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  1. From the "You Had One Job" Department: this morning has their "On This Date" item on the sidebar about the 1952 NFL Dallas Texans' one and only win over the Bears, and accompanying it is a picture of the Dallas Texans of the AFL playing against the Buffalo Bills on September 30, 1962.
  2. The 3D effect was easier to make out on the older red and blue classic Kings logo. Here's a concept logo found online that makes the effect clearer.
  3. So is the 3 and would think 0,1 and 4-9 will be too. And while the "3"s appear to be identical, it looks to me like the "2" on the front is not the same as the "2" on the back. Anybody else see that?
  4. If they'd kept red with this new green and cream, they'd be pretty close to the Minnesota Wild's color scheme.
  5. A team that's been dying for a proper identity may finally get one. I'm assuming the Reddit poster simply didn't know his/her hats. A derby is not the same as a fedora.
  6. These points touch on the greater issues. The athletes' effort toward unionization is not so much about getting compensated beyond a scholarship, it's about the ability to collectively bargain the conditions of their participation. Right now the athletes' only real choice is whether to participate or not; if they choose to, then they must participate under the conditions unilaterally established by the NCAA and its member institutions. Collective bargaining would allow players to have some input over terms such as medical coverage, extended benefits, equipment and safety, practice schedules, etc.
  7. Thanks, CWx. Good info. Heck, I'll make the argument that even the '96 redesign still didn't add so much Yellow/Gold as to allow that color to bypass White in their color hierarchy (if any such thing exists anywhere other than my head). Poor White, always getting listed last.
  8. I have to disagree. To me, the Vikes have never been Purple and Yellow/Gold; they've always been Purple and White, with Yellow/Gold trim. Their much more limited use of that color sets them apart from other Yellow/Gold wearing teams like the Packers or Steelers. For an even better contrast, consider how their use of Purple and Yellow/Gold differs from LSU, who use the two colors in almost equal proportions. In fact, there's a case to be made that at least at one time the Vikings didn't think of themselves as a Purple and Yellow team. I had an old NFL publication when I was a kid, a 1976 NFL Almanac paperback. Along with league records and stats for the 1975 season, it had listings for each team, stadium, office address, etc., and those listings included official team colors. I will always remember that the Vikings were specifically listed as "purple and white, with gold trim." Obviously, we can all choose whether to hang our hats on that old designation , but I've always thought that little blurb captured their color prioritization pretty nicely, especially considering that in over fifty years, they've never really gone nuts with their use of Yellow/Gold -- it's always been a third color at best.
  9. You know the old slapstick comedy bit where a scientist has something explode in his face, and when the smoke clears, he's stunned, and his hair is blown back, and his face is all sooty? That's the Jaguars' helmets: an experiment gone wrong.
  10. The wordmark under the collar is different from the picture the Vikings site had. But this uniform is definitely different than anything they've ever worn before. Maybe a practice uniform? Also that last picture, worst hoverhand EVER... Sorry, but that last statement bugs me. De'Aundre Reed appears at a benefit for pediatric cancer patients, actually shaves kids' heads, and you think he's skittish about touching them? Not only is that not the worst hoverhand ever, it's not a hoverhand at all. There's clearly an object just inside Reed's wrist. Looks to me like the young man is sitting down and Reed's arm is resting on the back of the chair, and he's actually making an effort to touch the youngster. If you want further evidence he's not a hoverer, take a look at how he holding the girl's hand in the picture to the left.
  11. Took me years before I saw that NYC was made out of spoons, knives, and forks. Or that the lady was supposed to be the Statue of Liberty. Dum-dum. Did you notice that the picture is framed by an airplane window? You're arriving in America. holy crap I did not notice that at all nice! The whole package had great design. Besides the album's front cover, the back cover and inner sleeve also continued the diner theme with a retro menu look:
  12. Took me years before I saw that NYC was made out of spoons, knives, and forks. Or that the lady was supposed to be the Statue of Liberty. Dum-dum. Did you notice that the picture is framed by an airplane window? You're arriving in America.
  13. I think it would look better with a white facemask. Seems like that could be it but rumors seem to be pointing toward a more blue/silver than the straight silver seen here. More like the blue/silver we've seen in the Nike gloves. That bluish silver just screams Cowboys "metallic blue" to me.
  14. It's worth pointing out that the NFL's stance in this matter is only partially about player safety. There's another reason in-game incentive bonuses are illegal: Competitive balance. All teams are required to play by the same set of rules, which includes consistency and uniformity in player compensation. You can't sign Linebacker Bob to a contract that's worth a million dollars on paper and then wink-wink-wink pay him another thousand per tackle under the table. Free agents can't be choosing teams based on which employer has the best locker room bonus program. Everything has to be legitimate; all performance bonuses have to be spelled out in the player's contract. Bonuses like this, whether they're awarded for injured opponents or touchdown passes, amount to a de facto circumvention of the salary cap, especially if the kitty has money in it from outside the organization, as appears to have been the case with the Saints.