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  1. The Washington Football Team! edit: The double whammy of filter
  2. Starting to like the name the more I think of it. I really like sea travel history and the mythology that comes with it. It does sound silly but if anything else, it’s unique
  3. they certainly nailed the unis, and the logo looks OK. I'll forgive the name, weird as it is. We'll see how they do on the ice.
  4. it's too bad the boat's sailed on Seattle Metropolitans already, i would've definitely went the historic route. But alas, Sockeyes is a pretty great name and would slot in nicely into the NHL's list of identities. Kraken is more than a little bit too gimmicky, and doesn't really roll off the tongue when paired with Seattle
  5. Alternate History NFL scenario where the U.S went full-on Manifest Destiny at some point in the past and ate Canada. Alternatively, alternate history where Canada joined them during the Revolution. Basically, what the NFL would look like if the U.S and Canada were one in the same. NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redtails (or whatever they wind up naming them) New York Giants Dallas Cowboys Montreal Allouettes NFC North: Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears Detroit Lions Toronto Argonauts NFC South: New Orleans Saints Atlanta Falcons Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carolina Panthers Birmingham Barracudas NFC West: Los Angeles Rams Seattle Seahawks San Francisco 49ers Arizona Cardinals B.C Whales AFC East: New England Patriots New York Jets Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins Ottawa Redblacks AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore Ravens Hamilton Tiger-Cats AFC South: Tennessee Titans Jacksonville Jaguars Indianapolis Colts Houston Oilers San Antonio Texans AFC West: Los Angeles Chargers Las Vegas Raiders Kansas City Chiefs Denver Broncos Calgary Stampeders Unfortunately a lot of historical CFL teams are left out because of limited spots. obviously not going to include a team as far north as Canada in the south divisions, so two new teams in Birmingham and San Antonio are included for balance. For fun, they're named after defunct CFL teams from our timeline. The Oilers are the Oilers and not the Texans for the sake of San Antonio having that name. B.C has a different name because of Detroit.
  6. Basically, players who played long enough they appear in sports games spanning multiple console generations. For example: Dan Marino played long enough to be in both Tecmo Super Bowl on the NES, and NFL Blitz on the N64
  7. somehow missed this news. Good decision by the team to rebrand though I feel this is more than a little overdue. As for what to call the team from here on, i'd want alliteration but warriors is teeny bit generic. How about ''Washington Wyverns''?
  8. Chargers: ''Am I a joke to you?'' everyone else: ''Yes''
  9. random thing: my brain's been so conditioned to Tampa ''Bay'' didn't even realize at first that the Vipers are just Tampa
  10. i kiiiiiiiiinda like Tennessee? rest are abysmal though
  11. So the Desperados use one of the Oilers main colors and the Roughnecks use a lawyer friendly version of the Oilers logo..i have a feeling they wanted to bring back the Oilers identity but they couldn't because of the obvious legal dispute
  12. well i gotta admit, i thought this would be a trainwreck and i was wrong. I'm starting to wonder if the Golden Knights will be the better LV team than the Raiders when they move, lol