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  1. Oh so adidas are really not arsed!
  2. Can't find the picture at the moment; but I momentarily found Orlando City's shorts/socks on an Instagram story. Seemed to be similar to Toronto with self-coloured adidas stripe details.
  3. The NYRB shorts/socks seem to employ the "clear onix" colour that's listed for the shirt in the adidas stripes... will be curious to see.
  4. I could see bronze in there as some sort of obscure guitar reference.
  5. We have a case of Collarius Glorious! But they insist on using that stupid grandad collar on the big European clubs... meh
  6. *in Skwisgaar Skwigelf voice* Pfft... Dutch (away kit from the 2010 World Cup)
  7. That Southampton kit is iconic. On the top 10 PL kits of all time. And indeed a great example of how to Ajax properly
  8. Very plain... And I see adidas haven't yet ditched that dumb excuse of a collar!
  9. One more thing about this NE change top from me: It would look infinitely better with proper sky blue instead of this ice blue/gray...
  10. That's not how to Ajax,New England. That's definitely not how to Ajax. The broad centre stripe is a classic footy motif... but this is drab. Would look much better in the actual Ajax colour scheme actually.
  11. There is a picture in the end of the video sort of. I'd say it's meant to be light grey/blue (it does look blue on the video) and the white is a central stripe.
  12. I mean they do call the shade of yellow used on the recent Brazil top "Midwest Gold" on their website,but "Samba Gold" on the marketing stuff.
  13. The logo looks more like those generic logos you find in WordPress template previews than one of a sports team.
  14. I think everything's too "crammed" in there... the elements need to be spaced out a little more.Also think there's one border too many.
  15. Maybe they're making the navy band with orange line inside their "thing"?
  16. Footy Headlines are many things that I won't list (basically c*nts) but this time they've got it right. I've also seen Chicago's away but not sure if I can post the picture. White with a red chest hoop edged in navy.
  17. The shorts wordmarks seem a little cheesy to me,like either have one of them or none. Not both. That aside,it's fantastic.
  18. LOL! Shows my British-ness I guess... I really didn't realise there was a typo there. But I still think it's an awful crest. To me it just looks like they threw some random elements together on an awkward, wonky shape.
  19. Unpopular opinion: That's an awful Cincinatti crest
  20. Reminder that Lakers aren't getting an Earned jersey
  21. Actually,the salmon pink might be the Marlins trying to make themselves some scouse fans; salmon pink and blue are sort of Everton's thing over here *end of s**tpost*
  22. Source is quite erm... official so I don't know if I should exactly say what it is,lol. Sort of a retailer tool. They've also got a couple more MLS kits listed (sadly not everything) but I thought I'd only answer the questions people were asking for now. Nothing about Atlanta at the moment,sorry.
  23. LAFC will change the whites. Navy trim for NY is also staying.
  24. It was just my horrible attempt at a "Magic" pun,lmao.