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  1. We don't know how well the wraps would able to stay on the helmets. The wrap could possibly easily come off with any type of contact to them. We don't know.
  2. That's just because of the colors that they are on, for what ever reason the pattern doesn't show up as well on bright red and white.
  3. One thing on Tennessee that I'm seeing right away is that the stars should all be pointing towards the center to mimick the state flag
  4. Well it's up to those teams that are having there logos stolen to fight to protect it. It isn't anyone else's duty.
  5. Slow down dude, take your time. Make sure these are complete and if they really are your best work, you last one as no numbers and is rediculously simple. One before that is using fonts and logos that are way too skinny to be able to be seen from a distance. There is a reason professional teams don't use fonts like that and it's because they don't look good from further than 5 ft away and get completely lost when moving. So take your time you don't have to post a new concept every couple ours, hell one a day is pushing it.
  6. Yea they quit saying they wouldn't work with clarkson off the show now they are gonna have a totally new cast. There is no replacing those 3 though
  7. Not anymore, they all quit and are starting another show after Jeremy clarkson was fired for fighting a producer.
  8. Why not use the actual car numbers rather than these weird cheap looking ones.
  9. With your sleeve stripes being completely straight why are you curving all your hem stripes?
  10. The Lions said they aren't getting throwbacks this year
  11. there is a reason why Green Bay is the team in North America owned by there town. They were created decades ago when sports were still small and not the close to billion dollars it takes now to operate a franchise. It wouldn't work to try to get public support for it today. Hell Seattle just denied a completely privately funded arena because of some corrupt spineless politicians and a port authority that just wanted to push its weight around. No way a team could ever get public support for it with the increased taxes that come with them for a completely publicly funded team. Green Bay even has to have stock holders now outside of the public owners to cover expenses.
  12. And if Brock osweiler doesn't pan out you always got miller to fall back on
  13. Yes they did raise a banner for this year. There is a thread about it.
  14. Well the Denver airport is about the size of Denver itself
  15. i like everything but your curved hem stripes on all of these, make those straight and you got perfection.
  16. One of my least favorite numbers is 34, just the '4' doesn't seam to fit with the 3. It's weird that I dislike this number when one of my favorite players (David Ortiz) wears that number, and my number in high school football was 43 (not my choice but became to love the number as I wore it)
  17. You're correct I forgot to say it's not well known nationwide like bean town
  18. Something about the coefficient of friction, glossy helmets hitting eachother may have less friction allowing them to basically slide off eachother, versus matte that may cause a sudden stop. I'm calling b.s. on that though because it would be so minuscule of a difference especially with the forces that are being put out would break the static friction, and you would just be dealing with kinetic friction which is much less. Also with both objects already moving you wouldn't have to deal with static friction since that is only there when you are trying to get an object moving and requires more force than kinetic friction which occurs while an object is sliding across a surface.
  19. But the Daytona wreck was coming out of turn 2 with much less time to slow down. This wreck was in the tri oval giving the field an entire lap to slow down versus a corner, and only the winner would have gone through the tri oval again while celebrating. Everyone else would have gone down pit road.