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  1. UPDATED: 1) Added TV numbers 2) Changed all socks to blue - actually that happened by accident,but I liked the result 3) Colour Rush is now blue/orange with tonal helmet/pants logos 4) White option now shows the alternate blue pant option
  2. I edited the post,accidentally posted the one with the wrong helmet.
  3. So I've been getting some NFL concept ideas lately... Will be posting them here,but I'm not really sure if I end up doing the entire league,will just be posting whatever I randomly come up with. The Nike Vapor Untouchable (who the hell comes up with this stuff?) template used here belongs to - I think - @aawagner011. (If it's not true,tell me who it is and I will update the post accordingly). Starting off with the Denver Broncos. I've changed several stuff when it comes to those... so let's see what I did: 1) I changed the colours! OK not really,but I did. The orange is now a rich shade Nike call "Hyper Crimson",meant to resemble the 1970s shade of orange. The blue is now richer - again according to the Swoosh,we shall call it "Deep Royal Blue". 2) Switched the number font to a block font - figured it fit the look better. 3) The look is,basically,a mix of the classic 1970s/1980s look and the current set; the striping has - much like adidas did with their mark in the 2016 Euros O' Sartorial Doom (sorry Zakk Wylde,I know that's basically your punchline!) - been moved from the shoulders to the side,and rotated to fit,resembling the side panels on their current look. 4) The Colour Rush is meant to be a bit of a progressive look (although let's be honest, Lifeson,Lee and Peart do prog better than this!). The uniform itself is pretty plain-ish,with the torso area featuring a gradient from dark to light blue (Hey! Don't lie to them! It's Deep Royal Blue to Hyper Cobalt!). Figured since there's a fade in there,anything else would be Overkill (and then I'd have to Exodus it or give a Testament to the CCSLC Board Of Football Tradition Conservation!) Here's the uniforms,then (SPOILER ALERT!):
  4. Well I think kitbag should have the Croatia away; they had the 2016 one if I'm not mistaken. Not sure about the jackets. But as I said before,if you don't find them there you can always look at the Nike webstore,that'll have them for sure.
  5. Everything should be available end of this month/start of April. As for where to purchase... I always recommend the brand websites/web stores first - as reliable as it gets. Then there's websites like soccer.com,kitbag and Pro Direct Soccer for example,all of which are quite good as well. Just make sure it's not some scammer selling knockoffs (e.g. UKSoccerShop or however they're called)
  6. Number font is horrible,sorry! Aside from that,I don't know much about NFL uniforms... but these don't really look very aesthetically pleasing
  7. There's three stripes on the shorts of these new adidas change kits,so hopefully no obnoxious XXL numerals like the last time... phew. Generally less gimmicks - although more boring designs - than last time out...
  8. LOL so this is the lad nobody believes in? I can see why... I thought you knew brands,leagues and so on have one template they use for everyone,much like everyone else. It's not a "recoloured image",it's literally just the official Nike CAD. EDIT: Basically read the post above mine
  9. Fun fact: Orlando City was originally white with red trim instead of purple. Was changed late in the process.
  10. Their traditional away kit is blue with yellow,as a matter of fact
  11. It's actually orange! I don't know what the :censored: the names represent to be honest
  12. It's indeed orange. Or,well,as adidas would want to tell you,"solar red".
  13. Technically,the Belgium kit is using the Condivo template. It's just using a slightly different crewneck.
  14. I echo the same sentiment... I'm certainly intrigued.
  15. The LAFC away kit is white,so no need to argue about contrast. Black home/white away it is. The away has a tonal graphic in a similar vein to the NYCFC kit (not the same graphic,similarly styled).
  16. It might even be the same shade. It's bright red,both in name and hue.
  17. Someone really needs to revise the auto censorship system,lol. I mean... what's wrong with S:censored:horpe United? That's just how they're called!
  18. The only excuse for the simplistic designs here is that they're planning something big for next season lol... I bet they're not though
  19. Don't Colorado usually wear white shorts? Maybe they'll keep them...
  20. That as well,yes. Forgot to mention it.
  21. Can confirm that's legit; authentic has the henley collar with the red button as in the teasers. No stripes on the back.
  22. I was talking about Minnesota lol! A "wing"... I hate when I have to explain my jokes smh
  23. So... would being on the right side of the shirt as it's worn make it a "right wing"? Not the ideal choice for a kit,given the state of world politics...