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  1. Well then you wait another 5 seconds and see “SACRAMENTO” written in bold letters on the baseline.
  2. Because it’s in Chicago, that’s the star on its flag
  3. The trim for the blue is yellow, green, and purple for those lines, while for the red it’s orange pink and red for those.
  4. Victims dad “No one saw it... but it happened... Just as I described... a few months ago...Believe me...” yea this is going nowhere unless the dude can find someone that was there that can attest to it, or some form of video evidence of a big Orange thing running up and punching a kid.
  5. Yea, and you know Antonio brown would have already face timed while signing the contract, while groping Andy’s daughters for good measure.
  6. They do look like falcons, just look at the post above yours, also the talon is to make an abstract F to differentiate it from other birds and identify it as clearly a falcon, Incase you don’t know what a falcon looks like, like you.
  7. Is the shrine bowl the senior bowl or is it the “you weren’t good enough to make the senior bowl bowl”?
  8. So Antonio Brown has a warrant out for his arrest for felony burglary and battery after beating up a truck driver that was delivering his own stuff to him. He refused to pay the $4g for the shipment and decided that pulling the guy out the truck and taking the key and unloading the truck was the right thing to do. This is starting to look like an OJ situation where a dude gets arrested for stealing his own stuff. Atleast this one doesn’t have a murder attached to it, instead just a bunch of other cases of erratic behavior, sexual assault, and probably rape. You be the judge as to which ones worse...
  9. I’m not sure what the latest offense was that caused the suspension. Only thing I saw was some post from the nfl changes thread that said the chiefs weren’t changing after FormerLurker posted a helmet and was all “OMG I told you the chiefs were getting a full rebrand, see matte helmets!!!” Where it turned out it was the regular helmet and the lighting made it look matte and is a bigger offense to me. Not saying it wasn’t deserved (probably was) Just that I never saw what lead up to this suspension.
  10. While that might be true, he also had great success in both, and is easily connected to both so why not celebrate his college success in total.
  11. I thought he looked fast, and explosive, especially when it came to getting rebounds and being under the basket. At the same time though he does look very heavy and short and being that explosive will lead to more injuries unless he drops some weight.
  12. I’d say this has to be a front runner, no pun intended.
  13. It would get forwarded to junk mail
  14. San Francisco is the more complete team. They are my pick. All the 9ers have to do is have the front 7 stop Mahomes and the game will be over.
  15. I agree, when it’s just one person calling it braisher stripes that doesn’t mean that’s what they are called. They aren’t the same as UCLA, or North Western stripes which have a universal understanding of what you are talking about. To me and most people that’s just a triple stripe with no knowledge of this braisher person. I’m not gonna lie until you gave the explanation for who braisher was I thought it was just another name for pants.
  16. I’d say new York and Massachusetts are pretty recognizable too, even West Virginia.
  17. I’m pretty sure most people can recognize California at a glance.
  18. It’s just a name, fashion caps is all they are nothing more.
  19. That’s just the helmet’s ridge, and paint being chipped off it. Look at the dude in the bottom left damn near his hole helmet it scuffed all to hell, and you can see the white shell underneath
  20. just with the jets someone tried saying it was bad because it looked like the twin towers and we couldn’t have that for a NY team. I thought it was ridiculous as the pause button critique
  21. Yea but i think the chiefs stripe is too thin, I think the stripes need to each be an inch wide to count, not the boarder line piping the chiefs uses.
  22. Those were years when the players were “drafted” to each team. Once they went back to afc vs nfc it went back to red and blue color scheme
  23. Clear is allowed. It’s pretty common for that ratchet type of snap