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  1. Agreed except I don’t like the nuggets, but like the pelicans, lakers, and cavs.
  2. Well then make it look like a leather helmet design like Texas A&M did a few years ago but gold/bronze. Doing it to modern helmet vents just makes me realize it’s a riddel speedflex helmet more, rather than a navy helmet
  3. The airbrushing on the vents is unnecessary and just makes it look like they are emphasizing them for riddel.
  4. Why did they do that to the helmets? There is no reason to airbrush the vents when you could just make them the same color as the old helmet and you’d get the same idea.
  5. Take the sleeves off and it’s even better
  6. I’d agree the gear isn’t the soul reason, but the incredible relationship they have with Nike/Phil knight is a huge reason. Basically the whole athletic department is basically paid for by Nike, buildings were built with Nike money, and all the newest gear and tech from not just game time, but also practice gear, and state of the art locker rooms and training facilities. Really the only schools that come close to matching them from what I’ve seen on the tours on YouTube are Alabama and texas, no one else even comes close.
  7. I know for AD he wears one for a legitimate medical reason, others it might just be a comfort thing.
  8. It’s probably the Swiss cheese of a defense infront of him that is the majority of his problems. No goalie is god when the defense sucks.
  9. They’ve been the afc East, with all 4 teams being dumpster fires. This is nothing new
  10. As long as they don’t use their 2 slots for people to come back from yes. And an old broken decrepit DJax isn’t helping to eagles get out of the first round.
  11. He needs to be on IR for 8 weeks
  12. I like the “custom designed Sans PBS font” that totally isn’t custom
  13. No mid season tournament. There is literally no reason for it from a players perspective. Virtually none from a team perspective other than $$$ but when you are already reducing the number of games what’s the point. I want them to reduce the number of games but if that means adding a pointless tournament I’ll pass.
  14. They don’t look good in the promo images either
  15. They’ll probably beat the rams especially if they have nothing to play for. Chicago’s a toss up because both teams are jekyll and Hyde
  16. Cut to open up the roster spot and sign back once he’s healthy. He’s the best option available right now (which is saying something for how lousy kicking is right now)
  17. I think it’s just for the week. Folk should be back next week
  18. Blame the one helmet rule. Changing the uniforms to the Champaign gold wouldn’t be better.
  19. The dude is probably bipolar. He goes back and forth so often. And everyone that knows him say he very Peculiar and basically needs to do his own thing. Basically don’t tell him what to do or you get blow ups like this. He’s a toxic team mate that never holds himself accountable.
  20. The way he runs will get him killed. He never gives himself up and will continue to miss games because of it.
  21. They should fire him just so they can admit this is a lost season and focus on finding a better coach for next.
  22. Doesn’t mean he’s a good qb. He has one of the best teams in the league around him is all.
  23. I agree with BBTV including not liking white facemasks especially on a white shell it’s just too much white especially when wearing white uniforms.