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  1. They’re painted, they almost need to be for that design, horns aren’t easy to tape up and pant like that, decals are the easier option and make it so that the application and shape can be exactly the for every helmet.
  2. So other than 2 colors...
  3. This race really is a drag, lots of cautions, drivers and crews are rusty and a hard track to drI’ve to begin with and no practice time is really showing.
  4. Unique isn’t the same as good, and with no team wearing kelly green currently it would be unique in its own right while looking far better than midnight green especially the way it looks on the matte Nike fabrics.
  5. Unpopular opinion alert: the hawks never had a good look, especially since they never had a look that has lasted more than a couple of years.
  6. Navy is more neutral and less jarring than royal blue. It’s more appealing than and better especially Since the stadium won’t be used by just the Rams, and chargers, but also the super bowl, college bowl games, and even soccer games, and concerts and other events. Navy was the better choice.
  7. How many times does it need to be said that seat colors mean nothing, especially since you know someone should be filling them and not like you you see the seats often if at all during the games.
  8. It makes no sense though, nobody complains about the packers or Steelers numbers for not having outlines When the logo does. They are completely different elements that are separated from eachother.
  9. These are ridiculous reasons. The logo is much smaller than the numbers and even includes silver and red too which you ignore, and they also don’t have the flag on their uniform other than the one required on the helmet for every team, and without the blue would look inconsistent.
  10. I’m fine with the number font just not all the cutesy :censored: the added to it with the reflective swirls and junk. And they didn’t have to have traditional stripes, just not those, better yet just go back to the ram horn stripe.
  11. I blame this on the Rams, Nike doesn’t even do elements like what’s on these uniforms in college anymore. They have since gone minimal mean while the Rams tried shoving every idea they could think of into this and failed miserably. All they had to do was change the color of the helmet to the new color, and update the throwbacks with a new font at the most.
  12. I don’t think we can blame this trash on Nike, I think this is what the Rams wanted. From their logo botch to this it all screams to me as bad decision after bad decision by the Rams and Nike just shrugged and when”If this is what you want we’ll see you in 5 years."
  13. Look again you can clearly see the tip of the horn and it’s clearly pointed the wrong way
  14. Yes and it saw due to the lock out, they weren’t able to debut them because they wanted to do it with players and finally just got some dudes off the street to model them.
  15. I like white at home for the NBA because especially back in the day players would get lost in the key and side lines wearing the same colors as them. I didn’t think it was an issue until I played 2k and just couldn’t play as well being able to only see the away team. This was a number a years ago but it was still an HD tv so isn’t much different than now.
  16. It looks like it should be the cowboys practice facility and not a billion dollar baseball stadium. A glorified warehouse.
  17. The horizontal lines are thinner on the old numbers
  18. It’s too late in the process for any of that, other than going to old helmet decals is about the only thing. Pants take longer to produce than that, especially with the covid-19 quarantine
  19. Rockingham needed more than safer barriers, the asphalt needed to be totally repacked after being over run with weeds from no use.
  20. It’s not an easy 80 miles to Orlando, and Tampa is closer to 200
  21. He can say that but we all know it’s not true.
  22. Jacksonville actually had an ownership group ready to start a team, St. Louis had nothing close.
  23. Disagree, Bill has surpassed all coaches other than maybe Lombardi in the past 20 years and 6 championships