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  1. That is a nice looking patch
  2. While I don't really like the Motor City uniform, that nickname is neither hokie or similar to Buzz City, Lob City, or Loud City. At least the city has actually been nicknamed and referred to as the Motor City since Henry Ford started the assembly line.
  3. One more Lions related thing, A video of the helmets being painted, assembled, and the decals being applied at a Riddell facility There is a mention of how the facemask color is a custom silver.
  4. Lions will wear their throwbacks on Thanksgiving and the color rush on Decemeber 16 against the Bears (Saturday game broadcasted by the NFL network)
  5. Yep him and Chauncey wore throwback warm-ups at their introductory press conference with Stoudamire. I also believe it was because they were going to wear their throwbacks in their first game with the team. The press conference and the game were the same day. Very hard as a Pistons fans to see Chauncey go to those other teams.
  6. I see 2 great jerseys, Indiana & Miami. The rest can stay where they belong, in the 90s.
  7. Idk about Ford for the Pistons. Chevy just got named the official automotive sponsor at the new arena. I could see any of the big 3 automakers. I'd be fine with Ford or GM since they have blue logos that wouldn't be distracting on the Pistons uniforms. They did announce the new practice facility will be sponsored by the Henry Ford Hospital Health system so that could be a possibility too.
  8. Here are some pictures from the Lions media day. I think everything looks great, don't mind the wordmark like I did at first. Plus I don't think the white in the logo is that noticeable.
  9. I don't mind the star on the sleeves. However, the outline on the numbers and the word mark look bad and need to be changed. Obviously take the current White uniform and reversing it to navy would look much better.
  10. I'd say football is 100% better in dark home uniforms. I would say basketball and baseball are 100% better in white at home. And I'm with you on hockey, it is even, but I lean a little bit more toward whites at home.
  11. No! Absolutley no! 99.9% of football teams look better in their home colors. It looks way better. The only NFL team whose away looks "better" than their home is Jacksonville, and both still look horrible.
  12. The bumper needs a word mark on it bad. Cant be plain white
  13. Rookie premiere. Most teams have the new template on already. Lions rookie Kenny Golladay wearing the throwback in the back row.
  14. I really like this. It reminds me of the way they mixed in black and white, with green and yellow during the LaMichael James Era. Back when I truly liked what they were doing. Week 12 vs Oregon State for the civil war is definitely my favorite.
  15. The Warriors history traveled with them to California. The 76ers brought their Syracuse Nationals history with them to Philadelphia.
  16. Exactly, I think the helmet looks incredible. I especially love the fact the facemask is silver like the helmet, not gray or chrome like some were stating earlier.
  17. He said that he loved the Bengals previous set before the abomination they wear now. Honestly their current uniforms need a lot of work but just removing the white side panel on the black and orange jerseys would make them a lot better.
  18. Nike's lead designer discussed the design on GMFB today. Also said he would like to update the Bengals.
  19. Just to throw this out there. I was at the Lions uniform unveil last night and they discusses the new uniform template around the league. The whole league will not be adopting it, if I remember correctly the Nike rep there said that 20 teams will be adopting the new template.