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  1. I think these are just concepts. I don’t think official concepts by the team would have the NFL shield off-center on the collar.
  2. My favorite has to be noted dame. I get that it’s one of many gold dome teams but theirs is just so much more iconic, especially when they changed away from the hand painted helmets to the HGI treated helmets.
  3. I think that’s only baseballs, otherwise the cardinals would never have the birds and bat logo for so long
  4. I think the blue is by far superior. The only thing I’d do is add some stripes to the breezers to break up the look some on the homes. Also change the away jerseys to having blue numbers and NOB
  5. Completely disagree about any uniform having colored numbers on a colored uniform. You run into the same illegibility issues the browns had with the last set having the orange numbers on the brown jersey and essentially having to kick that jersey alternate status being a white at home team because no one could real the numbers.
  6. Regardless, they aren’t Reebok designs. Neither are the panthers, or Broncos from the initial list provided that was factually incorrect.
  7. I think you need to look up the definition of objectively, if anything they are subjectively good to you. And I totally disagree with you. These look much worse in close ups or even just from different angles showing the gradients, hot glue gun numbers, and BONE.
  8. I completely disagree. The color rush uniforms are far inferior to their regular tops. Mainly because the numbers being red does nothing but make them more illegible.
  9. You can make minor adjustments, just not for redesigns. Like the chargers changed their NOB colors within the 5 years before they redesigned. IRRC I believe Texans added the logo on the back the first Nike year anyways so they’re fine. Also the Texans have a perfect set and shouldn’t change them.
  10. Why does everyone keep saying the Broncos uniforms are a Reebok design. Nike made the original uniforms in 97
  11. I don’t know why everyone is saying go to the color rush jersey when it’s just the away jersey with orange removed and block numbers. I really hope it’s a bigger change than that and not just the same template minus side panels and fixing the pants stripe.
  12. So is it just for the season or will it be permanently retired, just the ceremony and start of the retirement will be next season?
  13. Except the bone contrasts even worse with the yellow.
  14. Like I said I don’t trust Andy Reid to do the right thing if it means winning a game. He’d roll out an unconscious mahomes onto the field if it meant having a better chance than henne.
  15. Looks too much like a pill, which makes me think of a pharmaceutical company. Also the new wordmark is much worse.
  16. Broncos, ravens, and Carolina were all before Reebok took over
  17. I have no idea who that is. I have a soft spot for 43 being the number I was assigned in high school, but every other number in the 40’s doesn’t belong on a football field unless they are trying to take someone’s head off on a kick return.
  18. I just don’t see numbers in the 40’s as “athletic” numbers. They always look awkward to me and what I think of for full backs and special teams players. Really the only athletic player I can think of is Troy polamalu.
  19. you were saying...
  20. Hopefully they learned from the rams :censored: up
  21. But that doesn’t mean they are changing this year either. They would have had to put in for the change right after drafting kyler
  22. “Not as bad ass as cobras”-Johnny Lawrence
  23. For being a lazy look you sure wrote a lot...
  24. Being the first unanimous MVP makes that comparison.