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  1. I disagree the defense is lights out, and the offense it atleast in the top half of the league. They’re is nothing I’ve seen that shows the 9ers can’t hold their own with anyone in the league.
  2. Is it Nike that’s deliberately making the colors not match or is it the cowboys since they chose to not update to the new pant materials and keep the old ones.
  3. If they wait to fire him until after the championship game it would be the worst mistake of Jerry’s life. By that time all the good coaches would have been taken or got offers else where. The coach they would get wouldn’t have been their first choice and would be at a disadvantage of getting everything ready to build the team and get it ready for the next season.
  4. Well I’d say they don’t have a monopoly. Far from it actually.
  5. I think if anything it slowed it down. 300+ for an authentic player jersey was already the norm before fanatics. Them making a cheaper option only encourages the real manufacturers to make their jerseys less expensive to compete even if they still get a cut from licensing.
  6. Prices were already going up before fanatics.
  7. So much better. Nike’s already making the league look better.
  8. Yep, only change is they made the stripes mesh. The main parts of the pants are the same, even with the tie up fly, and belted pants that the new pants don’t have.
  9. That’s jerry, he decided to keep the same pants from before Nike took over
  10. What’s worse triumphantly going nowhere, or or cowardly going somewhere?
  11. Case closed that they don’t look green?
  12. You picture doesn’t work. Everyone I see and the look the same. If there is some difference it’s so small it doesn’t not look the same
  13. Two different teams using different shades of silver doesn’t mean the pants don’t match
  15. I see silver no blue. They can call it “metallic blue” but when you google that the only color that comes up is the giants helmet color
  16. I don’t think that’s the case when most piston heads don’t look like that. And that barely looks similar to the logo makes me think that isn’t the case.
  17. Metallic blue is the giants helmet color. That is silver
  18. Great, the delta logo was awful and lacked all character. Everyone knows the vector logo and that’s what they should keep for all time, and maybe only update the wordmark as needed.
  19. Well in real life they look the same
  20. Are playoff streaks all that important? Dudes a role player. For a star it might mean slightly more but even then unless you are winning championships it’s really pointless.
  21. I don’t know, when I look at them they look the same. Any difference could just be because of the difference in materials.
  22. Most teams wore their alternates at home though. They’d just tell the visiting team way before hand what they were wearing and for them to wear something that contrasted
  23. They silver pants they wear with the. Navy jerseys don’t match the helmet?
  24. Well dean spanos went on an explosive filled tirade on how they aren’t moving. But if they were to, AFC south is the only place to put them. All 4 AFC East teams have 60 year old rivalries that can’t be broken up. If the south lost the Texans it’s not a big deal because none had that big of a rivalry during the past 20 years outside of a fist fight between the titans. London doesn’t need a team and should be happy with what ever teams they get to play there.
  25. Um the name originated when they were in LA...