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  1. That's exactly what I was referring to yes - that's the only blue I know of that Nike use that looks like purple... so it's possible that's what this mystery blue is - if this information is true, of course.
  2. I chose that picture on purpose - look up "Nike 2016 Netherlands away shirt" and you'll see it looks more like purple in different lighting. Just chose a picture where it looked blue enough to not confuse folk. Just posting it as a possibility, don't know anything!
  3. So... if our fellows above are correct, it should be the same colour as the 2016 Netherlands change shirt. Is it, though?
  4. I see pink too; I can kind of see the adidas stripes in white if I pause it. Might be my eyes playing tricks on me
  5. I'm hearing they're back on the blue/blue/red combination they wore at Euro 2016 - just navy instead of royal blue, of course.
  6. The 2018 kit - and the 2020 one for that matter - has/had navy shorts as the default option, in fact
  7. I guess they're trying to differentiate you lot from England which is also traditionally white/navy/white.
  8. There's a navy shorts option for the white shirt too - in fact the minikits have the navy shorts as "default"
  9. Just two tweaks I want to suggest: 1) The font you use now looks rather nondescript and doesn't match up well with the design. 2) I would make the red stripes on the bottom part equally spaced out - like regular stripes would be. I don't know if it was intentional, but it does stuff to my brain
  10. Not that it changes an awful lot, but Vancouver and Seattle aren't the same pattern. Vancouver's is wavy shiny/jacquard hoops, while the Seattle pattern is irregular "painted" horizontal lines in -slightly- different shades of green.
  11. What intrigues me the most is the San Jose quasi-throwback. I mean... yellow and white halves aren't supposed to work, but it's just about the only one that makes sense in context of the 25th anniversary celebration. I think Houston will use this pattern from early 2019 training gear... sigh, adidas:
  12. This one is RSL... seems like we have a confirmation of the "psychedelic" design that had leaked Seems like NYC will have some sort of all over print - looks almost like the Condivo 20 template print
  13. Managed to extract all teasers from the video using my laptop's built in video editor... Will try figure out who's who and post them all
  14. Seems like Beckham wants every team he's the face of to look like Real Madrid.
  15. The logo I've seen has a brown facemask,for what it's worth. What I've seen - to help clarify matters - is a "military appreciation" tee with "Salute to Service" across the front. I don't know 100% if it's any indication.
  16. The black is probably meant to be navy blue, I guess. Doesn't really make much sense otherwise.
  17. Inter Miami's change top has the angled three stripes - via ari_football (a Thai retailer) (of legit football gear, not the fake seller stuff) on Instagram
  18. I can confirm the Browns logo is not changing - at least not the main one. If anyone needs any "evidence" DM me.
  19. Yeah that's the only thing real about it, if you will. Font is incorrect and shorts/socks inaccurate as well was what I was trying to say.
  20. These are just someone's mod on FIFA, uses the old font even. They probably mean very little.
  21. Is this real? Popped up on a random eBay search
  22. Yeah if I didn't know better I'd say blue as well. They'll probably reject it again then!
  23. No they aren't... technically. RoC/Taiwan is white/BLUE/red, this kit is white/PURPLE/red. Not a huge difference but... it's there
  24. It's precisely that, actually. "Erster Fußballclub" as ze Germanz say it
  25. Oh, those are fake. Templates are from the 2018 World Cup, there's even the jock tag from those kits in the mockups.