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  1. 4 hours ago, DiePerske said:

    I'm shocked France hasnt had, well, any leaks yet.


    Expecting an all blue first choice, after winning the world cup as such


    I'm hearing they're back on the blue/blue/red combination they wore at Euro 2016 - just navy instead of royal blue, of course. 

  2. Just two tweaks I want to suggest:

    1) The font you use now looks rather nondescript and doesn't match up well with the design.

    2) I would make the red stripes on the bottom part equally spaced out - like regular stripes would be. I don't know if it was intentional, but it does stuff to my brain

  3. Not that it changes an awful lot, but Vancouver and Seattle aren't the same pattern. Vancouver's is wavy shiny/jacquard hoops, while the Seattle pattern is irregular "painted" horizontal lines in -slightly- different shades of green.

  4. What intrigues me the most is the San Jose quasi-throwback. I mean... yellow and white halves aren't supposed to work, but it's just about the only one that makes sense in context of the 25th anniversary celebration.


    I think Houston will use this pattern from early 2019 training gear... sigh, adidas: 


  5. GvAxEFm.jpg


    This one is RSL... seems like we have a confirmation of the "psychedelic" design that had leaked




    Seems like NYC will have some sort of all over print - looks almost like the Condivo 20 template print


  6. 22 minutes ago, Friedrich Stuart Macbeth said:

    I wonder why some teams have '1.FC' in their name......

    Maybe its because this particular city have formed their first football club ever?



    It's precisely that, actually. "Erster Fußballclub" as ze Germanz say it

  7. I only have one thing to say (coming from the person that had no clue how TV numbers work - or even that they were called "TV numbers",go figure) to be honest: Please, please, please try to be more proportionate with your front/back numerals! Names and the aforementioned TV numbers are fine,but those on the front and back are somehow elongated too much.