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  1. They always had a problem growing turf in that stadium. Aside from the retro look, it was probably done for maintenance purposes.
  2. Here is baseball at the Orange Bowl: Satchel Paige pitching for the Marlins: 1990 Serie del Caribe:
  3. The Heat’s Miami Vice is the hottest thing down here.
  4. Loria wasn’t cheap. He put money into the 2003 team when many thought it was a mistake. He went after Carlos Delgado and only traded everyone after a stadium deal fell through. The 2006 rebuild paid off sooner than many thought. He cut bait on the 2012 team after a terrible start and lackluster attendance. That team had a then franchise record payroll. He spent money on Stanton. The Loria/Samson era is more a period of overall mismanagement. They spent money when it was necessary, but it was usually not on the right pieces.
  5. People forget MLB had to step in and start new negotiations with the city and county after Loria and Samson burned bridges with local officials after a deal at the Orange Bowl fell apart. That’s when Loria and Samson did their tour of Portland-Oklahoma City and traded Carlos Delgado and the remaining core of the 2003 team after the 2005 season. The current stadium is more Bob DuPuy’s swindle than anybody else’s. MLB restarted negotiations and briefly tried to make a stadium next to the AAA work before going back to the Orange Bowl site.
  6. It’s funny because Samson has said he isn’t close to Loria anymore. Is he celebrating making someone else a boatload of money?
  7. I can’t believe MLBN has been around 10 years. Time flies. It probably didn’t draw viewers but it was fun watching old games in the offseason.
  8. I’m satisfied with the direction of the team. I’ll judge the results in 3-4 years. The investment in international talent is a welcome change.
  9. I trust that David Samson is a terrible person who was involved in terrible decisions that set the bar lower than any previous Marlins ownership when no one thought it was possible.
  10. The hats look gorgeous in person. The blue on the BP jersey really pops. Hopefully that blue is used more in the future. The home whites look great up close but it’s missing something from a distance. I haven’t seen the black or road gray yet. The script has really grown on me.
  11. The cursive script would benefit from having a little more personality. What makes the Vice look so great is its handdrawn vibe.
  12. Miami looks better on the jersey because the word is shorter which allows it to be larger. The script looks better on the jersey than on the primary logo.
  13. Def can see the neon effect on the black alternate.
  14. I love the sleeve patch and the home uni. i want to see the black in person before judging it.
  15. The website has the new colors and the main article has a rendering of the home jersey.