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  1. 7 hours ago, the admiral said:

    Orlando Rays could work, I like it a hell of a lot better than half-moving to Montreal. I'd be interested to see how the Tampa fanbase takes it, feels a lot like Chargers East. Has a team ever relocated within the constraints of its regional sports network territory?

    It does make it more accessible to people that aren’t west of Orlando. And the drive from Tampa to  Orlando isn’t that bad. 

  2. 42 minutes ago, the admiral said:

    The pandering to long-gone industry is kind of annoying, as if Milwaukee isn't dominated by the same make-work desk jobs as everywhere else.

    Is it long gone from Milwaukee though. They still have the miller HQ. Also more than 30 local breweries. It’s still a big part of Milwaukee.

  3. 12 hours ago, WSU151 said:

    The pinstripe uni is excellent, IMO and better than the usual MLB pee-stained cream jersey. 


    When you have a white element in the hat paired with a cream jersey, it looks terrible.  The Mets' and Giants' cream jerseys (over the years) looked okay because the hats had no bright white element. 


    This new set is way better than the old one. Love the navy font is pretty incredible.

    Exactly why I don’t like the Portland trailblazers city jersey. They are cream/vintage white base with red and white stripes and it just makes it look dingy.

  4. Indianapolis vs. Houston


    Miami vs. Cleveland

    Detroit vs. Washington

    Oakland vs. NY Jets

    NY Giants vs. Chicago

    Carolina vs. New Orleans

    Seattle vs. Philadelphia

    Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta

    Denver vs. Buffalo

    Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati

    Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati

    Dallas vs. New England

    Green Bay vs. San Francisco


    Baltimore vs. LA Rams

  5. 54 minutes ago, KRZYBDGRZ said:

    Not sure how accurate this is (it is one of those cheap jersey sites), but I found this for the Boston jersey leak,

    Close, color is their regular green, it’s missing the Celtic knot pattern on the trim, and the font is slightly different. But what can you expect from a Chinese knockoff site.

  6. 11 hours ago, Tracy Jordan said:


    In fairness though, when has the league (not an individual team) ever contacted a free agent and told them they were going to have a workout on a Saturday (when most teams and GMs are traveling or preparing for a Sunday game)? It's not normal protocol. And then the fact that they initially did not provide a list of team representatives who would be attending, wouldn't allow non-NFL cameras or media to attend (even though they made it a national headline) and then told his agent that the date was non-negotiable is just really strange. Even if he had just agreed to the original workout and done everything they asked him to do, are we really sure that his chances of getting signed would increase? I just don't buy it.


    I think his "we are ready, we are here" comment has more to do with the fact that he's been waiting a little under 3 years for a team to call him up and invite him to a workout. Judging by the reaction from those who saw him live, it seems like he still has the elite arm strength and talent to be on an NFL roster. I think this whole thing was a bigger PR disaster for Roger Goodell and the NFL than it was for Colin.

    In fairness the fact that they set up this workout for him when they haven’t ever done something like that for anyone before shows how much of an exception they were already making for him. For him to then hijack it and turn it into a PR stunt did nothing to give him a job. Also everyone knew he had a great arm, that wasn’t the issue it was his ability to read defenses and no workout would show that but also the attention a backup an getting isn’t ideal for any team. It didn’t hurt the league, listening to the media today all are disappointed with how he handled it and only a small number are concerned with how his workout looked.

  7. 2 hours ago, Brummie said:

    Has anyone spotted the Ravens have built in hand warmers to their jerseys today? Looks like a pouch on a hoodie.



    It looks bad. Like their jerseys are coming untucked. Also since it’s on every player makes it look worse. Atleast with the separate hand warmers only a few skill players wear them. Also I feel it would be easier to grab so I don’t see the benefit of it.

  8. 3 hours ago, Brian in Boston said:

    The Patriots' record against NFC East teams in the Super Bowls is 1-3.  They defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX. The Pats are actually worst against the NFC Central/NFC North in the Super Bowl, having lost to both the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX and to the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXI. 

    That was pre deal with the devil

  9. 15 minutes ago, Gobbi said:

    Anyone else having an issue on mobile (I use Chrome for iPhone) where you have to click everything twice for it to actually bring you to the desired page? Example below: I click on “Sports Logo News”, the text turns red letting me know that I did in fact click it but it doesn’t open that page... I then have to tap it again for it to actually go to the new page. It’s been like this for about a week for me. 


    I think it’s the new iPhone update. Mine started doing that ever since I updated my phone. You now got to press things harder for them to work on here to make them work. Otherwise they just highlight as you show on there. I don’t have the problem with other websites though.

  10. 2 minutes ago, CaliforniaGlowin said:

    I'm with that.  I want this one though (with blue and green)!!!



    Yea, I think it would have more acceptance if it ALL was graffiti-like instead of one part. 

    No they aren’t the deep Ellum mavericks

  11. 3 minutes ago, RichardWitham said:

    deep ellum!!!! that's where the parking lot that youtuber GTOgre posts videos of people getting towed from his parking lot is based out of

    Read this

    59 minutes ago, dont care said:

    So you think they’d want more? Spread throughout the city rather than centralized to one district.


  12. 40 minutes ago, CaliforniaGlowin said:

    The jerseys celebrate what's already there. I'm sure every inner city has graffiti in it somewhere.  Yea the Mavs looks a bit Fresh Prince but I think it's fun.


    And for those who think it's not legit graffiti...




    So you think they’d want more? Spread throughout the city rather than centralized to one district.

  13. On 11/14/2019 at 7:27 PM, BringBackTheVet said:


     I guarantee you other teams did it.  Every year, some good team is accused of it.  Hell, the Phillies were accused like 10 years ago, and IIRC didn't really deny it, it just kinda went away.


    Raising the penalties is a passive approach.  By the time you get to the penal phase, the damage is already done and some team got their World Series championship (and some team got hosed.)  Doubt they care much about a $5M fine at that point.  Even if you raise the penalties and increase the policing, the law breakers are just going to get better.


    It's best to just prevent it from happening, rather than to react after it does.  The only way to prevent it is to invent new ways of relaying the signs.  I don't know what the best options are, but I'm not naive enough to think that penalties are a deterrent.  

    Penalties aren’t passive. Penalties aren’t only meant to punish the offender but to deter others. By all accounts this is going to be the worst punishment the MLB will give to a club in a long time. You don’t think a penalty where there are multi-million dollar fines and then say the manager gets suspended for half a year will deter another team from trying this?

  14. 52 minutes ago, BringBackTheVet said:

    Have team injuries ever been correlated to shoddy medical staffs?


    The Eagles fired their medical team after the Super Bowl season in '17, and they're had more key injuries than I've ever seen ever since.  It's to the point where people are calling for the new medical team to be fired.  One example is Desean Jackson, who was diagnosed with what used to be called a 'sports hernia', and told he could rehab it for 6 weeks and be OK, or have surgery and be fine in 6 weeks.  Well he chose the former, and 5 minutes after coming back, re-tore it, and has to have the surgery, when every other doctor that's been asked about the situation has said that surgery should have been the only option since rehab wouldn't have permanently fixed it no matter how long he stayed out.



    Eagles are playing the Patriots today missing:

    #1 and #2 receivers.  They're starting a guy they signed off the street this week, and some jabronis that have caught like 5 passes total all season.

    #1 and #3 RB.  They just signed Jay Ajayi off the street who hasn't played anywhere since last October after an ACL.

    #2 DL, #1 and #2 LB, a bunch of DBs, and PR.  They've been starting guys who were on other teams' practice squads up until the week of the game, and in one DL's case, a guy that wasn't on a practice squad and was just on the street, signed on Tuesday, started on Sunday with no NFL experience.


    It's absurd, and while flukes happen, and some guys are just either injury prone or soft, last year was pretty much the same, and it corresponds with the medical staff turnover.

    Yea there is no way to rehab tissue and potentially intestines back through abdominal muscle. Hernias require surgery.

  15. So Colin Kaepernick has his work out, the thing is he had his own 60 miles away from the NFL and notified them a half hour before the NFL’s work out was suppose to be. I guess Kaep didn’t like the NFL’s standard liability waiver for workouts and submitted his own Version. Of course the NFL denied that one because no organization would do that. He then shows up to the practice in a “kunta kinte” shirt to compare himself to a slave. Colin had a good workout but he made a spectacle out of it which is the exact reason why he’s out of the league. He then goes on a tirade after the workout calling out the league and roger goodell saying it’s their fault he hasn’t been signed. As a whole it was an awful look for Kaep and because he just couldn’t comply and show up and work and not make it about him he will never get another job in the NFL again.