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  1. I'm pretty sure Portland, OR is in control of theirs due to the Metropolitian regionally elected government they have had in place since 1979. This has allowed Portland to have much better public transit than other similarly sized cities.
  2. It's a nice modernization, however I think if they were to update this logo they should just drop the A. The Avs, Rockies, (post-2007) Ducks and Diamondbacks are the only Big-4 American pro teams that use the first letter of their nickname to symbolize whatever name of the team in a main logo, which I think is a silly thing to do. In my opinion, if you make a logo, it should symbolize the team name enough so that you don't have to symbolize it further by including the first letter and if you need to include a letter relate it to the city, not the nickname. I think a nice update to that logo would be simply turning the A into a mountain and using that opportunity to the C a bit stronger.
  3. Heres Miami in South Beach colors.. tbh I prefer the aqua and orange
  4. Here's a map to show where I am so far.. will update as soon as I do other cities:
  5. Dallas, was considering navy and kelly green but ultimately went with this
  6. I hadn't thought about this, but I imagine the team could keep its logos and identity, they'd just have to recolor to the colors of the city they moved to. For example, if the Denver Broncos moved to Pittsburgh, they would change their team colors to black and yellow.
  7. I don't know... since Arizona and Colorado already have dark red I've been debating if I want another dark red team. At one point I was considering either Yellow/Maroon or Brown/Yellow for Cleveland but I'm still up in the air at the moment. It won't be red and blue though, I'm really trying to limit the number of Red/Blue cities. The white Bengal tiger idea for Cincinnati is cool though!
  8. Pittsburgh.. what'd you expect
  9. I like your ideas, man I've had this idea for the Brewers too, or having them use the Packers colors. The logos are a bit choppy.. using paint is hard though.. If you don't want to buy photoshop, I would recommend Inkscape. It's a free vector program that's easier to use than paint once you get the hang of it. Keep up the great work!
  10. I like them both, but I prefer the scarecrow for Nebraska. I would save the raccoon for a different school (maybe Indiana...I don't know what a Hoosier is). Edit: whoops nvm I didn't see you've already done Indiana maybe idaho I don't know
  11. Just scrolled through this whole thread. Amazing stuff, man. Love the Desperados color scheme and those Tuscon unis. Great work keep it coming!
  12. For New York, I'm considering a Long Island vs Manhatten/Bronx approach with the Jets and Giants each joining a side, which would mean: Long Island: Jets Mets Nets Islanders Manhattan/Bronx: Yankees Giants Knicks Rangers I'm thinking about using the same/similar approach for Los Angeles but I'm open to other ideas for both cities if anyone has any. Thoughts?
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