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  1. (lel nobody really uses this feature)

    I'd like to tell you about my league idea that's been in the works since 2014: The Semi-Professional Football League, or SPFL. The SPFL sprouts up in 1901 after 2 of the biggest football leagues (at the time) merge. The 1900's is a terrible period for the league, but by the 1910's the league becomes more stable, but begins to falter again during the Depression and nearly faded away from existence during WWII. By the early 50's, the SPFL is the closest thing to a pro football league around, and new management takes over from there, turning it into a professional league. That era is where I plan to start the SPFL on this board. Thoughts?

  2. Another idea that I'm considering: What if the Browns never left Cleveland? What factors would keep them there? It would be interesting to see the Browns have Ray Lewis and win 2 Super Bowls...
  3. I'm aware of that, in the alternate timeline the smaller teams (like Grand Rapids) will either move to another league, fold, or go to a bigger city shortly before the IHL reaches major league status.
  4. Yes, that IHL. Don't forget the Fort Wayne Komets, Long Beach Ice Dogs among others
  5. I'm considering doing an alternate history thread in Sports Fan Fiction where the IHL (the old minor league) becomes a major league and competes with the NHL. Thoughts?
  6. Welp, there goes the ABL... (it's been dead for a while due to my many hiatuses on this board, which is a symptom of my procrastination)
  7. Those uniforms remind me of the original San Diego Clippers. I'm guessing you (unintentionally) used the "some things are inevitable" rule on this one. Great job!
  8. Yes. This is wonderfully 90's. (As for the logo, I saw it coming.)
  9. I'm assuming Whalers, Nordiques and North Stars are next
  10. And, we've got yet another tweak: And some throwback stuff: And without further ado, the only photo I have (currently) of an original Lakeland Jets uniform! (My uncle's head is cut out from the photo for privacy reasons) (yeah, for some reason the sleeves are longer...)
  11. Here are some more tweaks (Note: I still can't find the throwback logo)
  12. Here's a tweaked logo, this time with skinnier wings. I also tweaked the swoosh a smidge.
  13. I've always wanted to do an NBA uniform database, but of course that would take TONS of time. Can't wait to see Detroit and the defunct teams!
  14. Today, I will be taking a break from the ABL so I could redesign the NAHL's Lakeland Jets, who played from 1990-1995 in Lakeland, Michigan. But why this team? My uncle played goalie for 2 seasons on this team before an injury ended his (junior) hockey career. He's still playing hockey, by the way. Primary Logo Secondary/Alternate Logo Logo and Wordmark Home Uniform Road Uniform Alternate/Third Uniform ("Michigan Pride", anybody?) I plan on making a throwback uniform, but I do not have the original logo with me right now. (it's not even on the internet, 90s NAHL/junior hockey stuff can be sought-after) As usual, C&C is appreciated.
  15. I'm not really a follower of soccer, but I like what I see. I say the Blue/White/Gold color scheme would work best. I'm also all for the steering wheel logo.
  16. Am I the only one who noticed how the C looks like a Chief Wahoo silhouette?
  17. Huh. But yet college/minor league hockey, baseball and basketball coexist. (not to mention soccer)
  18. I've seen it on a sign for my local chamber of commerce. Weird place for Comic Sans if I do say so myself.
  19. A lot of the jerseys are amazing. I particularly liked what you did with Chicago as well as Manitoba's number font.
  20. I'm a Green Bay fan in Lions country so I wouldn't be exactly devastated if they moved. If they're gone for good, then I might as well root for Minnesota (I don't hate them as much as Chicago and *seethes* Detroit)