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  1. It did look olive green, but looked so ugly
  2. Yep, despite not liking Greg Williams personally. This team needed him as head coach to keep the discipline up and actually run the team. Kitchens is way over his head
  3. Cleveland not being able to play disciplined and not make mistakes because they have a pushover for a coach doesn’t mean it’s fixed.
  4. Well that is just because it’s easier to create 1 set of numbers, rather than 3 different sets for left, right, and single numbers
  5. The bulls are lousy and always will be lousy. Don’t be too excited.
  6. From reading his bio he met his now wife in 7th grade which makes it just about time he could have knocked her up to birth his now 18 year old son.
  7. Falcons wouldn’t give up a second rounder when trying to rebuild, patriots wouldn’t give up a first for half a season of a TE when they already got some serviceable ones
  8. Can Alabama cut it off with the lights. I can only imagine how much worse it is in the actual stadium/ on-field.
  9. Well that is when he was still trying to blend in with normal society to free jack. After this scene he fully embraces being a pirate and and his look changes to bandanas and more utilitarian clothing that fits working on a ship better.
  10. Probably went away from it now that Toronto claim the north
  11. Regardless that isn’t a 1st time winner
  12. Their website has plenty of franchise hats with no markdown. Likely just marked down due to Yankees just being eliminated, and the small number due to them just being eliminated after making it deep, and Lids not keeping a big inventory to begin with.
  13. And with the pats having plenty of other pass rushers that can get the same amount of production or more they don’t need him
  14. Then what is it? It’s west of the Mississippi and south of the Mason Dixon. Both ncaa football teams were in the southwestern conference and having lived there for a period there are more things that make it a southwestern state than not.
  15. So the assistant GM of the Astros that yelled at the women during the ALCS celebration got fired today.
  16. I can’t remember it’s been awhile, just I remember it getting 3 interviewees to say virtually the same line about how paying players won’t stop cheating and sounded like just propaganda to suppress fair pay acts.
  17. Well Texas and Texans are much different today than it was 150 years ago. Now it views itself much more independent than other states, mainly due to its history from Of being independent from 1836-1845 after rebelling against Mexico.
  18. Yes players should not be paid because it won’t keep boosters from cheating to get players is what they said in the documentary.
  19. Yep the Phillies are in the same problem as the cowboys, redskins, and Knicks where the owners think they are smarter than the people they hire to make football/basketball/baseball decisions and just buy the most talent without thinking about how it can go together, and then forgetting about depth or making a full roster even. As you can see none of those situations have created anywhere close to any amount of success other than the recent cowboys after Jerry went more hands off in-terms of personnel.
  20. So because there is always cheating anyways that means student athletes shouldn’t be paid anyways regardless?
  21. They can wear the color rush to make it a 4th time wearing teal because that is their designated color rush
  22. The Deep South does though. They aren’t viewed in the same vein as as California Oregon and Washington. But they are veiled as the south west like Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Nothing wrong with that they just aren’t viewed as the south like Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas