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  1. These may have been posted. A young Chris Pronger. He never looked right as a Duck. Pavol Demitra on the Sens. LaFontaine on the Isles. I have always identified Hull in a USA jersey. Now, Brett Hull in a Flames jersey is odd by comparison I remember him in a Flames jersey--I was at the game where he got his first NHL hat trick--in a Flames jersey. Maybe not the wrong jersey as he arguably had as much success if not more in Calgary, but I always associated Al with the Blues.
  2. Three (IMO) superior ideas the Kings could've/should've used. Personally I love the look of the old school crown.
  3. Agreed. Definitely love this jersey. The more I see it, the less the logo bothers me. Certainly not as good as the crown alone, but still it looks OK on the jersey. I really like how those turned out. Aside from "Bolts" and the Circle piping to and from nowhere, this set looks great too.
  4. I guess that article writer forgot the Wings wore the Detroit Cougars jerseys for the 75th anniversary of the NHL.
  5. Agreed. Still not keen on the logo, but the jersey itself looks really slick. I like it a lot.
  6. Those jerseys look really nice from this angle. It's a shame the messed up the front so badly. A little more gold wouldnt've hurt either.
  7. Seriously... was it that hard to do Ottawa??
  8. Personally I love the white nameplate. It's unique for one. It also comes from the team's history so it's not something they did just to be different. Maybe more than anything it bring back fond memories of youth hockey when every team had white nameplates regardless of jersey color. It's better than the Buffalo/Tampa/San Jose etc front numbers at least. Even with the nameplate aside, the Flyers really got things right. Yeah, it's another example of reintroducing a retro jersey, but they brought back orange and used a classic jersey design instead of an edgebortion. If the first batch of third jerseys is any indication, hockey fans love retro.
  9. I could do without the logo, but the jersey itself looks really slick IMO.
  10. On the plus side, I really love the full shark on the jersey. It looks really slick. Some hem stripes would certainly help the jersey, but it does blend the current jersey style with the old 3rd jersey style, so I guess points for that.
  11. I guess you could say the text is east of the stars on the East and west of the stars on the West. I don't like the arm patches, but overall the jersey works really well for an all-star game jersey. I still think the only recent ones that were any good were the classic ones used in Minnesota, especially with the off-white jersey. I do like the trend of the hosting team's colors being used.
  12. I noticed this on the Wings FSN opener. I much prefer the new style. The old one was effective, but unimpressive. The new design, not just the scoreboard, but all the included overlays showing player stats and such looks great. Very clean and professional. Not bland like the old graphics, but much more modernized.
  13. This jersey is close to being really good. Unfortunately it looks like two jerseys sewn together. I like the sleeves. It reminds me a bit of a Red Wings / Flyers hybrid. Has the bottom parts like the Flyers pre-edge jerseys had. The white sleeves on the dark jersey reminds me a bit of the red sleeves on the Wings white jersey. That concept looks nice. The main jersey looks fairly nice. Can't see the side panels much in that picture, but from the others, I like the color and design of it. The wordmark/number is not executed nearly as well as the Stars did it. Points off for that. However the combination of the main jersey and sleeves just doesn't fit. I think maybe they needed to make the bottom of the sleeves navy to flow better with the rest of the uniform. Maybe something more like: or
  14. I'm not besmirching your interest as a fan or hockey buff. I respect the fact that you are knowledgeable of the game. This type of research is something I am more experienced with however. As far as the "facts" are concerned: what exactly do you expect me to produce? I don't believe there's any point for me to produce a newspaper and translation to win an online arguement. Certainly not with those that consider sketches on hockey cards and superimposed leaf logos to be more relevant than actual firsthand evidence such as original photos and newspaper reports. for the last time: I didn't say the green leaf could not have existed. That isn't the crux of my arguement. What I'M saying is that the uniform was red and BLUE, not green. First hand accounts in newspapers of the day describe the uniforms as red and blue. But since you wont believe and dont want to bother looking at the hockey cards which you ironically cite as evidence here you go: this dude has researched the montreal newspapers He's done a huge project on this and he confirms the red and blue uniform. Of course he also goes on to say that there is no newspaper documentation for a green leaf that he knows of and confirms again that the leaf was obviously superimposed on the hockeycard. conclusion: the habs throwback uniform is not accurate with the details. it was not a lace up and didn't have red and green stripes end of story Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't he say in your article that the logo was green? He claims the color was blue and white, and the logo was green, as is shown on the hockey cards. It certainly supports the fact that the Edge version is off, but your argument about a green crest seems debunked by your own references.
  15. They are adding a black jersey... I don't know if anyone's pointed it out, but that entire Pacific Division will have a black jersey now. The Ducks, Stars, and Kings already had black home jerseys, and now the Sharks and Coyotes will be rolling out black alternate jerseys. That's one bland division when it comes to jersey colors. Then again, the NHL doesn't really have all that much of a difference of color....you have reds and blues and blacks, and a limited amount of other colors..... LA's alternate will also be black. So that means there will be six black jerseys between five teams that will play each other six times each. At least the other colors are Green, Purple, Orange, and Teal. A lot, if not too much black now, but the most diverse and atypical color schemes in the league.