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  1. Yellow is a wee bit "fluorescent" which doesn't really help.
  2. New Balance doing a Warrior with that home shirt,awful
  3. The kit's better than most of Nike's international kits though... I mean look at what we got!
  4. Apparently in line with adidas "casual" theme for change tops.
  5. The sleeved shirt screams out "Hey,Adidas designed me! I've got the silly "streetwear inspired" horizontal striping!"
  6. No,the second Real Madrid kit is pretty tame,bright purple with a white neck and white sleeve cuffs. The third is supposed to be a bit more experimental,haven't seen it but I've some info saying it has some peculiar design on the sleeves. It's black with pale purple trimming.
  7. I'm not much of a NBA uniform guy but that illustration at the top of the page loosk like some of the basketball shirts you could buy in clothing stores in the early 00s...
  8. I actually think the black back works better here since the stripes fade towards the bottom... it's more "aesthetically pleasing".
  9. Just a hunch since I barely know anything about the NBA: Could it be those lot could do a Clippers and only change logos,since the colours are staying largely the same,according to an article on the main site?
  10. South Africa will be released around September/October,same with the African Puma kits. Don't know why.
  11. Alright then... here we go. Hope the links work: Front.psd Back.psd It's just as exported,I didn't modify anything. Maybe the layers needed organising but it's not my template so I didn't touch it.
  12. Are these odd socks on the black US kit?
  13. That England kit is fake. There will not be any light blue,those were incorrect early reports (or perhaps Nike changed their mind!). Design isn't correct either. Can't say more,sorry.
  14. What has already been said. Most national teams keep their kits for approx. two calendar years.
  15. We have two home sock sets usually: One white and one blue.
  16. This is not the real shirt,although the real one will indeed have purple trimming. More of a "Fiorentina"/"Orlando City" purple though. Purple/light blue change top.
  17. Looks more like royal blue and white on the sleeves,it's just that the pattern used makes it look like Argentina blue.
  18. Fyi the last picture is photoshopped. It's a mockup of the leaks.
  19. Courtesy of Todo Sobre Camisetas
  20. Actually the portion shown is a smaller part of the shirt than it seems to be.
  21. Indeed,away is black/white while home,as far as I can recall,is white/royal.
  22. Sevilla called,they want their shirts back.
  23. These kind of look like what you'd see in a footy sim game that doesn't have licenses... not to say that they're bad. Most logos are actually very well designed,looking forward to seeing more.
  24. Yes I know... Anyway won't be long before the kits get released,so we'll find out soon enough.