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  1. Can a mod please close this thread? (Moved to new thread)
  2. Yup. I was quick to clear it up,too. It did its job for the day though,lol. By the way... do I have to switch my Twitter to private now more people see my tweets than the 5-6 I thought did? *embarrassed face* Honestly,dark red v navy is a clash. Not enough contrast. Orange v black was probably the best choice,were they not to do what they did. But,with Spain being the designated home team,maybe FIFA rules wouldn't allow that (i.e. "if the away team has no sufficient kit,both teams must use change tops"). Can't tell ya for sure.
  3. Got to say,this thread's been a barrel of laughs. Had to read it all the way back one more time. Great comedy,and actually some very erm... aesthetically pleasing outfits as well (mainly because of the golden rules of STRIPING C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y and T-R-A-D-I-T-I-O-N,of course)
  4. Oh that's a cluster:censored: indeed,looks like a mashup or something!
  5. Thanks everyone. Going to post the last team of this thread,the Titans,later today. Then I have something a little bigger (and maybe a little... controversial) coming up. Hence I'm not going to update the Patriots,as I'll be redoing them anyway. @Heitert,I see where you're coming from with the Broncos; I'm not good at using this template,stripes end up looking mismatched. The side panels are meant to continously flow to the pants stripes,but I couldn't quite illustrate that,oops! Maybe I shouldn't have gone side panels,lol! Wanted to do something different from everyone else,but as it turns out... FAIL. As for the Colour Rush... good point sir,good point. That's what I get for being an Englishman who doesn't know how NFL uniforms are meant to look aside from the current sets! (yet is intrigued by the aesthetics hence my interest in the redesigns)
  6. Not American sports,but... I mean :censored:in come on: From... to...
  7. I apologise for the double post; next team coming,hopefully,later today or tomorrow morning. It's kind of an obvious choice,if you've been reading the news. And I think you're going to like this one.
  8. After some time,I'm back with concept no2: The New England Patriots. For the first two,the premise is simple. The colours and logos stay,but the jerseys are a fauxback design based on the uniforms apparently worn when the team first moved in New England in 1971. The helmet stripe is modelled after the neckline striping,and the pants stripes are modelled after the sleeves,in order to keep a degree of consistency. The red alternate is a similar concept but eliminates silver (here,the pants and helmet stripes match as a result) . The all navy Colour Rush features a simple racing stripe design loosely inspired by the logo. SPOILER ALERT! (warning:large images)
  9. @Gupti,just answered your question via private message. Or,well,I think so.
  10. Mr. Teal is right. There is supposed to be a red jersey,probably the Colour Rush. Plus there's no grey jersey,that one's listed as mainly white. (If any mod requires proof,I can PM them the information)
  11. If they wanted to do "2007 NFL simulation Edit Mode",congratulations! To top it off,that light blue section looks like they lifted it off the footy/soccer kit designs for this season...
  12. The green is actually a "modern interpretation" of the racing green (that's how they call it) worn between 1992 and 1998. It's a similar hue,but about a shade brighter.
  13. Trust me most of England doesn't agree with you! There was also a petition to get the pre match top to be the home kit - as expected,it achieved all!
  14. So Nike bottled England,France,Portugal and now the Dutch,giving them better pre-match shirts than actual kits. Pathetic... at least there's no funny socks this time round
  15. The Swoosh and the names/numerals are metallic gold... overall reminds me of their mid 2000s outfits. Hopefully they keep the gold trim for good and it's not an one off because Euro win or whatever Nikespeak they come up with
  16. UPDATED: 1) Added TV numbers 2) Changed all socks to blue - actually that happened by accident,but I liked the result 3) Colour Rush is now blue/orange with tonal helmet/pants logos 4) White option now shows the alternate blue pant option
  17. I edited the post,accidentally posted the one with the wrong helmet.
  18. So I've been getting some NFL concept ideas lately... Will be posting them here,but I'm not really sure if I end up doing the entire league,will just be posting whatever I randomly come up with. The Nike Vapor Untouchable (who the hell comes up with this stuff?) template used here belongs to - I think - @aawagner011. (If it's not true,tell me who it is and I will update the post accordingly). Starting off with the Denver Broncos. I've changed several stuff when it comes to those... so let's see what I did: 1) I changed the colours! OK not really,but I did. The orange is now a rich shade Nike call "Hyper Crimson",meant to resemble the 1970s shade of orange. The blue is now richer - again according to the Swoosh,we shall call it "Deep Royal Blue". 2) Switched the number font to a block font - figured it fit the look better. 3) The look is,basically,a mix of the classic 1970s/1980s look and the current set; the striping has - much like adidas did with their mark in the 2016 Euros O' Sartorial Doom (sorry Zakk Wylde,I know that's basically your punchline!) - been moved from the shoulders to the side,and rotated to fit,resembling the side panels on their current look. 4) The Colour Rush is meant to be a bit of a progressive look (although let's be honest, Lifeson,Lee and Peart do prog better than this!). The uniform itself is pretty plain-ish,with the torso area featuring a gradient from dark to light blue (Hey! Don't lie to them! It's Deep Royal Blue to Hyper Cobalt!). Figured since there's a fade in there,anything else would be Overkill (and then I'd have to Exodus it or give a Testament to the CCSLC Board Of Football Tradition Conservation!) Here's the uniforms,then (SPOILER ALERT!):
  19. Well I think kitbag should have the Croatia away; they had the 2016 one if I'm not mistaken. Not sure about the jackets. But as I said before,if you don't find them there you can always look at the Nike webstore,that'll have them for sure.
  20. Everything should be available end of this month/start of April. As for where to purchase... I always recommend the brand websites/web stores first - as reliable as it gets. Then there's websites like soccer.com,kitbag and Pro Direct Soccer for example,all of which are quite good as well. Just make sure it's not some scammer selling knockoffs (e.g. UKSoccerShop or however they're called)
  21. Number font is horrible,sorry! Aside from that,I don't know much about NFL uniforms... but these don't really look very aesthetically pleasing
  22. There's three stripes on the shorts of these new adidas change kits,so hopefully no obnoxious XXL numerals like the last time... phew. Generally less gimmicks - although more boring designs - than last time out...
  23. LOL so this is the lad nobody believes in? I can see why... I thought you knew brands,leagues and so on have one template they use for everyone,much like everyone else. It's not a "recoloured image",it's literally just the official Nike CAD. EDIT: Basically read the post above mine
  24. Fun fact: Orlando City was originally white with red trim instead of purple. Was changed late in the process.