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  1. The "gradient" is supposed to be shiny sublimated vertical stripes,not a "gradient"
  2. From 2018/19,not next season,according to the club website: https://www.werder.de/aktuell/news/business/20162017/pm-werder-umbro-07032017/
  3. Anywhere I can see more photos of the NY match?
  4. Thank you! Announcement time: After I finish all the teams... the series will not end.There will be a pause until mid-summer,when the 2018 templates are going to be revealed/leaked,according to usual schedule. After that,I will tweak all designs to suit the confirmed 2018 adidas designs,and possibly tweak details like the SJ pattern etc. So let's go to Minnesota United,and a new secondary... A pretty simple design,it features twin stripes in the left side behind the badge alluding to the famous "Twin Cities" moniker. Jocktag features the "L' Etoile Du Nord" banner from the Minnesota seal... that's about it. Going to treat you with two teams this morning! Yes,you read that correctly,NYCFC secondary is also here! Orange,with navy sleeves and 5 shiny stripes in the front panel in reference to the 5 NY boroughs,silver jocktag monogram,and the back neck features a "This City Never Sleeps" sign off. Up next: New England Revolution.
  5. Anyway... here's another team; the Red Bulls. Their usual navy/yellow combination,however with a bit of a twist. While surfing the footy shirt web lately I came across this Lotto design from 2006. I immediately started thinking that if I streamlined and simplified it it could work as a Red Bulls change kit design,having more than a passing resemblance to the energy drink can's design. So here we go... I know some people suggested removing the "New York Red Bulls" wordmark on the back,but they use it so I am as well. The jocktag features a ribbon in Metrostars' colours with "est. 1996" on it; a callback to the history this club tends to forget. Up next: Minnesota United
  6. Well the side trim cuts off halfway and the neck is (or,well,seems to be) a bit thinner,but it's pretty much the same template.
  7. I'm not using a darker shade,I just took the red off ColorWerx lol
  8. I'll try that in the updates round for sure... I introduce you to... my Toronto FC 2018 secondary kit non-proposal. The premise for this kit was to use the two shades of onix in a fashionable,"trendy" way; more of an Adidas kit than a Toronto kit,given Toronto don't really have a distinguished kit history anyways. In order to achieve this goal,I lifted off the Olympique Lyon 2014 away shirt design - faithful to adidas' recent design recycling habit - with the diagonal colourblocks,and gave it a henley/grandad collar. Maple leaf jocktag,"All for One" back neck graphic. Nothing more to say... Next team - New York (or perhaps New Jersey?) Energy Drinks. I don't hate them,it's a teaser.
  9. Yeah I might add some white since I'll also do a round of tweaks/updates this time,although much later. Do you think it'd work better if I flipped the colours on the adidas trim/pattern and made the sponsor white? Will try to think of something but I'll leave it until the updates. So let's continue with The (Not So) Great Southern Redmen. (or Hoopmen?). FC Dallas it is... the shirt features a front graphic combining the tonal hoops they've been using for the past five-ish years with a Sampdoria-inspired horizontal graphic using elements from the Texas flag. The jocktag features the "DTID" line from the new secondaries and the back neck sign off features the "LH" graphic as a tribute to ex-club owner Lamar Hunt - the same they've put in the sleeves this time round. Up next tomorrow - Toronto FC
  10. Very nice,I can see adidas doing sth like this in the future... although I think they'll want to focus more on the checkers
  11. Well the image says "primary" so I'd say they're swapping
  12. San Jose Earthquakes... as I said,expect lots or red. This is basically in the same vein as the new primary; an enlarged version of the crest graphic printed on the front. This time I've put it at the top of the shirt instead of the bottom and coloured the whole shirt in the red/white they've used for their change tops ever since the rebrand,even though this is a brighter red than the one they use. Next: FC Dallas
  13. I'm not really bothered by the lack of comments,I just don't want to have to spam the thread! Lol anyway,for Seattle you might be on to something... I'll try see if I can tweak it a bit after I finish the series. Same for DC,I originally tried several sublimation options but felt nothing really worked,if I manage to think of anything more interesting I'll apply it to the kit. The Quakes are coming later today... expect red. Lots of.
  14. Bit of a change - will delete this post when the first comment gets posted - The next kit will be San Jose Earthquakes instead of FC Dallas.
  15. Yeah I see what you mean,especially re: Montreal. That's a really nice Minnesota set... I especially like how you mirrored the crest on the away. Is the "Forever United" line a thing of theirs? I used it on my 2017 series (in which I incidentally did a miAdidas away as well!) as a generic tagline cause I couldn't think about anything else lol,nice to see that I wasn't the only one!
  16. If you want my two cents on this,I reckon Atlanta and Minnesota will go the NYCFC/Orlando City way of only introducing new secondaries next year. Oh,and that comment was just my thoughts on the kits: For Impact I meant that it looks a bit too simple,like a kit Sunderland or West Brom could use if you'd remove the sublimation - which would be barely visible anyway -. For DC,there's a limited amount of branding that can be put on a kit,so the big three stripes would be considered surplus. For Atlanta,I just think that the shade of gold looks a bit like a yellow shirt that got washed out,it doesn't look much like it could work as a football shirt. I hate having to explain myself...
  17. Since nobody's posting anything... I'm moving on to the second one straight away. DC United it is - classic look,all black with red details and white bands on the neckline-cuffs. Thought of this as a "natural progression" from their last two home shirts,both of which have been equally simplistic. The jocktag is the flag of DC and the back neck features the "District of Columbia" sign off off the new '17 secondary kit. Up next - San Jose Earthquakes
  18. The idea is nice,but,some things I'd like to stress about the execution: 1) There's too many stripes on the bottom part 2) You could have chosen a better font; this one currently looks too clipart-ish 3) The bottom of the shield is too wide compared to the top 4) I don't think the white border below the name is needed; but that's my taste. It's a good idea though,it just needs to be worked on a bit more - for me,that's it -.
  19. Here we go again... same story as my 2017 version; changing only the kits due to change; except this time I'm simply going with which kits did not change in 2017 instead of concrete information. Let me just say that I'm largely going to be using similar templates to my 2017 thread - so I'll be alternating between shoulder and side stripes at will. The teams are going to appear in random order,so let's start with the first design I finished... Seattle Sounders. Rave green shirt,blue shorts,green socks. The tapering,shale to royal blue gradient stripe on the front is an abstract - VERY abstract - reference to the Puget Sound,from which the team takes its name. The Seattle flag logo returns from 2016 to take its place in the jocktag,together with the "SOUNDERS F.C." in the back neck. Up next - DC United
  20. I like the Impact,even though it has a "teamwear" feeling about it... I don't think DC would be... allowed to exist sadly - and that's exactly why I have something different in mind for those -,however it's a really nice design. I really,really don't like Atlanta though. I don't hate anything about it in particular,I just don't think it works.
  21. Thank you for excluding black from the Ferrari car; I was a huge fan when I was younger - even though they're red! - and seeing their recent liveries incorporate more and more black kind of made me sad lol
  22. It actually is,you'd be surprised to learn. Tried to recreate it pretty quick: https://shop.miteam.adidas.us/miadidas-miteam/ConsumerSummary.action?recipeIdent=R1487525595310_NG
  23. Miadidas only offers a select range of colours,so it's understandable they might be off.