless the LEO overacted to try to get his 15 minutes of fame for charging OBJ.
  15. So OBJ has been charged with simple battery of an LEO after slapping ones backside after the NCAA National Championship Game. Really? 1. The LEO is over reacting, 2. OBJ is even dumber than I thought to think touching an LEO was a good idea. The passing out stacks of cash and possibly giving his Alma mater and the kids sanctions in the process was dumb in its own right. Now he could face up to 6 months in prison (probably won’t but still) because he decided to be a dumbass.
  16. Doubt it, you know once players leave what ever team he’s on they would be ratting him out for their own health.
  17. You are leaving way too much room for Nike to make it a mess
  18. Were you contractually obligated to do what your boss says. The only thing you can say the players did wrong is they didn’t say anything, but then you risk being black balled. Is a lose lose situation as a player so you might as well go with the way that you continue to make money and possibly win a championship.
  19. If they only lead by 4 points against the suns they didn’t play that great
  20. But why punish players for following along with a scheme that was created by the coaches?
  21. I don’t get how this is a slap on the wrist. What more would you want them to do? 2 people have essentially been banned for life possibly, another probably on the way, 4 high draft picks are being stripped and they got fined the max a team can be fined.
  22. It’s easier for the broadcasters to just use one for each team. If you had to match it to the jerseys then you’d potentially have 4 templates for each team and it could be easy for some dude in the truck to pick the wrong ones on a particular night because they look at the wrong date or he’ll inverse them and create even more confusion.