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  1. Chargers: ''Am I a joke to you?'' everyone else: ''Yes''
  2. random thing: my brain's been so conditioned to Tampa ''Bay'' didn't even realize at first that the Vipers are just Tampa
  3. i kiiiiiiiiinda like Tennessee? rest are abysmal though
  4. So the Desperados use one of the Oilers main colors and the Roughnecks use a lawyer friendly version of the Oilers logo..i have a feeling they wanted to bring back the Oilers identity but they couldn't because of the obvious legal dispute
  5. well i gotta admit, i thought this would be a trainwreck and i was wrong. I'm starting to wonder if the Golden Knights will be the better LV team than the Raiders when they move, lol
  6. American vs National. East vs. West gets to be a bit scheduling disaster in a best of 7.
  7. I love coming to this thread for ones like these. I never knew Boomer played for the Cards!
  8. I wanna make sweet love with that Facemask
  9. Rams should go to: Royal and Yellow Chargers should go to: San Antonio
  10. Nothing to do with the radio guy but Ice_Cap's avatar is a good logo I think
  11. Yeah it was old but was it falling apart? Was it breaking down?
  12. Don't put anything on the helmet, might as well change it white at that point. Destroying tradition is dumb. Logo should be used strictly for merch.