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  1. I like it. Not too different but gets rid of the unnecessary details
  2. I’m not a fan of the blue at all. It doesn’t look like Florida anymore when they aren’t in orange lids, the white is passable but blue is a definite no from me. Looks like some D2 school to me.
  3. Not feeling the whole uniform. Just seems very uninspired. Oh there is blue marble and gold used around “The Yard” which they call their campus. And throw a seal on it just because
  4. So who has the worse contract, Goff or wentz?
  5. Didn’t they do just a poorly in those uniforms as well? To say uniforms will change a teams fortune is just silly. The Knicks are a bad team in just about every aspect you can think of except for uniforms.
  6. If ravens refuse to play then that’s a forfeit in my book. Stop the charade, and make them feel the hurt for not controlling their outbreak
  7. Team stores sell them with ads if people really want them
  8. Technically they already have them
  9. Kansas and Syracuse are basketball schools, Vanderbilt can’t even say that. UMass recently moved up to FBS so they don’t a history of losing like Vanderbilt.
  10. No ads are bad, they are bad in every example you stated and stick out like sore thumbs, and you should feel bad for suggesting such a travesty.
  11. I bet the NFL will just bribe the politicians into making it happen. Worst case they play at the coliseum
  12. I can see why they didn’t though. It would be to hard to fight copyright for it. Atleast with the current “W” it’s styled enough to where they can fight it and tell the guys selling unofficial merchandise to not use their logo.
  13. Then you risk making him look like a punk rock dork with a Mohawk
  14. The Vikings already got purple and gold covered for the NFL. And do it much better
  15. I wish those uniforms were only in your dreams.
  16. No it wouldn’t and you should feel bad about even suggesting it.
  17. Falcons are bad, but atleast it’s only limited to a bad number font, and insisting on every game being monochrome, and just being a disappointment from what we were expecting. Even the gradient alt isn’t that bad. But the rams uniforms don’t have a single aspect to them that are even remotely good.
  18. That sounds way too complicated. Our teams o line would talk to eachother who they were blocking as they got to the line for the soul purpose that doesn’t happen. I’m sure it’s different at higher levels where teams will go ok the right guard is blocking this lineman so that means that it’s a run to what ever side but it’s not like the o line was yelling it to they’d just talk to each other and use their own code words.
  19. So they broke the rules by deferring payments and violating the salary cap.
  20. As a WR, all you are listening for is what your number is which indicates what route you’re running unless it’s a run play then there will be no numbers, then as a RB and lineman you are listening for which letter indicating what gap you are running. Also the formation you are running precedes everything. The option stuff came about after I graduated high school so I don’t know how that goes.
  21. You love of nausea inducing uniforms and colors is something else