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  1. Disagree, Bill has surpassed all coaches other than maybe Lombardi in the past 20 years and 6 championships
  2. But that doesn’t make those uniforms iconic, they aren’t even worn by the team when playing.
  3. They were going to drop them this year and switch to another. Sounds like they are waiting for the 2 helmet rule though so they might wear them again this year. Regardless it’s too soon to wear virtually the exact same uniform other than pants.
  4. Also look far too similar to packers throwbacks
  5. Probably more like current NFL pants and not the old sans-a-belt uniforms. Nobody wants those.
  6. I think the last uniform is iconic just because of the success that happened in them. People will think of those 6 championships and instantly picture those uniforms. That’s what I feel makes them iconic.
  7. Jaguars have already shown that they can’t with their last set
  8. We were also saying the falcons uniforms would for sure be an upgrade because they can’t get much worse. And they found a way to make it wayyyyyy worse.
  9. You say that like the chargers will still be in LA for a decade.
  10. And you keep going on about how much it is worth to be the number 2 team in LA when that’s not true when that team is the charger. Currently they are the 21th in net worth at 2.5B, compared to the Rams who are 4th nearly doubling the chargers net worth at 3.8B
  11. Tickets sold isn’t the same as attendance anyone who watched chargers games the past 3 years will tell you they weren’t full when the road team fans didn’t travel
  12. 27k and it still was empty when it wasn’t a well traveling fan base going to watch. We gave them 3 years which is plenty amount of a chance for them.
  13. Next you’ll be saying it looks like clip-art I bet
  14. I Like wearing my bruins sweaters to games where neither of my teams are playing, especially if it’s indoors, or cold weather. Gives me something fairly light to wear and keeps me from worrying about the sweaty fat people around rubbing their nasty sweat on me.
  15. I think we are looking too deep into the segmented horn. Really no logo in the teams history has had a horn that matches what was on the helmet or uniform. Even most recently the St. Louis logo had highlight that weren’t present in the uniform. I think it’s completely possible that the uniform doesn’t match the logo in any way.
  16. People bought the buffaslug jerseys too, and we all know those were awful.
  17. The program ended where they had to wear them on thursdays, but teams are allowed to keep them if they choose.
  18. No browns definitely not, it also makes them Look like a throwback bengals helmet.
  19. Uh did that really offend you that bad
  20. My guess is they aren’t real hardcore fans and probably weren't aware that the browns changed in the first place 5 years ago.
  21. So they went back because it looks better...
  22. The Elite versions are like that, the sleeve is actually cut like a real jersey with the elastic cuff
  23. Still wondering how Atlanta is the “capitol of the south” Or really any city in the south could be classified that way.