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  1. Let me just say,these are some phenomenal drawings. Concepts look good as well.
  2. 3rd season yes. Was away in 16/17,third in 17/18 and now 18/19 as well. You don't see it often that's for sure.
  3. They probably existed since 2017 (since adidas have reverted to their older sock design),they just never wore them
  4. Try to make the outline widths consistent between the side panels and the shorts,it would look more cohesive. Very minor detail as well: Nudge the "NEW YORK" wordmark a tiny bit to the left as it's not centered right now
  5. The court design and side panel on the two "main" ones (white/navy) are very "70s/80s graphic design" esque. The uniforms themselves are kind of "empty"...
  6. The purple ones are a bit... too much I guess. The black makes them look dated,as well. The other three,well I guess I'm fine with them,personally.
  7. If this helps anyone,the shade used on the Lakers' top is the one used in the recent yellow boots/cleats Nike did for Neymar.
  8. About these... in a vacuum,I guess they're not bad. They look like 80s/90s (or "Showtime" as you lot call them) knockoffs,however. Like jerseys a high school trying to imitate the Lakers would have.
  9. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the gradient numbers on the "2018" away top. Other than that,immense.
  10. Really nice work with both; will we see kits eventually? I'm surely intrigued to see what's coming anyhow.
  11. Didn't know where else to post it... but an Instagram account (@footballbootslism,they've got other things right before) appears to have leaked the MLS ball for 2019. I'm pretty sure the clear LA Galaxy reference was demanded by Ibrahimovic. It's something he would do.
  12. These look terribly photoshopped,so I guess they saw Conrad's mockups and went with them. Not sure if that's a credible seller either.
  13. The navy England shorts are there because 1) these are the colours of the FA and 2) navy shorts were adopted because most players in the 1880s wore their own knickers,which were mostly navy,so the FA just adopted navy ones full time when they started supplying players with them.
  14. Apparently it's taken off the entrance of their home stadium:
  15. Would be a cracker were it not for that sponsor,this
  16. Google says it (Craft) is a Swedish manufacturer of mostly,until now,skiing and outdoor sports gear.
  17. Referees mostly depend on the shorts and socks for stuff like offsides and so on.
  18. They had grading hoops in 2015/16 (first season back in the Prem) so they'd actually sort of done the "hornet" theme before.
  19. Isn't it kind of ironic how the blue Argentina use is called "Columbia" blue? S**tposting aside,these look good. I think,not sure. Don't know much about baseball uniforms.
  20. I reckon the two main sets would look better if they shared the Statement (let me cringe for a second) uniform's V-neck. Aside from that... alright. I've a problem with how the white one essentially uses a different colour scheme,though. As others have mentioned,the colour balance between the two is awful.
  21. Also... Mexico can't wear green but Germany can? Doesn't add up...
  22. Yup; their home is a rather nondescript striped polo shirt with black raglan sleeves (with a red stripe on top)
  23. I bet they'll have to go with the regular white for Champions League games,as I doubt UEFA will sign this off. Not legible enough from a distance (or from TV)
  24. Picture that "kicked out of the building" meme... Puma: what do we do next season? Designer 1: Wacky sleeve bands? Designer 2: Melange everywhere? Designer 3: Guys,what about actually doing something good for once? *designer 3 gets kicked out of the building*
  25. I echo these exact thoughts,but for one thing: Our yellow kits are very hit or miss. We've had some great yellow numbers,but quite a few howlers as well!