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  1. So every year, the two universities in Alaska (UAA and UAF) compete in a 4-game hockey series called the Governor's Cup. I'm working on ideas for the logo and need some much-needed feedback, so C&C is appreciated.
  2. Group A 1. Russia 2. Egypt 3. Uruguay 4. Saudi Group B (My Group) Group C 1. France 2. Aussie 3. Denmark 4. Honduras Group D 1. Argentina 2. Iceland 3. Nigeria 4. Croatia Group E 1. Costa Rica 2. Serbia 3. Swiss 4. Brazil Group F 1. Germany 2. Sweden 3. Mexico 4. South Korea Group G 1. England 2. Panama 3. Tunisia 4. United States Group H 1. Colombia 2. Japan 3. Senegal 4. Poland
  3. You're right that most outsiders would not know about college athletics in Alaska without hockey! In-state however, our hockey team hasn't been relevant since 1992 (we won 4 games this past season. 4!) Many of the people who were against the cut were people who didn't attend the games. Tbh the only reason any of the athletics programs were spared was that the NCAA wouldn't allow UA to dip below the 10-team minimum. No actually, it was more like stars for the state flag, but I like the idea of a Northern Lights Clash
  4. I actually didn't know about the sponsor on jerseys (goes to show how much I pay attention to college soccer lol). I could also rant on how much we really don't need the hockey team haha. Thanks for the suggestion! I re-did the clash kit to be different and not just the home kit but yellow
  5. A couple years back there was talk within the athletics department to scrap UAA's hockey team and replace them with soccer to stay compliant with NCAA DII standards. Alas, the hockey team was saved and we still don't have a college soccer team at UAA I thought I'd do a quick concept for UAA soccer kits, and maybe do some UAF kits in the future. C&C is appreciated! Note: I feel like for the clash kit I should change the yellow to green to keep with consistency with the jersey? What do y'all think?
  6. Heinrider University (Davenport, IA): The original blueblood university, Heinrider runs strong with 'Rawky' pride. HU was originally founded in 1888 by Richard Hamilton Heinrider, a wealthy aristocrat from London. He with 6 other universities and colleges founded what is today known as the ACFA, and in 1950 the ACFA had the National Championship game named after the man in honor of contributions to the Association. The university today is host to one of the winningest programs in the nation...ironic given the fact HU only has 1 national title. That hasn't discouraged the school, as boosters and donors continue to pour millions of dollars into the program, a feat which almost paid off in 2016 when Heinrider almost ran away with the National Championship against Boston State in a triple OT shootout. The Hawks to look forward to 2017, where they'll be on the hunt for a third NSIX title.
  7. Haha no, it's just that the template doesn't have layers allowing me to remove the pants...which I should probably fix, but I always intended for Appletown to have the grey alternate.
  8. The grey is just the neutral color I chose instead of black, and yes, there are numbers on both sides
  9. Appleton College a.k.a Appletown (Appleton, WI): If you were to open a dictionary and look up the words incompetence, dumpster fire, sad, or'd see the logo for Wisconsin's own Appleton College, known affectionately by fans as Appletown. In the 90's the Foxes were a national powerhouse, but now they are a half-dead carcass left in the desert... left to die by the football gods. But why is that? Between 1997-2000 the Foxes were caught in a slew of scandals, including but not limited to bribing recruits with money, alleged in-game cheating, and the even stranger scandal of head coach Tom Fisher using the alias 'Rodney Hazelnut' at bars on campus to hit on undergrad girls...which ruined his marriage and led to his termination as head coach. All these scandals were too hard to ignore and in 2000, the ACFA handed down the death penalty to Appleton, stripping AC of the 1995 and 1996 Natties, and then banning the entire athletics program for two years. The Athletics program was reluctantly brought back in 2005 by the college with great fan fair, but Appleton hasn't been the same since.
  10. After long hiatus, I'm back for now. I've been busy with school and lacking the proper motivation to continue, but I'm back! With this, I'm gonna take the proper time to create teams to properly craft this universe to my liking and hopefully to yours. This starts with new logos for conferences that I didn't feel were up to snuff (N6, CAC, NWC, AEC). Enjoy, C&C appreciated!
  11. St. Paul University (St. Paul, MN) - When you ask a St. Paul fan what they think of the Huskies, the only response is 'meh'. Yep, the St. Paul Huskies are the true neutral of ACFA Football. One year they're at the top the conference, the next, they're fighting with Appleton College to not stay in the last place. While last season the Huskies finished last in the rankings, they finished first in diversity. See St. Paul is made up of about 35% Somalia exchange students, the largest number of Somalia students in the league, and a lot of them play for the Huskies football team. That's why is 2013, the athletics department unveiled the Somalian Heritage jersey, to support unity and togetherness with St. Paul and the residents of Little Mogadishu in Minneapolis. The pants say Kursiga u Tag, meaning "GO Huskies" in Somalian. Editor Note: Shoutout to @JCRGraphix for his NCAA Super Series!