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  1. Oakland San Francisco Los Angeles San Francisco those are some where if the only requirement is fans fighting each other, hell every game ends in a crime scene between them.
  2. I’m really scared for these uniforms. Especially since “old school feel with a modern twist” could apply to the current trash with the certain spin.
  3. I like the vibrant colors of the current one, it also fits better with the current association/icon what ever the regular blue one is called.
  4. QB is an eligible receiver, so no change is needed unless he made a move to an illegible receiver permanently.
  5. Yea you might be able to pass the sideline concussion tests, but still have a concussion. I got one in high school, I instantly knew I was in no condition to continue play and sat the rest of the game and most of the practices the next week, probably should have sit longer but this was before we knew about the dangers of concussions. I could have probably passed a test because I was mostly there but head was ringing bad.
  6. The stadium wasn’t keeping them from changing uniforms though. They could have changed at any time if they wantedp
  7. I know but to even consider him just shows their ineptitude
  8. FTFY I’ve never seen such an inept organization... well except for the Browns
  9. Cleveland by a mile. Not even LA would care with it still being laker land
  10. But with the helmet bumpers the helmets got today, the thinner ones look better than having a big gap between the horn and the lip
  11. I don’t know, I think brad Stevens could find a way. I mean the coach for team Brazil was able to figure it out pretty easy, block the lane and force him to shoot. He’s had 1 good shooting game this year from deep
  12. So the Saints players are wanting to change the rules to allow challenges after 2 minutes because of the maybe pass interference on the game winning play. Give it a rest you can’t have the rules changed for you every time after a loss. They are also making fools of themselves because the play was reviewed anyways they just didn’t like the result.
  13. Because it was from 80’s video cameras. It’s the same idea with it just being a series of pictures shown rapidly.
  14. Yeah he’s “hurt” I don’t buy that. You are either injured and need to sit out until you are fully recovered, or you aren’t and don’t use it as an excuse.
  15. There’s also a retro pat the patriot, with current logos for both teams. It’s just the regular throwback logo.
  16. Or the cowboys were collapsing and people wanted to watch the world burn. I know that’s why I watched.
  17. The thing is football is a national draw, it doesn’t matter who’s playing, but I can guarantee you more people tune in to watch jj watt and Watson than they do the bills. Hockey isn’t like football where you stay up to watch the Tuesday night game and don’t care who the teams are like football. You’ll only watch if your team is playing. I guess what I’m saying is more casual fans will watch every other playoff team except maybe the titans over the bills.
  18. That happens every game almost. It rarely gets called because the ref has to change his eye from the play clock to the ball to see if it’s snapped, if it Hits 0 and is snapped immediately after the ref probably hasn’t gotten to looking at the ball yet so it won’t be called.
  19. Yep wasn’t like he had beaten the edge yet so the block was needed. The defender was just still looking at the qb so it looked bad. The blocker did meet him as square as you can in that situation with the front of his body. I really don’t think that was a blind side block and could definitely cost them this game.
  20. I don’t think that was a blind side block. He met him at his chest pads. Also booger is totally wrong saying the block wasn’t necessary if allen decided to cut back it could have caused the defender an opportunity to hit allen.
  21. Making absolutely bone head decisions here? John madden loving something isn’t a good thing