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  1. How are we not talking about the act? You can’t talk about the result without talking about the act. I’d also say the punch is most similar to involuntary manslaughter since he didn’t mean to injure him yet almost ended his career vs what garret did which was literally assault with a deadly weapon.
  2. All im saying is the ACT of using a weapon to assault is worse than punching someone. I agree the result was worse but to say the act wasn’t is in my opinion much less egregious than what Garrett did.
  3. I get it you think a punch is worse than someone using a weapon to swing at someone’s head which is an opinion
  4. Once again you are only concerned with the result. He didn’t take an object and use it as a weapon like garret did. Also from what I read it was not premeditated but a reaction to seeing someone running at him after just being pulled away from another fight. Mason could have been paralyzed from being picked up by his face mask, he could have had his held split open, get confused have his skull fractured and died on the field if he was hit differently but luckily that didn’t happen.
  5. You say that like adidas didn’t come out with sleeves and their own crappy alternates, and Reebok didn’t come out with trash bags and other Bad uniforms. Only real difference is the much quicker turn over. At the end of the day though it’s the teams that are approving these and to blame. They either have bad taste, or don’t care and both make it their fault for either telling make to make a :censored:ty uniform or not telling Nike “hey that looks like crap, make something else or we aren’t wearing it”
  6. Garrett could have ended Mason Rudolph’s life, fortunately we don’t have to talk about that
  7. Are you really trying to compare a punch that happened to hurt someone, vs a guy picking up a dude by the helmet ripping it off and using it as a weapon and swinging it at him? Sure the outcomes were different, but Myles Garrett’s could have been so much worse, and fortunately it cause no major injury. But we can’t determine this based on the outcome but the act itself.
  8. Technically it still is assault and battery since it wasn’t a part of a football play. Al “bubba” Baker gouged Ron heller’s eye, he sued and won because it was after the play and not a part of the game. Ron won $50,000 In damages no jail because it was a civil suit though.
  9. True. This could have been much worse if Rudolph got hit with any other part of the helmet his head would have been split open, and probably knocked out. Also the way he picked him up by the face mask could have paralyzed him. All of it was totally uncalled for especially when winning by 2 tds with 8 seconds left.
  10. Since when is Mets no longer short for metropolitans?
  11. They most certainly can fight it through fines and suspensions if you violate it. There is a reason why no one else did this because it most certainly breaks the rules. Players and coaches get fined for forgetting to take their apple watches on off days in the dugout/sideline. Using an additional feed for someone in the dugout to watch for signals and then tip the batter with a clearly audible banging goes against the integrity of the game and should be outlawed.
  12. Well there are reasons players and coaches have in the CBA clauses that state they are to not use electronic devices during, and a certain time before and after games. It’s mainly to blackout social media but regardless they shouldn’t be using live feeds to get an unfair advantage.
  13. There is a reason why no live footage is shown on the jumbo-tron and elsewhere around the stadium only replays. To keep from using the live footage to get signs. It is even worse than the patriots spyware because they were taking advantage of the signs instantly rather than having to wait until the next time they played and hope they didn’t change them in the mean time.
  14. Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland NY Jets vs. Washington Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Buffalo vs. Miami Dallas vs. Detroit Houston vs. Baltimore Atlanta vs. Carolina New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay Denver vs. Minnesota Arizona vs. San Francisco New England vs. Philadelphia Cincinnati vs. Oakland Chicago vs. LA Rams Kansas City vs. LA Chargers
  15. Would the clippers give them their history
  16. Officiating has been complained about universally
  17. No one wants robo refs. They’ll be calling every play for holding.
  18. Well it’s what they have to say. So far they haven’t shown me confidence in them not changing every 5 years. Jaguars are in the same boat.
  19. I don’t know how minimum contracts work but I assume he’s making a signing bonus each time they sign him so I wouldn’t complain if I didn’t even know if I was going to play.
  20. Would you expect anything different from Dolan?
  21. Well it’s because the proposed site is basically right next door to the forum