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  1. These kind of look like what you'd see in a footy sim game that doesn't have licenses... not to say that they're bad. Most logos are actually very well designed,looking forward to seeing more.
  2. Yes I know... Anyway won't be long before the kits get released,so we'll find out soon enough.
  3. Well Nike usually have one sleeve style for all the teams. Thanks,wasn't sure.
  4. I can confirm that the US will change the badge as well,haven't seen it but I suppose it's that leak. Nike shirts to release next month from what I know,around the next international break. Same for Iceland,Ukraine and RO Ireland for the Euros,as well as new shirts for Mexico,Argentina and Colombia. That's just Nike's new template,it's also on the keeper kits for the Euros (search Nike Gardien Jersey,can't be bothered). Could be this way only in replicas/"stadium jerseys",as the England leaks show non-raglan (can't remember how the hell they're called) sleeves.