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  1. Due to the response I had commenting about my team moving I have asked CC to remove me and my posts. I never thought I would be called that ever in my life, but growing up here I can believe anything. Everyone stay well, and beat this virus, Raghib
  2. Considering I don’t vote, it will be a little boring lol
  3. MOD EDIT: Keep the politics to yourself.
  4. MOD EDIT: Keep the politics out of it.
  5. Lmao immigration papers for the Jaguars to move
  6. For the local news to start calling them out as well, it says a lot in this town that kisses their rear at every turn. It’s time for them to just go, TIAA to be called the Gatorbowl again.
  7. Honestly I hope they do leave now. I just watched Khan and Lamping’s remarks again online, and after wasting my money all of these years on club seats watching a bunch overpaid, under performing crybabies (Jalen...), I say move. We had fun watching the real Jaguars almost get to the Super Bowl with Brunell, that’s when we had a real team, a real owner, and the owner & team were a part of our community as the Weavers, Brunell. Keenan, Jimmy, Freddie T., Lageman, etc still are. This new guy needs to go and take his team with him.
  8. As a Nole I agree, but we have definitely supported the Jags which is my point. Jacksonville gets a terrible reputation, yet we spend more than the bottom third of the league in revenue. The numbers don’t lie. Well we will see what happens this year because you are absolutely correct, we will spend our money elsewhere with college football or whatever else there is to do as many of us are more infuriated by the comments of two azzes in the Baguars front office than the results on the field.
  9. So we shouldn’t be upset because the owner and prick president of the team talk about us? So you look like a Bucs fan, how did this sit with you when this was going on? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=2ahUKEwj5vdTaweLoAhVPneAKHZBGCx0QFjAAegQIARAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fbleacherreport.com%2Farticles%2F903126-tampa-bay-buccaneers-and-their-rumored-move-to-london-is-beyond-disturbing&usg=AOvVaw0-2eXFCpwtZp9d7oYMfIgh ......and then there is this: https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2019/10/12/bucs-london-home-holds-the-future-of-nfls-globalization/
  10. Tagliabue and Goodell have had nothing but issues with Jacksonville, until Khan came in. Weaver has made remarks about things that went on while he owned the team, and they weren’t great.
  11. 1. He gets a lot of money from the city due to getting his lapdogs in the mayors office, and they are giving him the riverfront. He lied when he came here stating he would build a manufacturing plant which never happened, and he has been carving up downtown, and selling it off little by little, but they burry the stories on the last page of the Florida Times Union because they continually kiss his azz. Look it up, see for yourself. 2. He tried to purchase Wembley, he has petitioned the UK to build a multipurpose stadium after removing his bid for Wembley, and in the last year he has invested a lot of money into London. He doesn’t care about Jacksonville as can be seen by his and Lamping’s remarks about us (see below). What would you say if you were a fan of this team after watching this go down? https://jaguarswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/15/mark-lampings-comments-about-jags-market-not-sitting-well-with-fans/ Lamping admitted the Jags haven’t done their part during an exchange about the team’s lack of success on the field and how it’s affected their local revenue. “I can tell you there’s no way the organization can sit here today and look at their fans and say we’ve delivered the type of product on the field you’d expect,” Lamping said via the Florida Times-Union. However, he added that he didn’t believe winning would be a silver bullet for the Jags’ revenue issues due to its market size, using the Jags’ 2018 season as an example. During that time, the team sold 52,000 season tickets after going to the AFC Championship in 2017. “To sit back and say winning is going to cure everything — not in this market,” Lamping said. Much like Shad Khan’s comments about Jacksonville not having enough of a desire for football to have all of their home games in Jacksonville, Lamping’s comments struck a chord with Jags fans for the simple fact that the Jags haven’t really shown consistency, and 2017 was Khan’s only winning season out of seven. In fact, Khan’s second best showing as an owner was during the 2019 season when the Jags won only six games.
  12. It amazes me at how Jacksonville is always portrayed in the media, and around the country. I have been a season ticket holder since day one, yet we continue to sell more tickets than most teams but you don’t hear about that. The tickets are sold, unfortunately a lot of the azzes aren’t in the seats because the stadium will roast you like an oven, and we have a complete POS for an owner in KHANman... Our attendance was 22nd in the league in 2019 (http://www.espn.com/nfl/attendance), 17th in 2018, 21st in 2017, 26th in 2016, and we have beaten teams in attendance you wouldn’t expect until you go through the list. The reason we have been on the crap list of the NFL goes back to Weaver giving the NFL the threat of a lawsuit if they gave the expansion team to a second ownership group in St. Louis that popped up at the last second, and we have been talked about terribly ever since. We have supported the team through thick and thin as the numbers prove, and according to Forbes the team is 23rd on the NFL list worth $2.325 Billion (https://www.forbes.com/nfl-valuations/list/#tab:overall). Regardless of what is said by the so called analysts (:censored:-ESPN), we support the team as you can see in the revenue and attendance numbers. Trust me I wish I had liked a different team, especially now since the KHANman took another game from us. We all know what is next which is the team moving to London which makes me wonder why I am even defending them. As a result of this I canceled my tickets after him giving a second game away, and so have a third of the season ticket holders which is exactly what the POS wants so he can move them. Hopefully him and Lamping (another POS) croak before they can do it. As terrible as it sounds, many of us would throw a party if his eyesore yacht sank with him & Lamping’s lying azzes are on it when it goes down... Unfortunately sh#t floats, so they wouldn’t drown...
  13. Please delete whatever that Jaguars logo is supposed to be lol. It’s bad enough that we have a complete POS owner in Khan that gives our games away and could care less what the team does as long as he screws us and moves them, but that logo is just turd sprinkles on top of a crap cake.....
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