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  1. I’m trying to find the post that showed all the logos for the draft caps. I can’t remember what thread it was in or what day exactly it was posted. It did have the bucs flag logo for sure and had a raider logo but said it was a chargers or rams logo in the description. Can’t remember if the falcons logo was on it but I assume it was too.
  2. It’s the same franchise. A rebrand doesn’t mean the team totally restarts. The teams history goes along with them. Steve McNair didn’t play for 2 Separate teams In tennessee. He played for the oilers who then became the titans
  3. They were unveiled around March 15th with the others.
  4. A part of, they aren’t all of Atlanta. I can see them not wanting to take the spotlight away from the rest of the ATL when it’s a day for them too.
  5. You should atleast call the head wrap by the proper name “shemaug”
  6. Like how you “simply mistaken” powder blue with purple.
  7. You’re welcome. I just don’t get why he’s posting things that are so easy to debunk.
  8. Stop making stuff up. It clearly says in the rule book “Home clubs shall choose their jersey color (either white or official team color), and visiting clubs must wear the opposite. For preseason, regular season, or postseason games, the two competing teams may wear jerseys in their official colors (non-white), provided the Commissioner determines that such colors are of sufficient contrast.”
  9. Wtf are you talking about Texans with a silver helmet look nothing like Ohio state
  10. They did and then went back to adding teal to differentiate themselves.
  11. Because no one owns the senators branding. The Adams family owns the oilers brandinf. Also the NFL has rules for throwbacks, that they must be from your own franchise’s history. You can’t compare 2 different leagues with different rules.
  12. No one knows for sure but probably not.
  13. So they look like the redneck patriots?
  14. In any tournament that’s single elimination it’s always possible to “fluke” your way to a championship
  15. How does brownie the elf tell you that exactly. I’m not doubting it and actually believe they will stay brown because it would mean a lot of signage having to change. But a draft cap with no helmet would not show me that at all.
  16. It’s already been posted awhile ago. Around March 15th but I can’t find the picture that showed all the league minus the 2 LA teams.
  17. Beating the pats at that time wasn’t an accomplishment at all.
  18. Maybe if you didn’t make up bull, you wouldn’t be mocked.
  19. No, but we do know the red will be almost pink
  20. I think you mean the opposite, the new helmets have a higher gloss and more “candied” metallic finish than the old helmets.
  21. Eh to me it looks too artificial, like Astro turf. The old turf did look dingy but now I think they went to far in the other direction.
  22. You don’t think players would go “those retro fauxbacks were cool, lets try to do the same thing with a team this year” it’s not totally out of possibilities. Especially since a lot of those players saw those uniforms when they were kids and also seeing them today as legit throwbacks.
  23. Those other teams were already unveiled awhile ago