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  1. This is great stuff guys. There are a lot of talented people here. Let me just make a plug for all the talent here to pop in the request board more often. I put a request on there but while I was there I saw how many got O response or just 1. I figured most members forgot it was there. Could be wrong but I remember the days when it wasn't seperated and even got a corporate logo made by Patrick Cummings who as I mentioned is now with Adidas. Just thought I'd remind everyone that it is there and there are some opportunities there to hone your skills, help someone and maybe get paid. But again, this has to be one of the greatest collections of talent assembled like this in an organic way. Proud to be surrounded by all of you amazing artists and enthusiasts!
  2. I call a team high school or above using your design pretty successful. Obviously the AHL is cooler than the high school level but not many people have had their design used by either in the grand scheme of things.
  3. I was thinking about the years this community has been around and the amazing skills some of the members have. Patrick Cummings (PCGD) used to be a regular and he is now with Adidas and has designed many logos used like for the Shamrock series. I remember when one of our member's logo design was chosen for the 3rd of the Manitoba Moose and now is the primary logo (was it Nitroseed?). So it just got me thinking it'd be cool to hear from all the designers here about what sports logos being used (or that were used) out there are their work.
  4. Good point. This has happened to me with NBA and NCCA team shorts. Hockey jerseys are rarely washed if just worn as fan wear, so I guess that makes them a different consideration.
  5. I agree but couldn't think of the word when I made the post. All that I could think of was mascot. ?
  6. That is true. I considered that which is why I didn't list them. But I do have some stuff with the old hat wearing Wolverine from the past. Love it but my avatar is better than that even.
  7. Just using the sweet image. If I had those skills I wouldn't need help with the Soldiers logo. I'd love to put it this Wolverine on a shirt and where it to a game and see how many people ask where I got it and hopefully someone from the staff would ask me about it and I could try to put them with JJSCOTT LOL. But that's a pipe dream. It is sweet even if would only be used to compliment the M.
  8. Dude I always loved that too. Not a Piston but the connection is there. Bad to the bone right there ?
  9. We can all hope it was something clever but there are some really cool logos out there people have designed for them and they have a ball with words... This is the one for their video game team: Way better than what they have but prob would need work before it could be an NBA logo.
  10. I put a post on the request board for a logo for my kids' school because they are the soldiers and their logo sucks LOL. So much potential and wasted (see below). It got me thinking about all the teams pro, college and even high school who have a cool mascot but who have a lame logo. I don't mean a team called the bears where the bear sucks. I mean they didn't even try to do a bear. So who do you think is wasting their opportunity to have a sweet logo and sell a bunch more merchandise? I've came up with my top 3 from the NBA: Detroit Pistons OKC LA Clippers I didn't do Lakers because I'm not sure they have a chance to make a sweet laker logo. How would one do that LOL? Here's my son's school logo... didn't even try ?
  11. LOL well I actually looked back at it once and was like is that supposed to be Sabre and edited it and then thought I should look it up and then thought nah don't have time and switched it back. Sabres, Notre Dame, Theatre. Chrome is telling me all the French versions are wrong with the red underline ? Wait, did you just say SPELT? British?
  12. Maybe Waste Management will sponsor the team or buy the stadium naming rights or both?
  13. B looks like the colors of the 90's Pistons horse logo. Yuck ?
  14. #3 - you are probably right. Reminds me of the Bobcats style
  15. Odd that the guy on the right is Luc Robitaille who never played for them ? or is it Bure?
  16. LOL I did like them just never had a clue of the mind boggling fact that is the maker of their uni was Aero freaking Postale!
  17. So there's kind of a connection with the Bills logo being a Buffalo or Bison I guess? Speaking of the Sabers logo, this is off topic but I always wondered what the heck the weird shape on the left was, the cut out area if you will. Does he have a foot up? Is something smashing his face? The triangle on the right of his face is odd for that matter as well. I've laid awake at night many nights puzzled over this...and then they brought the buffaslug and I just couldn't give the franchise's logos anymore thoughts or I'd go clinically insane!
  18. Yes! And if the casual fan can even identify something is off when just looking at if for a split second then it is garbage. Might as well by your jersey at Walmart. Neither it nor the Fanatics jersey are the real deal and the one from Walmart is way cheaper. ?
  19. Thanks for noticing. ? Actually, the slow leak of of the NBA jerseys over the last little while has really become a sleep fest. It's a lame way to do it and it is literally in season for this yr's jersey. Lame. They should have had a player from each team all be in one spot to have a presser with each one coming out one at a time to model the jersey like teams do with their new set reveals. Actually, what could have been more news worthy would be a celebrity fan. Spike Lee comes out in the Knick Uni, Kid Rock in the Piston Uni, Crazy Jack in the Lakers uni and of course Drake for the Raptors. It would get even non NBA fans into it. That'd be kinda fun. This leaking pipe we have with the NBA and Nike is just chaos and wastes a good opportunity for the league.
  20. Who wishes the Nets were the Swamp Dragons and not the Nets? Count me among those because the Nets is a terrible name and the fact that their logo has never actually had a net in it as far back as I can remember makes it even worse. That weird Cavs clipart logo in the 90s was the best NJ Nets logo ever but alas it was instead a Cavs logo and had nothing to do with a Cavalier, but I digress...
  21. LOL I like their whites a lot so I am not sure why they did this but it is very colorful. If they trotted out in colored pants, then they really would be killing the game!
  22. Ditto. They are already money factories. At Pistons game last night, I could have paid $20 to shoot a free throw on the court after the game. ONE shot...$20. I thought, nope I'm good. When we went to leave the line was from the court all the way up tot he street level concourse (the top of the lower bowl) and out the tunnel. Smart of the owners, but do they need to load their uniforms up with more logos for more revenue while any fan who buys a jersey has to walk around looking like a ridiculous billboard?
  23. You would think they could keep the same basic template but fix problems. Like will someone fix the multiple shades of blue the Cowboys use? Yeah I know, some people say it is now tradition blah blah. Well the Tigers had a different D on their jerseys and hats for years and years. They FINALLY corrected their mistake. So can the Cowboys...and Jets.
  24. I forgot about the black when I said they were ok. I retract that. The black is so forced.
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