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  1. Rockets and wizards also had them last night. It’s safe to assume all teams did, it’s not like it’s hard to stitch some black fabric to a jersey.
  2. I’m the opposite, I think the horns look much better on the current cut, the old horns from the Eric Dickerson era were way too big and gaudy. The smaller horns they wear today fit a lot better, they should move the sleeve number to the shoulder though to make more room for the horn, and make the number bigger in theory.
  3. That was more than a concept, that’s what the AP set was.
  4. I’m gonna day the refs made the wrong call there and saved the Texans player from having a brain fart. There is no such thing as a fair catch and you need to kneel down. There is no “give yourself up” rule on kickoffs in the rule book.
  5. Teams social media departments and design departments are completely separate, social media using a particular font or color scheme does not mean anything about the uniforms, or logos.
  6. How was it not an issue of worker safety. When people can just sneak into a locker room and steal you can assume that they aren’t the best of people, and could have hurt or killed someone if they got caught. It wasn’t a safe situation for them and they refused to play is a perfectly fine result.
  7. No, but he’s the biggest name, and came back from a torn peck Much quicker than he should have. Same thing they did for ray lewis when he came back from the same injury.
  8. Josh Allen is fun to watch, but damn slide dude, or go out of bounds. I know you want the td but it doesn’t do you a lot of good if you can’t play the rest of the game.
  9. How does reducing the season 4 games mean anything when you got a mid season tournament that will have more than the 4 games?
  10. Keep telling yourself that, but just keep it to yourself. Stop posting b.s. unprovable conspiracy theories on here. No one wants to see them.
  11. Considering the majority are casual fans I’d say a lot. It’s really only the people here And a few of the die yards that are able to identify every jersey teams wear.
  12. Jesus Christ stop with the fixing conspiracy theory.
  13. If anything you just further displayed how drastically different the current sweaters are
  14. Because they use a star because you know they are the “Stars” and use green? Out side of that there really is no connection.
  15. You aren’t suppose to but it looks fine, I prefer the current logo though.
  16. They’ve been using it this year, ever since the game where they went with the retro yellow end zones
  17. Minnesota does not look good with those ridiculous chrome gold helmets with the giant gopher head.
  18. But does Jerry want bob stoops when he can get Lincoln Riley who took stoops team and made it even better.
  19. We get it you are an oregon homer. You can agree to disagree all you want. Doesn’t change that the majority of us find their uniforms unbearable.
  20. Any combo with that nauseating puke olive black isn’t a good combo.
  21. MOD EDIT: Let's not fuel the fire. Speculation on top of speculation ain't getting us anywhere.
  22. Is there any combo the ducks wear you don’t like? That combo looks like trash. It’s the rose bowl for crying out loud they should wear their best look. This isn’t the Tony the Tiger bowl.
  23. The patriots are losing next week to the titans, they can’t stop the run, and Henry will run wild on them. Then they got crushed by them last year. They will not beat the titans. I have no expectations and hope this makes Brady retire before the wheels completely fall off next year. I’d rather him retire while still somewhat on top.