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  1. Dick's Sporting Goods has the new Yankees home jerseys for sale. They have the flex base tail but no mesh side panels. Given what could have been I am quite happy with the outcome...
  2. I'm holding out hope that the Yankees historical stubbornness with Cool Base carries over to Flex Base.
  3. But aren't they touting that the new twill is lighter this year? Plastic word marks would be heavier and reduce athletic performance...
  4. I don't see the Yankees home jersey in FlexBase on there yet. Still holding out hope that they stick with the double-knit. Those new side panels are pretty bad looking on pinstriped jerseys...
  5. Long time baseball fan- just joined the forum. I saw the same information that the Yankees will be switching to Awesome Base or whatever the new fabric is called. I hope that turns out to be incorrect. I think all teams should have a double-knit option but especially the Yankees.