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  1. That was awesome! Thanks for giving your opinion on all caps. I'm from PR & I actually don't think our cap is that bad, like some of you say. It might not be the best, but it's far from being the worst. I like our font, the italic & the beautiful red color. The "PR" looks kinda badass in my opinion.
  2. Thanks for this information. This blue actually makes it look good! Better than the light blue on my picture.
  3. Wow! This cap actually looks nice & better than their current one.
  4. Name your personal top 5 & worst 5 WBC caps, based on their logos, colors, everything. (Doesn't have to be in order if you don't want) BEST: 1. Dominican Republic 2. Mexico 3. Puerto Rico 4. Panama 5. USA WORST: 1. Thailand 2. Germany 3. New Zealand 4. Great Britain 5. Nicaragua
  5. There are only 15 WBC logos, someone should update this & add all the participants of all the 3 WBC tournaments or at least all the 28 logos of the 2013 WBC. I was looking for Cuba & couldn't find it...
  6. Hello! Is there a place where I can find these baseball players template?