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  1. Like most on this board I’m going to bet it is just a modern showtime update. And not to get off topic but I pray that eventually can get my Pistons to get a modern Bad Boy uniform.
  2. It looks good and that was just a weird angle from before.
  3. Yeah how about no, the Bears have been Navy and Orange since the 1920’s.
  4. I really wish the bears went with the throwback orange. That vs the Lions throwback on Thanksgiving would of looked great. And they could of worn that since the lions and pats both wore colored throwbacks on turkey day in 2002 and 2010.
  5. I don’t like these and I bet they wear the Mile High City ones the most
  6. That’s what I figured. Kind of takes away from what he is trying to do, but hey that’s Hue Jackson for you.
  7. So they are going to have plain orange helmets during their preseason games too?
  8. To the people asking about a gray facemask, the picture literally says '78-'79 on it, and by that point they switched to a black facemask. While, I would of preferred them to throwing back to the first two Super Bowl teams and using a gray facemask, it make sense to go back to '78 since it is the 40 year anniversary. I also hope someone on the defense breaks out some all yellow cleats for a LC Greenwood tribute the week they wear these, which isn't too much to ask with the cleats guys wear nowadays.
  9. The Cardinals have never worn anything but a gray facemask since facemasks were added to helmets. Plus, I disagree those are two teams who have a classic helmet design that looks great with a gray facemask.
  10. Guys don't go into the pro football hall of fame as a member of a certain team. Every team they played for is listed below their bust and their bust is just their head and a little bit of their shoulders. You can't tell what team these guys played for by looking at their bust, its not like the plaques they have for baseball.
  11. The Lions with white socks and the blue northwestern stripe on them would be incredible. A silver northwestern stripe on the home blue socks would look great too. I am all for more sock stripes all throughout the league.
  12. Some guys wore white socks last year with the blue pants and it looked great, I would love if they made it their official road look with the blue pants.
  13. I'm with you on this, maybe 90s nostalgia, which I don't get because I consider the 90s the absolute worse for uniforms.
  14. I love the lions 50s look. I love the way they look as throwbacks now. That is not the Lions worst set though, this was by far.
  15. Nope, the jersey is the one thing that has to stay the same for the 5 year period. They can't change anything on it except adding something like a memorial patch, which the league has to approve.
  16. That would be awesome. Growing up whenever I would play the Cowboys at home in madden I’d always wear my away white jerseys just to force them into their blues.
  17. I agree with you on the black, I honestly hate it. I think the black draws your eye away and doesn't truly let the Kelly green and white work together. Same thing it did to the Lions when they had black. Makes the Jets look like a green and black team when the intention was green and white with black accents.
  18. I agree seeing them up close and in motion made the Black and Teal ones really pop.
  19. The face mask is not chrome, it is the same silver as the helmet
  20. If I'm not mistaken, I thought UA passed Adidas in sales in the US in 2015. Plus, I'm sure a lot of that has to do with the youth factor.
  21. No the Lions released their new logo in early February right around the Super Bowl. Those draft hats just weren't up to date.