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  1. Minnesota is... meh. Looks like a catalogue "stopgap" effort. To me it looks more like: - Black V-neck - Blue wordmark - Red front/back numbers - Blue back name - Red/blue shorts stripe It also looks like it has some subtle stripe design on the side,from the slightly clearer picture
  2. I'm not entirely sure why they took the picture with some 1990s camera... but hey,I like it.Not the kits,though
  3. Fun fact: Leeds City actually existed as a club from 1904 to 1917.and also wore navy,gold (albeit a darker shade) and white. You can find a lot of inspiration in defunct clubs from that era,if you want some.
  4. Hamburg's set is one of my favourites for the new season,both very nice. Schalke is a bit "meh"; it would look better if the green was brighter; black/dark green looks drab
  5. They'll in fact need one for Hull City and maybe Burton Albion as well
  6. Here's a better picture of it,showing the sublimated graphic on the shirt.
  7. Am I the only one who's bugged that the neck and arm trim aren't the same? Like the neck is one colour but the arm trim two...
  8. The red is the exact same shade as used by Roma from 2014/15 up until the 16/17 season. It's called "TEAM RED",for reference. Nike's generic maroon.
  9. These two are the only good ones... Juventus and Real Madrid are horrendous,Milan and Manchester are pretty bad yet rather inoffensive,and these two are pretty good.
  10. That's brutally photoshopped,I'd say
  11. The pictured Chelsea pre-match top is for the latter half of the season,btw
  12. Looks too much like a Man City kit,in my opinion. Not a fan,although the camo isn't as obnoxious as earlier leaks suggested
  13. I actually like the updated mockup of Bayern's third shirt much more; the pinstripes match the home top and look much less like an afterthought,while the red accents really help the case.
  14. Oh alright then,you know better than me!
  15. If this isn't a throwback,it's well.. odd. I've always recalled them wearing hoops.
  16. Isn't Fuerth's home shirt white and green hoops? The black kit would make much more sense as an away...
  17. I have seen an actual picture of the shirt and @upperV03 is pretty much right.
  18. Nike. The teams are adapting to Nike's colour books.
  19. That's Newcastle's 3rd,not away. I guess the Besiktas thing was a last minute job...
  20. If anything the new font looks "older" than the old one
  21. About the Kiel kit,it's kind of weird because German teams do similar stuff all the time (sublimating stuff onto teamwear) and the DFL is fine with it. Can't see why they rejected it now. Fenerbahce's kit barely changed... meh
  22. Well given the Nike template has hardly changed since then... have to say 15/16 looks better though
  23. It's real. The code on the tag is correct.
  24. Actually the white inserts on the shorts are meant to match the kits of the 1960s and 1970s... which were plain blue but had white inserts on the sides of the shorts.
  25. What the :censored: have Nike done to Monaco's kit?